Ruth Cox’s Morning Routine


This story is about the morning routine of the mother of a dickgirl who has quite the libido and a lot of stamina.

Contains: futanari, futanari on female, incest, mother/daughter, MILF, big cock, huge breasts, big ass, throatfuck, hotdogging, anal sex, thighfuck, vaginal sex.

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Ruth Cox’s Morning Routine

‘…wa…up…’ Ruth Cox heard a familiar voice, seemingly coming from a great distance. ‘…wake up…’ the voice repeated a little louder, followed by something heavy and fleshy repeatidly impacting on her forehead.

‘Come on, mom! Wake up!’ The voice of Leslie Cox, Ruth’s daughter, called out just as the older woman opened her eyes…just in time to see a long, thick cock coming towards her.

‘Morning already, huh?’ Ruth croaked softly, the sound of her voice mostly drowned out by the sound of her daughter’s monstrous penis smacking against her forehead again.

Glancing to her side Ruth saw her daughter with a proud expression on her face. The younger woman’s facial features were sharp and severe with thin lips, and aquiline nose and arched eyebrows. Leslie had the same pitch black hair as Ruth, though Ruth kept her hair shorter than her daughter did, and the deep blue eyes of her father and Ruth’s ex-husband. Leslie’s lips were set in a confident smirk as she rubbed her semi-erect member over her mother’s face, which caused Ruth to focus her attention on her daughter’s body.

Leslie was standing next to Ruth’s bed completely naked, one hand wrapped around the massive shaft just above her pussy while the other was placed on her hip. Leslie was tall, slender and athletic with small, but obvious, muscles visible on her arms and legs and with a stomach that was ruthlessly stripped of all excess fat to show off her powerful abdominal muscles. Leslie had joined a gym and seemingly every sports club available in town, yet she never seemed to run out of energy. Along with that boundless energy, she had an insane libido and when Leslie was turned on, she needed someone to help her deal with it and she didn’t care if that someone happened to be related to her. Which meant that Ruth was in quite a predicament.

‘Come on, open your mouth. I’ll get you some breakfast!’ Leslie said cheerfully.

After years of having dealt with her, Ruth knew it was no use to argue with her daughter. So with a sigh she turned her head and opened her mouth. Immediately the younger woman pushed her cockhead past her mother’s plump, soft lips and into her warm, wet mouth. Ruth just lied back and let her daughter enjoy herself, only gagging slightly as Leslie’s member grew bigger in her mouth as she moved her hips back and forth. Yet, despite how nonchalantly the older woman acted to the whole situation, she felt herself growing wet.

Slyly, while Leslie was eagerly fucking her face, Ruth shoved her hands between her thick, shapely thighs and started to finger her wet, clenching pussy. Leslie hadn’t noticed, she was holding on to the older woman’s short, black hair while pumping her hips back and forth, not caring how disinterested her mother was about the whole act. Or how disinterested she was pretending to feel about it, anyway.

‘Fuck, here it comes!’ Leslie suddenly roared. ‘Enjoy your breakfast, mom!’

Ruth’s eyes widened abruptly after hearing that announcement and, knowing what was about to come, she did her best to relax her throat. And sure enough, a moment later a flood of hot jizz almost as thick as syrup blasted from Leslie’s cumslit. Ruth rapidly started to swallow the enormous load, doing her best to enjoy the salty taste of it as she did her best to drink it all. Leslie watched her mother at work with that same confident smile she had since Ruth had woken up. She looked almost proud as she saw a bulge pushing out her mother’s throat and travelling downwards whenever Ruth swallowed, and was obviously disappointed whenever a few ropes of her seed escaped the corners of the older woman’s throat.

‘Hmm…that was nice,’ Leslie sighed once her orgasm finally came to an end. ‘And it looks like you were enjoying yourself too, mom!’ She added, her smirk broadening as she pulled the covers off of Ruth’s body.

Ruth had been hiding quite an amazing body underneath those covers. Like her daughter, she tried to keep in shape. Of course, Ruth only did that because otherwise she wouldn’t have a chance to keep up with her. Hell, she could barely keep up with her daughter now. Her arms and legs didn’t show the same kind of muscle definition of Leslie, and she definitely didn’t have a six pack, but she was definitely fit. Not only that, but she had a pair of huge breasts, nearly twice the size of her head, which sagged slightly due to their weight and her age. Leslie’s breasts, meanwhile, were only big enough to fill the palm of her hand. Underneath her chest Ruth had a fairly slim waist and a stomach showing just a hint of pudge, which she couldn’t get rid of no manner how hard she tried.

Her waist flared out into a pair of broad, motherly hips below which were her thick, shapely thighs. Thighs which Leslie was currently watching with great interest, especially because she had spotted her mother’s slender hand between them. Realizing that her daughter had caught her masturbating like that, Ruth couldn’t do anything but blush furiously as the younger woman stepped back to allow her member to escape Ruth’s mouth.

‘My, it seems like you were only pretending not to enjoy yourself,’ Leslie mused as she moved her face closer to Ruth’s crotch. ‘I’m hurt, mom. But luckily, I’m not quite done with you yet. Come on, let’s grab a shower before I have to head out for school!’ She added, before helping her mother out of bed.

Ruth let out a tired groan, but didn’t resist as her daughter pulled her towards the bathroom.

* * * *

‘See, isn’t this nice? Getting all cleaned up together, I mean?’ Leslie whispered in Ruth’s ear as she fondled the older woman’s heavy, soaped-up tits and water from the shower nozzle pounded down on them both.

‘I-I guess…’ Ruth stammered meekly in response as she felt her daughter’s monster cock throbbing between her full buttcheeks while her tits and nipples were being teased.

‘Or could it be that you were expecting me to do something else when I dragged you in here?’ Leslie wondered aloud just as she released her mother’s tits and instead slid a hand down the older woman’s stomach and towards her snatch. ‘Like, did you want me to stick something in here?’ She asked, while she stuck a couple of digits within Ruth’s soaked muff.

Leslie giggled when her mother’s snatch immediately clamped down on her fingers and refused to let go. Ruth, meanwhile, only responded to her daughter’s allegations with a soft whimper. So for a few minutes, the dickgirl explored her mother’s pink folds with her slender digits while slowly moving her hips back and forth so she could slide her erect prick between the older woman’s buttocks as well. When Ruth’s entire form shuddered in pleasure and her snatch relaxed around her daughter’s fingers, Leslie quickly pulled them out and sucked them clean.

‘If that really is the case, though,’ Leslie continued as if nothing happened. ‘I have bad news for you. See, my intention is to stick this somewhere else.’ Leslie announced, while pulling her hips back and pushing the crown of her member against her mother’s pucker.

‘Nooo…’ Ruth whimpered, yet she made no move to get away from her daughter.

‘Sorry, but this is happening!’ Leslie chuckled while grabbing a bottle of liquid soap and nearly emptying it all over her huge shaft and Ruth’s asshole.

It wasn’t the first time this has happened, of course. Ever since Ruth had promised her daughter to take care of all her sexual urges so that she wouldn’t get into any trouble Leslie had fun with all of her orifices and every inch of her body. So the older woman just tried to relax and braced herself. Unfortunately, due to the wet floor Ruth was still pushed against the tiled bathroom wall when her daughter dropped the bottle of liquid soap she had been using and roughly pushed her hips forwards.

Ruth released a small cry of surprise when her breasts were squeezed against the cold tiles of the wall in front of her while her anal tunnel was stretched around the girth of her daughter’s shaft. This wasn’t the first time Leslie had wanted to use her ass, but trying to accomadate that monstercock of hers was still quite a task for Ruth. Not that it seemed to matter to her daughter, seeing as she continued pushing her hips forwards.

‘Huh, it seems like you’re taking my dick quite easily despite your complaints.’ Leslie mused, while slapping one of her mother’s meaty asscheeks.

Ruth cried out in a mixture of surprise and pleasure as her daughter’s hand landed on her rear, which earned her a few more spanks. And whenever a blow to her buttocks was struck, her ass clamped down on Leslie’s monstercock, which made the dickgirl release a lustful grunt while strings of precum shot from the tip of her member. Only when she managed to successfully shove the entirety of dick into Ruth’s bowels did Leslie stopped spanking her mother. Instead, she held onto the older woman’s slender waist and began to move her hips in earnest.

As a result, female screams of pleasure bounced off the tiled bathroom walls accompanied by the meaty slapping sound of Leslie’s stomach being driven against her mother’s full, curvy rear whenever she bottomed out. Ruth did her best to keep standing, despite the fact that her legs started to feel increasingly weak thanks to the way Leslie was working her hips. Unfortunately, there was nothing to hold onto and she and she slowly felt herself sliding down the wall that she was pushed up again. The only things keeping her up were the strength of her daughter’s arms, and the huge erection throbbing against the walls of her ass.

‘Don’t worry, mom. I’m almost done.’ Leslie reassured the older woman, before suddenly speeding up the pace of her hips.

This time, all other sound was drowned out because of Ruth’s squeals of pleasure. As promised, Leslie’s orgasm arrived soon, but when it did Ruth received no word of warning. No, Leslie simply slammed the entirety of her monstercock up her ass, and groaned. With her throat raw from screaming so loudly, Ruth could only muster up a soft moan when she felt hot, slimey jizz blasting against the walls of her anal tunnel while she shuddered in pleasure.

‘Ah, thanks mom, I really needed that,’ Leslie sighed as she pulled her member from her mother’s cum-filled ass. ‘When you’re done showering can you make me some breakfast? It’s only fair, seeing as I got you yours.’ She chuckled, while Ruth slowly slid further down the wall until she collapsed on the bathroom floor.

‘Well, take your time I guess,’ Leslie shrugged while she looked down at her exhausted mother. ‘Just not too long, since school is starting soon.’ She added while following the flood of spunk that escaped Ruth’s gaping asshole only to end up in the drain.

‘Okay…’ Ruth mumbled softly, which seemed to be enough to please her daughter since Leslie toweled herself off and stepped out of the bathroom.

It took Ruth a little longer to leave, seeing as it felt as if her legs were asleep…

* * * *

Despite the fact that she had spent a longer time in the shower than her daughter, Ruth was still the first one downstairs. Of course, to save time, she had only put on a pink apron to make Leslie some breakfast. Which gave the dickgirl a marvelous view of her spacious, shapely backside and the sides of her huge breasts when Leslie finally came downstairs. She was dressed in a simple white blouse, a pair of thigh high black socks that went up to her thighs and a short plaid skirt that didn’t hide her massive member at all because, of course, Leslie hadn’t bothered to put on any underwear.

‘Something smells delicious…and the view isn’t bad either.’ Leslie purred as she approached her mother, slipping her erection between Ruth’s thighs while groping her tits through her apron.

‘Breakfast will be done soon.’ Ruth moaned softly, sounding both tired and pleased at the same time.

‘Guess I’ll have to keep myself busy until you’re finished, then.’ Leslie mused, while moving her hips back and forth to fuck her mother’s thighs.

After getting her shaft coated with her mother’s juices, Leslie instead pushed her member into Ruth’s snatch. The older woman moaned, and gently nudged her hips back to aid her daughter with the insertion while pretending to solely focus on cooking breakfast. If Leslie noticed, however, she didn’t bother to comment. Instead, she started to fuck Ruth hard and fast.

‘You better not burn those eggs…’ Leslie growled, while she squeezed her mother’s breasts again.

Ruth merely moaned pathetically in response as she flipped over the eggs. And for the next few minutes only the sizzling of eggs and the moaning of Leslie and Ruth was heard. Until, finally, Leslie grunted and shot another load of jizz into her mother’s wet muff, not caring about her mother’s pleasure at all.

‘B-breakfast’s done.’ Ruth moaned as semen coated her pink folds and ran down the insides of her thighs.

‘Just in time too, I worked up quite an appetite!’ Leslie mused as she pulled out and accepted the breakfast Ruth had prepared for her.

Leslie wolfed down the food in record time and made her way to the front door, where Ruth was waiting to see her off to school. Leslie spent some time stuffing her softening shaft into one of her thigh high socks before sharing a kiss with Ruth that was far from motherly.

‘See you again tonight!’ Leslie said cheerfully as she headed out.

Ruth would be afraid that she got some strange looks from the neighbours, what with only wearing an apron and having cum spilling from her pussy, if she wasn’t sure that the entire neighbourhood knew about what her daughter and her were doing. Of course, she had only started this to keep Leslie out of trouble, but with how she was dressed Ruth was sure that she was sleeping with others as well. Not that she would admit this, since that would mean she was doing all of this just for the pleasure of it…


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