Glory Pit


A quick story I wanted to do set in the Nex Starshine universe. Starring a delivery girl having some fun in a room ful of tentacles.

Contains: Tentacles, large insertion, double anal, oviposition, huge breasts, aphrodisiac, excessive cum.

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Glory Pit

‘So, this is the place, huh?’ Sasha Lang asked herself as she nervously stood in front of a set of automatic pink doors.

Sasha worked for an intergalactic delivery company by the name of Blue Moon and worked long hours, hell… long days to make sure people would get their deliveries on time. So after being stuck on her small cargo ship for so long, she was feeling just a little pent-up. Fortunately, her last stop,Vulgaris Station, had a place where she could have a little fun before having to return to Blue Moon headquarters. Said place was called a “pleasure cubicle”, although it was more commonly known as a glory pit. Such things weren’t exactly considered legal, but who would care to check a backwater station on the edge of space like this one?

‘Come on, Lang. No chickening out now!’ The delivery girl told herself as she pushed her credit stick into a small opening next to the door.

The display on her credit stick lit up to show that it had been charged and the pink doors hissed open. Stepping inside, Sasha noticed nothing out of the ordinary. The walls, floor and the ceiling were all featureless except for a single, large red button on the wall across from the entrance. And the only piece of furniture in the room was a grey, sturdy looking locker that looked out of place in the pink room.

PLEASE STORE ALL PERSONAL EFFECTS AND ARTICLES OF CLOTHING WITHIN THE LOCKER BEFORE GETTING STARTED. A robotic voice announced, nearly making the nervous delivery girl jump out of her skin.

‘Just where did that voice come from? I can’t see any speakers…’ Sasha muttered to herself while she started to fiddle with the suit she wore.

Sasha’s suit hissed as it was unsealed and she slowly, and nervously, started to take it off. The first thing that came off was her helmet, revealing short, messy hair that was dyed a pale blue. With her golden brown skin and slanted eyes it was clear that she had some Asian blood in her, but with how overcrowded Earth and some of its colonies were she didn’t know much about her heritage. Another thing one would notice was how young she looked with her softly rounded cheeks, full lips, a delicate chin and a small nose, despite the fact that she was well within her twenties. The fact that she barely reached the five feet mark probably didn’t help matters.

Next she started to pull off her suit, it was blue and white, the company’s colours, and had the words BLUE MOON stretched over both her back and chest in large dark blue letters. Underneath her space suit, Sasha was only wearing a sport’s bra and a pair of hipster panties, showcasing her slim, but powerful, body. She might not be a mercenary, but Sasha’s job still took her to some dangerous places. Which meant she was in good shape if she ever need to fight or perhaps, and this seemed to be the far more likely option, run.

Just before placing her helmet and suit into the locker Sasha grabbed a small tube from one of her pockets and twisted the base of it, revealing some dark blue lipstick which she quickly applied. She also fixed her hair as best she could, but quickly realized she was stalling. So with a sigh, she started to remove her underwear.

The first thing that came off was her bra, revealing a pair of heavy, watermelon sized breasts. Sasha had spent several paychecks on mods to get them to grow, but she might have overdone it a bit. Those golden brown globes looked huge! Especially on her small, slender form. Next, she started to pull down her panties, revealing a shapely butt as well as some hair just above her pussy. It was dyed blue, just like her hair, and shaven into the shape of a crescent moon.

‘Perhaps I’m just a little too confident in Blue Moon’s brand,’ Sasha chuckled as she finished putting her clothes within the locker and closed it. ‘Alright, no going back now…’ the delivery girl sighed as she nervously approached the button and pushed it. Immediately several loud, short hisses resounded through the room as holes appeared in the formerly featureless walls, floor and ceiling.

‘Here it comes.’ Sasha whispered softly after swallowing hard as a moist, slithering sound came from all those holes.

The sounds originated from the dozens of tentacles that eventually pushed their way into the small pink room. Due to the variety of sizes, shapes and colours each of them had, it was impossible for Sasha to determine whether they all belonged to one creature, or several. Not that the delivery girl had time to ponder this, seeing as every tentacle that had come out of one of those holes quickly turned its attention to the small, busty human girl standing within the room.

‘So am I supposed to say what I want, or…?’ Sasha said aloud as she looked at the ceiling, expecting an answer from one of those hidden loudspeakers even though all she saw were several slimy tentacles moving closer to her face. ‘Hello!?’ the delivery girl shouted nervously.

Unfortunately, the only response Sasha received was an impatient tentacle that wrapped itself around one of her shapely legs. As soon as the strange slime that covered it came into contact with her golden brown skin, Sasha felt her whole body growing hot while her snatch suddenly clenched powerfully with need. And as her orgasmic juices dripped down the insides of her thighs, another tentacle wrapped around her free leg, while yet another slapped against her face. Apparently, whatever creature, or creatures, the tentacles belonged to had decided that she was ready.

‘Wait-’ Sasha tried to protest, only to be immediately silenced as the tentacle that had been rubbing against her face slipped into her opened mouth, causing the delivery girl to fall down and land on a collection of tentacles that were peeking out of the holes in the floor.

And as a result of her mouth suddenly being stuffed with a tentacle, the rest of her sentence turned into a muffled moan. This tastes awful! Sasha thought to herself while her lips stretched around the tentacle’s girth, coating it with her blue lipstick. No, wait…actually, it tastes pretty good…Sasha corrected herself mentally, after the thing had moved around in her mouth for a few moments. She didn’t know how she could have been so wrong about the taste and started to push her head forwards, trying to get more of the tentacle down her throat.

Oddly enough, when the tentacle currently making its way down her throat started to taste better, Sasha’s pussy grew even wetter while she continued to feel hot. So when the tentacles wrapped around her legs started to spread them, the delivery girl didn’t resist. Apparently one of the other tentacles gathering around the young woman noticed how her legs were opening and was quick to slip between Sasha’s thick, discreetly muscled thighs. And when the delivery girl felt its hot, bumpy exterior rubbing against her plump, darkened labia she couldn’t help but release a pleased, muffled moan.

Once again, the tentacles responded to the delivery girl’s lust. This time, some tentacles that had come pouring down from the ceiling wrapped around her arms and started to pull her up. Not that Sasha got very far. Several other tentacles that had come from the holes in the floor had wrapped themselves around her legs, and seemed intent on penetrating the moist, trembling gash that the big, bumpy tentacle was currently rubbing against. While the tentacles that were coming out of the walls were wrapping around her waist, or sliding over her fit stomach and slender back. Which left the tentacles from the ceiling to play with her arms and her huge bust, which they didn’t seem to mind much.

Before Sasha knew it, her arms were encased between several colourful, fleshy tentacles, much like had happened with her legs, while some of the longer tentacles coming from the ceiling had wrapped themselves around her breasts or slid between them. Some of the thinner ones had even managed to squeeze her dark, diamond hard nipples. So as a result, nearly every inch of her body was covered by the strange slime that the things excreted. Sasha should have felt disgusted with her predicament, but she didn’t. Instead, her sense of pleasure only seemed to grow stronger. But the question was, why?

Aphrodisiac…. Was the answer that came to the delivery girl’s mind a moment later when she recalled how her body had started to feel hot as soon as her skin had absorbed some of the slime that had been given off by the tentacle that first touched her.

Not that this realization helped her in any way at the moment, after all her limbs were already encased in several strong tentacles. All she could hope that she wouldn’t go completely insane from all the pleasure the aphrodisiac brought her, and that it wouldn’t make her sick either. Fortunately, Sasha wouldn’t be troubled by worries like these for long, seeing as the first orgasm of many suddenly hit her like a freight train. The delivery girl’s body trembled softly as a result, though she was certain that her limbs would have been flailing from the sheer force of her climax if a large amount tentacles weren’t holding them so tightly.

Without even giving the delivery girl a chance to properly come down from her first orgasm, the bumpy tentacle that had thus far been content with simply fucking Sasha’s thighs instead started to work its way into her climaxing cunny. The young woman responded by releasing several loud, muffled moans around the tentacle fucking her throat, but whether they were of protest, pleasure or a mixture of both the bumpy tentacle didn’t know, nor did it care. Sasha’s labia stretched around the bumpy invader, while said bumps tickled her sensitive pink folds and coated them with aphrodisiac.

After only a few inches of the bumpy tentacle had disappeared into her wet muff, Sasha released a loud, muffled scream as her second orgasm of the night suddenly hit her at the same force as the first. Yet, none of the tentacles slowed down. Instead, two tentacles stopped spreading their aphrodisiac-like slime over the delivery girl’s back to slide between her firm buttocks, and spread them for another curious tentacle that was sick of being wrapped around one of Sasha’s legs.

Next, the lustful haze that had begun to cloud Sasha’s mind briefly cleared when she felt the unfamiliar sensation of a slimy tentacle prodding against her tight anus. No! Was the thought that crossed the busty young woman’s mind, but all that escaped her mouth was yet another muffled grunt. She tried to struggle, but of course it was no use. Before she knew it the tentacle bumping against her backside slowly worked its way into her bowels. Sure enough, this resulted in getting the delivery girl exposed to even more of the tentacle’s aphrodisiac which caused a third orgasm to follow just at the heels of her second. Or, was it perhaps one long orgasm?

Sasha, of course, didn’t have the answer. Then again, she wouldn’t have the answer to anything for a while. The brief worry she had felt at experiencing anal for the first time had abruptly disappeared, and currently she was staring at the pink ceiling with unfocused eyes as tentacles pounded into all her orifices. Copious amounts of her orgasmic juices were flowing from her stuffed slit, coating more tentacles than just the bumpy one that was sliding in and out of her wet, pink depths with girlcum. And the delivery girl passively let them do as they pleased.

Sasha barely even reacted when the tentacle that had been violating her throat suddenly pulled out and covered her face with a thick layer of thick, pale yellow jizz. Instead she only moaned and giggled girlishly, before another tentacle roughly forced its way into her mouth. When other tentacles climaxed, her reaction was pretty much the same. She moaned around the fat tentacle in her mouth as strangely coloured cum was sprayed over her huge, heavy breasts or her shapely buttocks. And after a while, when all the orgasms she had had started to blend together, she didn’t even seem to react to that any more. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the tentacles, or at least the owners of them, seemed to take this as a challenge to coax a reaction out of her.

So when the bumpy tentacle that had been hammering into her snatch for the past few minutes suddenly coated the pink folds with hot, sticky purple jizz, and Sasha could only respond with another soft, muffled moan, the bumpy tentacle was suddenly replaced by a tentacle nearly twice its size. This time, Sasha screamed loudly around the tentacle violating her throat, partially in surprise and partially in pleasure. But that wasn’t all the tentacles had in store for her, since another slender tentacle joined its brother in Sasha’s ass.

Fuck…so full…what…is going…on? Were the disjointed thoughts that went through the delivery girl’s head between the powerful bursts of pleasure that caused her mind to go blank.

Looking down Sasha noticed how her belly had been pushed outwards thanks to the tentacles that were violating her pussy and ass, as well as the large quantities of alien cum that they had filled her body with. Sasha briefly panicked only for the panic to quickly fade as lust clouded her mind once more. Which made the rest of her time in the glory pit pass in a blur of pleasure, tentacles and colourful cum.

The few times that she was conscious of what happened was when the large tentacle currently sliding in and out of her slippery pussy suddenly started to fill her up with large, round eggs, making her belly swell out even further. Similar bouts of lucidity came and went whenever one of the tentacles stretching her orifices was replaced by another, usually bigger, one. But these bouts never lasted long, and eventually Sasha’s vision started to go dark.

* * * *

When she finally came to, the delivery girl had no idea how much time had passed. Hours? Days? Maybe even weeks? It hadn’t exactly been advertised how long a session within the glory pit would be, although to Sasha it felt like quite some time had passed.

‘By the stars, I’m sore all over…’ She groaned as she attempted to sit up. After she succeeded in doing that and look past her huge chest, she released a small yelp of surprise.

Apparently, the tentacles hadn’t been content with filling her with just onebatch of eggs. Sasha had been packed so full of their eggs that she could see the outline of several of them as they pushed against her stomach. The delivery girl gently tried to touch one of them, only to release another yelp when her own touch suddenly made her pussy clench with need.

‘G-guess that whatever was in the secretions of those things hasn’t worn off yet,’ Sasha chuckled. ‘No wonder these rooms are illegal…’ She added softly.

‘W-well, I can’t exactly go outside like this,’ Sasha stammered while she pushed herself up just far enough to be squatting. ‘And I don’t look forward to being a mommy to a bunch of tentacle monsters either. S-so I guess I should try to get rid of these eggs.’ She sighed, while attempting to push the eggs from her stuffed pussy.

The first few eggs escaped from her pussy with ease and landed loudly on the steel pink floor, but their white shapes quickly disappeared as a small waterfall of colourful spunk poured from Sasha’s abused pussy and washed over them. However, the pleasure Sasha felt as the large, round white objects were pushed from her cunt was so great that she nearly collapsed again. After taking a deep, shaky breath, Sasha attempted to “lay” the rest of the eggs. She did her best to ignore how good the strange surface of the tentacle’s eggs felt as they rubbed against her folds, before popping out of her snatch. And she tried very hard not to touch her huge, sensitive breasts with their stiff nipples, or her swollen clit. Unfortunately, she failed at all these things and was soon screaming in pleasure again while she masturbated feverishly.

‘This…’ Sasha sighed when she came back to her sense a few moments later. ‘Might be more difficult than I thought.’ She added, as she attempted to push out the next batch of eggs…

* * * *

‘Th-there! Finally done!’ Sasha moaned as she pushed out the last of the eggs, which joined the large pile on the floor in front of her.

Now that she was done, Sasha slowly got up all the way and slowly made her way over to the locker that held her personal belongings. Walking was quitedifficult due to the fact that she felt light headed and her legs felt like rubber, she had felt like that ever since she woke up and the pleasure of pushing out all the eggs that had been in her body hadn’t helped. Getting dressed didn’t exactly go at a fast pace either, because when the cloth of her underwear and the material of her suit touched her skin she felt spikes of pleasure again.

‘Ugh, I’m going to take a long shower and then sleep for about a week,’ Sasha grumbled when she finally succeeded in putting on her clothes. The experience of her suit sticking to her cum coated skin was unpleasant, but she had no choice. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any shower within the room. ‘Someone else can take care of those eggs.’ She added, while casting one last glance at the room before leaving and making her way to the docks…


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