Shortstack Saturday – Tani Gearhart and Martha Goldhammer


My seventh Shortstack Saturday story is about Tani Gearhart, a gnomish inventor, testing her newest toy on her lover, Martha Goldhammer.

Contains: F/F, shortstack, dwarf, gnome, girl-on-girl, sex toys, spanking.

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Tani Gearhart and Martha Goldhammer

‘Yes! It’s finally finished!’ Tani Gearhart chirped happily to herself as he held up her latest creation.

It was a phallic object, slightly larger than an average human member, covered with latex and slightly segmented in places with a small dial at the bottom. Tani had been tinkering with it between fixing watches and selling any gear that her dwarven lover had made in the forge in their sub-basement. But after many weeks of work, and quite a few trips to the merchants in the marketplace to get extra material, it was finished. All that was left was to test it. But she wasn’t going to be the test-subject for this little toy.

With an impish grin she jumped off the stool she had been standing on and removed her apron, before quickly making sure that the sign to the shop said CLOSED and the door was firmly locked. When that was all in order she went downstairs, new toy in hand, and snuck into the bedroom she shared with her lover. There in a large bed, for gnome and dwarf standards anyway, laid Martha Goldhammer. Being a dwarf she was a little taller than Tani and her work as a weapon smith and armourer had left her with a body that consisted of powerful muscle, and soft feminine curves.

Tani took a moment to admire her dwarven lover, Martha’s hair was gold and pulled into two tails that fell over her shoulders and rested on top of the curves of her large chest, her face was feminine and pleasantly rounded but she could look quite ferocious when scowling. A lifetime behind a forge had left her with a few small burns and scars over her body, but most of them were pale and barely visible. Below the sheets the gnome knew she’d find a flat, powerful stomach and a set of broad, baby-bearing hips which had to be supported by thick, discreetly muscled thighs and strong legs.

In comparison Tani was small with wild, shoulder length black hair and a heart-shaped, pixie-like face with large, curious green eyes a pointed, slightly upturned nose and small, plush pink lips that always seemed to be stretched into an impish grin. As for her body? She was slender and feminine with graceful, slim limbs and a thin, waspish waist with a flat belly, as well as flawless tanned skin. She was a little jealous about Martha’s breasts, seeing as her small breasts could easily fit in the palm of the dwarf’s hands, but was proud about her rear. Tani loved wearing cloth shorts that showed off her big, round ballooning buttocks, it also helped that it drove Martha wild.

With another glance in Martha’s direction the gnome removed her tunic, allowing her small, shapely breasts and stiff pink nipples to appear in the open, before climbing in bed with the dwarf. When she was absolutely sure that Martha hadn’t woken up, she disappeared underneath the sheets and slowly crawled between her slightly spread thighs. Tani giggled softy, she could always count on her girlfriend being a heavy sleeper so she could have some fun. Gently Tani spread the dwarf’s strong legs and her lips tugged into a broad smile when she spotted Martha’s plush, swollen cunt.

‘Mmm…Already wet, dreaming about me I hope?’ Tani mused to herself as she teasingly brushed her fingers over the dwarf’s darkened labia.

Tani heard the dwarf mutter something in her sleep, but she didn’t seem to wake up. So while holding her new toy in one hand the gnome began teasing her girlfriend even more, leaving a trail of soft, teasing kisses along the insides of her thighs while using the curious fingers of her free hand to explore the dwarf’s dripping folds. Tani didn’t tease Martha for long, but soon enough a stain had formed underneath her girlfriend’s plump, firm rear causing the gnome to slowly pull her head back.

‘Well, I’d say you’re more than ready.’ Tani mused aloud as she watched the dwarf’s sweet nectar dribble from her desperately clenching and unclenching cunny.

With that said she pushed the crown of her phallic toy against Martha’s snatch and eyed it with large, lewd eyes as she watched the dwarf’s labia splay apart to allow it to slide in with ease. Above the sheets her blonde girlfriend released a soft, sleepy moan, but otherwise did nothing. Tani watched with wonderment as the dwarf’s drenched muff swallowed her new toy almost entirely, only stopping at the last two inches near the base. But that was all the gnome needed. With an impish glimmer in her eyes she reached for the small dial on the bottom of her new toy…and turned it.

Immediately the toy stared to hum loudly and squirm inside Martha’s dripping quim, bringing a squeal from surprise and joy from her girlfriend’s lips. A second later the sheets were thrown off the bed and Tani looked into the angry brown eyes of her, now very much awake, girlfriend. Just as Martha was about to speak Tani turned the dial a little higher, causing the dwarf to release another shriek and lie back down as her legs twitched around the gnome.

‘G-get that th-thing out…of me!’ Martha stammered between gasps for air.

‘What, you don’t like it?’ Tani responded in a teasing tone of voice.

‘No!’ the dwarf yelled.

Tani noticed that her girlfriend’s pink little clit was peeking out of its hood and was very stiff, so with an impish glimmer in her eyes she pinched the little nub. The results were immediate; Martha released another loud scream and arched her back while clawing at the sheets. Her dripping pink folds wrapped tightly around Tani’s squirming, vibrating new toy. Before she fell flat on her back again and released a pleased sigh.

‘Are you sure?’ Martha asked after she moved her fingers away from the dwarf’s clit.

Martha responded sitting up faster than the little gnome expected and grabbing her, Tani tried to get away but wasn’t quick enough. A moment later the back of her head was resting against her girlfriend’s large, soft breasts as the strong dwarf had one arm clamped across her waist, while she pulled Tani’s toy from her abused cunny. As soon as it was out Martha eyed the wiggling, humming thing with curiosity, but quickly pushed it against the front of Tani’s cloth shorts. The gnome released a surprised little squeak as her toy hummed against her sensitive cunny and began to squirm against Martha a little stronger, but soon found that there was no way she’d be able to escape the dwarf’s powerful grip.

‘Well, what’s this, no underwear?’ Martha mused as she continued to hold the gnome vibrating toy against the front of Tani’s shorts.

By now the smaller woman’s garments had become so soaked with her juices that the short, thin cloth pants were practically see-through and showed a clear outline of her plump labia. While looking down and flashing Tani a ferocious grin Martha briefly released the squirming, shaking gnome and tore her shorts apart. In response the gnome released a surprised, indignant squeak, which quickly turned into a drawn-out moan of lust as Martha pushed the vibrating toy inside of her. It went a little slow, what with Tani’s slit being so small and tight, but Martha definitely succeeded in pushing more than half of the big, vibrating toy inside of the gnome. She even released an impressed whistle when she noticed how it was pushing up Tani’s, previously flat, belly. But she wasn’t done with her girlfriend yet…

‘Now, I hope you understand that I’m going to have to punish you for waking me up for a day I could sleep in.’ Martha purred in a low, seductive voice.

‘Y-yes I do…’ Tani moaned as she looked up at her girlfriend, pushing her head a little closer to her large bust.

‘How strange, it’s almost like you wanted this?’ Martha mused with a wicked grin.

Tani opened her mouth to say that she had no idea what the dwarf was talking about. But before a word was able to leave her mouth, Martha suddenly stood up and flipped the small gnome upside down and turned her around making it so that Tani’s face was now only inches away from her girlfriend’s hot, twitching cunny. Taking the hint the gnome instantly grabbed Martha’s broad, firm asscheeks and pulled her head towards the dwarf’s swollen labia, before burying her tongue into her girlfriend’s sodden box. Martha released a pleased grunt, but had apparently decided that this wasn’t enough to punish the gnome. So while holding onto Tani with one hand, she raised her free one…and loudly brought it down on one of the gnome’s tanned, ballooning buttocks.

A muffled squeal of pain and pleasure came from between Martha’s discreetly muscled thighs, so with an impish smile the dwarf raised her hand again. This time she brought it down on Tani’s other buttock, before raising her hand once more. Several smack- sounds rang through the room and after each slap the gnome’s big rump jiggled softly. Martha only stopped when the gnome’s tanned buttocks had taken on a light pink hue, but she was certain that Tani’s small cunt was gripping her squirming, vibrating toy even tighter now. When she looked at the toy now it was shining with the gnome juices and she also noticed a small dial at the bottom of it.

‘Hmm? What’s this?’ Martha mused aloud as she reached for it.

A muffled ‘No!’ came from between her thighs, but she decided to ignore it and turned the dial all the way up. The humming grew even louder now and was followed by a loud squeal from Tani almost instantly. Martha had to grab the gnome with both hands once again as she started to involuntarily kick with both legs while holding on tight to Martha’s rump. Thick, clear gushes of femcum flowed from her wildly twitching snatch and ran down her body, staining her stomach and breasts and no doubt her own face as well. Unfortunately for Tani, more girlcum would quickly land on her face.

Thanks to her skilled tongue, as well as her screams of pleasure causing pleasant vibrations, Martha was about to reach her own climax as well. With a rough growl the dwarf reached her second orgasm this morning and showered Tani’s face with strings of her clear juices, before eventually finding that she no longer had the strength to lift the gnome and dropped her on the bed. Martha herself managed to remain standing and couldn’t help but chuckle as she saw her girlfriend’s face and body shining with juices, while her face was scrunched up in a mask of pleasure.

‘Ah…’ she sighed. ‘Thanks Tani, that’s a hell of a way to wake up,’ she added as she stretched lazily. ‘But now I really have to try and finish up Prince Silverheart’s armour, you don’t mind do you?’ she asked.

‘Tu-turn it off!’ Tani gasped, her toy still buzzing against her folds at full strength.

‘Yeah, that’s what I thought,’ Martha replied, deciding to ignore her pleas with an impish glimmer in her eyes. ‘I guess I’ll see you again at lunch.’ She added with a wink before she left the room.

All Tani could do was lie back while eyeing the small clock on the bedside table, while hoping that her brains wouldn’t be fried from pleasure by the time lunch arrived.


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