Dsan Commissions




Here is my commission pricing.

A Bust is half or less of the character in view. Full is the entire character seen on page
Adding a character is the same price regardless of bust or full.


Here is an example of how to ask for a commission.

Send all emails to [email protected]

In the subject line include “Commission”

Name and/or Alias: Dio Brando aka Dio
Email: [email protected]
Payment Method Name: Dio Brando
Payment Method Email: [email protected]

Hi Dsan!

I would like a sketch of Dio Brando having sex with Jojo’s girlfriend while punching Jojo in the face. The pose I want is similar to the reference I am including.
I really like the cel-shading style and want it wallpaper sized at 1280 x 720 please.
Thank you!

(Attachment 1)(Attachment 2)(Attachment 3)

Any questions? Contact me: [email protected]

Fap to this too!

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