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[email protected]

Email for commission inquiry!

Seriously. Email me. I don’t bite.

State what you want, and we’ll talk about it.~

I’m serious, do it right now.


– Pinup commissions, 60-80$ depending on content, and complexity.

$40+ for addition characters, not exceeding 3 people.
I’m only drawing pin-ups. Nothing complex, this is moreso just a show-case of your characters more than an illustration. If you would like simple illustration, (example; cuddling, masturbaton, sex) just inquire via email, and I’ll let you know what I can do! Keep it simple, and vague. We’ll work it out together, but I need some artistic wiggle-room.

Prices may still vary! Paypal invoice only, in US currency!

DO’s and DON’Ts

– Don’ts; waterworks, scat, toddlercon, gore, x-ray, beastiality, real people, unrealistic body morphs, complex backgrounds and already established characters from TV shows/comics. (example; Hermoine, Harry Potter, Batman, Wonderwoman, ect)

– Dos; Light background, simple illustration, furry, complex alien humanoids, lingerie/clothing, toys (winkwink), and various other things. Inquire!

What to send me:


– If you have references of your character and photos of what you would like to see them doing, I don’t care if it ends up being a 2gb .rar file filled with lingerie and the same hair-style in 15 different pictures, feel free to send it all to me in zip format. It helps a ton.
If you don’t have references, I will send you a sheet to fill out (and I will probably still do the same for people with references), and we will work it out, but it wont be my fault if you don’t convey well, and the product doesn’t come out perfect.


I have the right to deny your commission request. I will not offer a refund once I’ve completed your commission however I will offer a refund if I am unable to complete, or if you request a refund before completion. You will need to pay me before you are put on the list. When your picture is completed, I will make alterations accordingly to your preference, however I will not make any major overhauls. You have the right to use your commissioned art in any way you deem appropriate as long as you keep my watermark or credit me.

The Waiting List:

There will be a waiting list, and I can not give you an accurate estimation for when your art will be done, but I’d say you can safely assume 2 months will be the max, and anything after that will be due to unforeseen issues. Read disclaimer for additional information.



Remember – EMAIL ME at [email protected] for commission inquiry!


I don’t want to leave my comfort zone, and if you’ve noticed by my galleries, I tend to lean toward sensual content, and artistic nudity. I am willing to go beyond that, but keep it in mind.~

srsly email me

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