Surprise at the Gloryhole – Chapter 2


This pretty much takes place right after the events of the first chapter.  So give that a read if you forgot what happened.

* * * *

Surprise at Home

Brad didn’t dare to set foot outside of his room. Yesterday’s events kept running through his head. Sylvia Taylor, his curvaceous, beautiful next door neighbour, whom he’d had a crush on since he was a kid, had told him about a secret little place to blow off some steam, where you wouldn’t seeyour partner. When she had given him a mysterious little wink, the young man expected that she would be there, too. Unfortunately, yesterday he’d come to the horrible realization that it wasn’t so.

After receiving one of the best blowjobs he had had in his young life, Brad had rapidly left the small room he was in and quickly ran out of the blue door he’d entered through, running into another alleyway with a pink door. He had expected Sylvia to appear, but was shocked to see his own mother, Patricia Snow, with globs of his spunk in her vibrant chestnut brown hair, with smeared lipstick and runny mascara, thick ropes of slime glazing the tops of her enormous breasts and staining her dress.

Suffice it to say, his mother had the same reaction as him, and the drive home was spent in silence, the car smelling of sex, and rivulets of Brad’s semen slithering into his mother’s cleavage. As he remembered the events at the gloryhole, he felt his member swelling in his pants and wanted to scream in frustration. ‘She’s your mother, damn it!’ he whispered to his erection, but it wouldn’t listen.

His mother was home all day during the weekends doing chores and watching TV, so Brad locked himself in his room, too scared to go downstairs. Now, for the last hour or so, he had been dealing with a wild libido, and tried to watch porn to deal with it, but whenever he tried, his mind showed him an image of his mother messy with spunk. His spunk!

‘I have to get some fresh air,’ Brad sighed. ‘Just have to go downstairs and leave quickly. Hopefully I don’t run into her,’ he muttered as he opened his bedroom door to leave.

* * * *

Meanwhile Patricia Snow was downstairs, wearing nothing but a dark red leotard and a pair of white tights that were just a little tighter around her chest and hips than she remembered. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and was doing stretches as instructed by the woman on TV. Doing some exercise seemed to be the only way to get the previous night off of her mind. After getting home Brad had raced upstairs and locked him in his room, and he’d only snuck outside to use the upstairs bathroom a couple of times.

As for Patricia herself, she’d had to take a long shower when she got home to clean up her messy state, a messy state she had entered thanks to her own son. Getting cleaned up proved to be quite the task—mostly because she’d uncontrollably started using the showerhead to masturbate when she thought back on her time at the glory hole. She knew it was wrong, but at that time her libido was still running wild. The next morning. Patricia had been compelled to take another long shower, as her body was covered in sweat. She had spent most of the night tossing and turning, thinking about the terrible taboo she had committed with Brad.

So she spent most of the day trying to keep busy, and keep her mind off of it all, and working up a good sweat like this, instead of the way she had yesterday, seemed to be doing the trick. Until she heard the staircase creaking, anyway, and looked out of the opened door of the living room, into the hallway, where she saw Brad on the bottom step looking back at her. Beads of sweat had formed on the tops of her huge breasts and slid between them, while her every curve was on display thanks to the tightness of her workout gear.

Feeling her son’s eyes running over her body shot a naughty tingle to her pussy, and seeing a huge, tube-like bulge forming down his right trouser leg made her breathe a little heavier. ‘Mom,’ Brad croaked, dismounting the last step of the stairs and entering the hallway. ‘I-I was going, eh, to, ehm,’ he stammered as he walked into the living room.

‘Yes?’ Patricia asked with her heart pounding in her ears.

‘I wanted to…’ he muttered, trailing off. Patricia noticed how his eyes drifted to her breasts again, and how her nipples were so hard they threatened to rip through the fabric.

‘Wanted what?’ Patricia said in the same low, sensual voice she used yesterday at the gloryhole, taking a step closer to her son. Despite the fact that she was 5 foot 3 and barely reached Brad’s chin, he took a step backwards. ‘Take advantage of your mother again?’ she asked without thinking, resting her hand on the huge bulge in his pants.

A pleasant shiver ran down her body as her hand ran over her little boy’s not-so-little cock. Her desperate cunny clenched with need. ‘W-we can’t…’ Brad groaned, trying to talk some sense into the situation, but Patricia had already stopped listening as a cloud of lust quickly took over her mind.

‘No?’ Patricia mewled as she slowly backed away from Brad and closed the curtains.

‘No,’ her son shot back.

‘Are you sure?’ Patricia asked coyly as she yanked down her top and freed her huge, shapely tits.

Brad’s breath got stuck in his throat at the view of his mother’s creamy breasts. He should have been disgusted turned away, but he couldn’t. She had the biggest tits he had ever seen. They sagged only slightly due to their size, or maybe because of her age, but he didn’t care. They were shaped perfectly and looked positively enormous on her small, curvy frame. Yet, he still wanted to protest. It was just that couldn’t find his voice to do so.

Meanwhile Patricia grinned at the way her son stared at her, frozen in place. With a wink she turned around and approached the couch, making sure to wiggle her big, spandex-clad ass for him.

When she turned around to plop down on the big, soft couch standing a few feet away from the television, Brad was still standing there. ‘Changed your mind?’ Patricia asked, ripping open her white tights and adjusting the bottom of her leotard to flash her son her plump, sodden pussy.

‘…Yes,’ Brad replied. It was difficult to resist when all the blood his brain needed had flowed elsewhere.

Patricia’s cunny clenched powerfully as she heard her son’s response, and when he threw his shirt off and began tugging down his pants she began to breathe a little heavier. When his dick came into view a loud slapping sound resounded through the living room as it smacked against his stomach. It looked even bigger than it had when he stuck it through the gloryhole! This time she could also see his balls, each about the size of her clenched fist. The sight of his member made her lick her lips and spread her legs a little wider. Brad kicked his pants away and quickly ran up to the couch.

A moment later Brad’s strong hands sank into her broad hips, and Patricia released a sigh, which turned into a loud moan as his swollen cockhead brushed against her darkened, soaked labia. Patricia looked up at her son with large, aroused eyes, knowing somewhere that what they were about to do was wrong, but she simply didn’t care any longer. She wanted to do this.

There was something in Brad’s eyes, though. He was still hesitating. ‘Are you sure you want to do th-’ he tried to ask, but Patricia responded by wrapping her shapely legs around his waist and digging the heels of her feet into his butt.

‘Yes!’ she squealed as she pulled him close, and felt the girth of her son’s massive cock spreading her aroused cunt wide.

Brad groaned. His cock was being milked by the pink walls of his mother’s soaked, twitching twat. It felt wrong, but he couldn’t stop his hips from ploughing forwards to drive his member deeper into her snatch. Patricia howled as her son’s cock penetrated her deeper than anyone else ever had, and she arched her back in pleasure, clawing at the couch. Her new position pushed her huge jugs closer to Brad, who was staring at them intently, swallowing hard as he watched them jiggle from the way his mother writhed and moved her hips.

‘…Fuck it!’ he muttered under his breath, and when he launched his hips forward again he wrapped his lips around one of her thick pink nipples.

Patricia babbled something incomprehensible and grabbed the back of Brad’s hair, running her hand through it as he suckled on her teat. The sensation of his huge cock driving into her cunny and hitting all of her sensitive spots made her cry out in pleasure and her pussy tremble around the invading dick; the way he teased her nipple only added to that pleasure, as well as the naughtiness of the taboo they were committing. Patricia moaned and screamed and writhed on the couch, runnels of her girlcum flowing from her snatch each time Brad hammered his pole into her coiling quim—it would stain the couch for sure!—while the naughty, wet sucking sound that echoed through the room each time Brad pulled his hips back were loud enough to reveal that they were having sex to anyone with sharp enough ears.

Brad looked up at his mother’s enraptured face and released her broad, soft hips to lay his hands on her enormous breasts. He groaned around her nipple as his hands sank into her soft tits and began lovingly squeezing them as he pumped his hips. Patricia squeaked as Brad’s hands squeezed and massaged her sensitive bust, and clenched her snatch around his monstercock as it hammered inside of her. Streamers of girlcum squirted from the MILF’s quim thanks to Brad’s rapid thrusts, and stained the teen’s groin and stomach with his mother’s juices. He didn’t mind. His climax was getting closer, and feeling her orgasmic fluids splattering against him only turned him on more.

His mother seemed to have beaten him to the punch, however. ‘Cumming!’ she shrieked in a rapturous voice, as her pussy wrapped around Brad’s cock like a silken vice. Her femcum flowed from her clenching, twitching slit in great quantities, staining the couch, while her muff twisted and coiled around Brad’s member sporadically to try in its efforts to milk it for his seed.

Brad growled and began pulling his hips back. ‘Wha-what are you doing?!’ Patricia moaned with a sad pout.

‘Trying…not to knock up my own mother!’ Brad gasped as he did his best to extract his member. His mom’s legs were still wrapped around his waist but they were limp and twitching softly due to the orgasm wracking her brain, so luckily they released him when he pulled back far enough.

A forlorn moan left Patricia’s mouth when Brad’s cockhead escaped her sodden, climaxing cunny with a loud, wet popping sound. Her slit suddenly felt very empty. But her eyes lit up when she noticed her son’s hand rapidly working up and down his shaft while beads of precum began to form at the tip of his member. When the first ropes of jizz spurted from his cock she squealed happily and opened her mouth as the hot white goop rained down on her body. Her boobs were the first in the line of fire, and thick, sticky slime splattered against her huge, creamy tits and pink nipples. Patricia moaned happily, her tongue lolling outside of her mouth, as her hooters were glazed in a thick layer of her little boy’s seed.

His second volley quickly followed, slapping against Patricia’s neck and chin. She shook her head at the powerful blast of semen, which caused a rope of jizz hanging from her chin to snap off and join the mess on her tits. Before she could do anything else, though, a wad of cum landed on her outstuck tongue, while yet more hit her in the back of her throat. Patricia quickly swallowed it, but before she could open her mouth again for seconds a thick rope of spunk smacked against her forehead and slowly began to flow down her enraptured face. The last few squirts of cum landed on her stomach, staining her leotard.

Brad’s member slowly softened as he stared at the state he had put his mother in. Again.

He swallowed to wet his throat, shook his head to clear his mind. ‘I…I, uh, need a shower,’ he stammered before rushing upstairs, still naked.

‘You’d think if anyone needed a shower it would be me,’ Patricia mused, scooping up a little cum from her tits with a finger and sucking it clean, her eyes following her son as he beat a hasty retreat upstairs.

To be continued?

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