Shortstack Saturday – Miera Blackhorn


Here is my eight Shortstack Saturday story, stars an imp called Miera. When her master goes out, Miera uses his spellbook to summon herself a playmate.

Contains: M/F, size difference, huge cock, excessive cum.

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Miera Blackhorn

In the tower of Ravahn the Red a tall, gaunt man with a wild beard the colour of rust and robes the colour of blood sat behind a desk flipping through a thick, dusty old tome. Behind him a small form was sweeping away dust or putting away books he had finished reading. But when Ravahn released an annoyed grunt and suddenly got to his feet, the small figure released a soft, feminine squeak and fell onto its rear. Accompanied by the sound of his rustling robes the wizard turned around and faced his familiar, a female imp by the name of Miera Blackhorn.

Miera was a small thing; barely over three and a half feet tall, with flawless golden skin and wild white hair that fell to her shoulders to perfectly frame her face. From her forehead sprouted two thick black horns, which curled underneath her pointed ears like those of a ram. Her face itself was heart-shaped and looked rather soft for a demon, in fact she didn’t really resemble what Ravahn had expected from a demon. Her eyes were large with a deep black sclera and with two bright, violet pupils in the centre of them that always looked around curiously. Her nose was cute and small, making her resemble a pixie more than an imp, while her plump, pitch-black lips looked like they belonged on a succubus.

As he thought about things that belonged on a succubus, Ravahn’s eyes drifted lower. Miera’s shoulders were slim and feminine but below that her chest ballooned outwards dramatically, revealing a pair of massive, heavy globes of breastflesh that looked too large for her small frame. Yet she remained standing without trouble. Her waist, almost obscured by her enormous bust, was slender and flared out into a pair of broad hips, looking more at home on a cow girl in her early teens. Her broad hips were supported by thick, shapely thighs that went on into sleek legs which ended in a pair of dainty, surprisingly human, feet.

‘What is it, Master?’ Miera asked in a chipper, happy tone as she got to her feet, assisted by a pair of small, bat-like wings that shouldn’t have been able to carry her curvy form.

‘I lack the necessary components for a powerful spell,’ Ravahn sighed in annoyance as he shook his head. ‘I’m going to need to head out for a while.’

‘Yay! Field trip!’ Miera bubbled happily, her slim devil tail waving back and forth excitedly.

‘No, you’re going to stay here,’ Ravahn said sternly. ‘I might have to enter a town or city for some components and I don’t want to waste any strength turning you invisible.’

‘Aww…’ Miera moaned in disappointment, her tail falling slack. ‘When will you be back?’ she then asked.

‘I don’t know yet. But stay here and try not to cause any trouble!’ Ravahn replied, sending the imp an angry glare, before leaving the room.

Miera waited a few moments until she was sure Ravahn had left and then quickly jumped on his chair, with the assistance of her small wings, and began to leaf through his magic tome. ‘Ah! Here it is!’ she mused triumphantly to herself.

While memorizing the spell and the components she needed Miera leaped off the chair and instead approached the far right wall, from which she pulled a large brick. Hidden behind it were a bunch of spell components she had squirreled away for her own, private use while she had worked for Ravahn. He would be furious if he ever found out that his familiar had stolen from him, but at the moments the imp didn’t really care. She simply grabbed what components she needed and ground them together in a wooden bowl until the ingredients were nothing but a swirling black and red liquid. She then placed the bowl in the centre of the summoning circle, made of silver and ivory, of Ravahn’s personal summoning circle and said the word ‘Sirvas’.

As soon as the word was uttered the circle of silver and bone began to glow a dangerous crimson while the liquid in the wooden bowl began to hiss and bubble before a dark red smoke rose up from it. Sparks of scarlet and black zipped back and forth between the circle, while a silhouette slowly appeared in the smoke. ‘WHO DARES TO AWAKEN THE MIGHTY SIR—Oh…hey Miera!’ a booming voice said, before shifting into a more conversational tone.

As the smoke cleared and Sirvas came into view, Miera smiled. He was a tall, muscular demon whose long, thick black horns threatened to scrape against the ceiling. His eyes were a ghostly, completely white and were a nose should be were instead two snake-like slits while sharp tusks peeked out of his mouth. Black scars lined his broad, powerful chest and muscular arms like tattoos and his legs ended in hooves. The only garment he wore was a loincloth made of the fur of some animal Miera hadn’t seen before.

‘Hey Sirvas, long time no see!’ Miera said cheerfully.

‘Yeah, yeah,’ the red-skinned demon grumbled. ‘What can I do for you?’ he asked, while folding his powerful arms over his chest.

‘Well, my Master is gone,’ Miera mused, her tail waving back and forth excitedly. ‘Want to have some fun?’

Sirvas raised an eyebrow at this. ‘So, you didn’t summon me to talk about some alliance to get another demon killed back in the Underworld?’ he asked curiously.

‘Nope! I just need some hard, sweaty sex before my Master returns,’ Miera said with a beaming smile. ‘He’s such a prude about sleeping with his “familiar”.’ She added with a giggle with made her expansive bust jiggle in an alluring fashion.

‘Uh…sure, step into the circle.’ Sirvas muttered in confusion as he agreed to the curvy little imp’s request.

‘Yay!’ Miera chirped as she clasped her hands together and skipped into the circle.

Unsure about what to do, Sirvas simply let Miera do whatever she wanted. He was a demon of Wrath he fought; he didn’t use sex and seduction like the residents of the Ring of Lust. So he stood still as the small imp stood on her toes to undo the knot holding his loincloth up and stared impassively as it drifted to the floor to reveal a dark red meaty sheath that housed his manhood, as well as his bulging sack underneath it. But Miera was apparently pleased with the sight as she cooed happily and began to work her small, feminine hands over the thick sheath in an attempt to coax out his member.

At first, Sirvas felt nothing. But even he could only hold out for so long while seeing Miera’s face scrunched up with effort as she moved her arms up and down, causing her huge breasts to jiggle softly. So slowly but surely Sirvas’ huge, onyx shaft slid from its sheath. It length was covered from base fat, domed crown with small, round bumps that looked perfect to teasing the folds of an aroused cunny. Miera released a happy little squeak as the massive slab of cockmeat came into the open; it was almost as long as her leg and twice as thick as one of her slender arms.

‘What now?’ Sirvas grunted as he watched the small imp grab his fat, bumpy shaft with both hands while attempting to make her fingers touch, but failing horribly.

‘Oh!’ Miera squeaked while turning her attention to the hung demon’s face. ‘Why don’t you pick me up and put it inside?’ she asked.

Sirvas nodded and reached down and grabbed the imp with one hand, easily encircling her slender waist, before carefully picking up and pressing the domed crown of his massive member against her aroused gash, which was drooling a copious amount of lubricant. Miera looked down with wide, excited eyes as Sirvas’ cockhead splayed her labia apart and slowly sank into her moist depths, stretching her pussy wide while her stomach bulged against the palm of Sirvas’ hand.

‘I’ll never understand how such a small body can pack away something so big…’ Sirvas muttered to himself as he saw more and more of his bumpy demon dick sliding into Miera’s gash.

The imp’s cunny accepted his prick easily, coating it with femcum as it slid inside her depths. Yet, her folds clenched tightly around the red demon’s monstrous shaft, making the insertion very pleasurable for him. But finally, Miera reached the base Sirvas’ shaft, and although her demonic cunt even threatened to swallow his thick, meaty sheath it seemed to be enough for Sirvas. With a loud roar he grabbed Miera’s waist a little tighter and began to slide her along his bumpy shaft, using her as nothing more than a masturbation toy.

‘Yes! Yes! Just like that!’ Miera squealed happily as her huge breasts jiggled and slapped against Sirvas’ fingers while juices squirted from her cock-stuffed snatch with each thrust.

It wasn’t like Sirvas needed the words of encouragement as he simply continued slamming the small, curvy imp up and down his curvy shaft while watching with interest how her heavy bust bobbed up and down. With a grunt he lowered his head and stuck out his thick, bestial tongue, which he then used to lick the imp’s impressive chest. Miera giggled at the ticklish sensation while pushing her hands underneath her boobs in an attempt to present as much of the jiggling breastflesh to the demon as she could. Sirvas happily continued running his tongue over the soft, golden orbs, making sure to especially tease the nubs of her thick, dark yellow nipples.

‘O-oh! C-cumming!’ Miera babbled after being slammed down on Sirvas’ monstercock a few more times.

As her eyes rolled up her hot, dripping cunt tightened around Sirvas’ beastly member like a silken vice, making it impossible for the red-skinned demon to continue using the imp as his personal masturbation toy. At least not without hurting her. But Sirvas didn’t mind it much, especially because he got to watch how Miera’s face transformed into a mask of lust while her tight slit clenched and unclenched around his member, massaging it like few demonic cunts, and no human vagina, could. Not being the most experienced when it comes to sex thick beads of salty precum quickly began to leak from Sirvas’ distended, finger-wide cumslit. Before the musclebound demon finally released a roar of pleasure.

When ropes of hot, demonic cum as thick as Sirvas’ pinkie blasted from his monstercock, he quickly had to hold onto Miera’s waist with two hands as her stomach rapidly began to grow bigger and bigger. In response to this the imp released a groan and kicked desperately at the air with her small, but shapely, legs while she allowed her tongue to droop from her mouth. Yet, while she was apparently uncomfortable with getting stuffed so full of hot, demonic seed, not a drop of jizz poured from her poor, abused cunny.

Once their respective orgasms were finally done, Sirvas stumbled backwards as far as he could in the summoning circle. This caused Miera to slide off of the red-skinned demon’s monstercock and fall towards the ground, getting pulled down faster due to the weight of her swollen stomach. When the imp landed cum blasted from her poor, abused cunny, all over Sirvas’ hooves. But Miera seemed to be fine as she quickly turned to lie on her back, before sitting up and looking at Sirvas.

‘That was fun!’ she announced with a beaming smile. ‘Ready to go again?’ she asked with lust burning in her violet pupils.

‘A-already?’ Sirvas groaned in surprise.

Miera nodded eagerly. ‘Don’t worry; I’ll clean everything up once I dispel you.’

Sirvas released another groan to show that this wasn’t his concern, but the eager little imp didn’t seem to notice. So with a tired sigh, he picked her up again.


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