Nathy’s Nakama Number One


Welcome to the first post of Nathy’s Nakama.
In here I’ll introduce you, the silly reader, to a new artist! I sure hope you’ll enjoy the hand picked artists and obligatory Self-insert xD

For our first week we have ArbuzBudesh.  HFTumblrComic
The artist of Price of Freedom.  An 18+ comic set in a Fantasy world. It follows a Drow with the cutest facial expressions ever though a trip of violence, lies, sex and one kickass demon bitch     (Don’t tell anybody I called her that! >.<), Other art he makes should not be ignored either though. From sketched requests to his paintworks, it’s all worth checking out. Hell, he even has a random wheel for a free drawing nearly every stream at his Picarto
A few examples of his work include:

Fap to this too!

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