Nex Starshine, Jack-of-all-Trades – Job 6


Chapter 6 of Nex Starshine, Jack-of-all-Trades. This time the Xyli gets hired to investigate a missing person’s case while visiting a resort intended for the galaxy’s rich and famous built on a fresh new colony.

Contains: tentacles, excessive cum, aphrodisiac, double penetration, shortstack, alien girl.

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Job 6 – Undercover at Starlight Resort

‘Miss Starshine, I am glad you agreed to meet with me.’ A man said in a clear, polite tone as he watched the short blue Xyli climb onto the chair across from him.

‘It is no trouble, really,’ Nex replied just as politely. ‘After all, it has been a while since my last job and I can use the credits.’ She added with a warm smile. Especially if we’re eating in a place like this! The little blue alien mentally added. By the Matron, the chair she was sitting on was made ofreal wood!

Sitting across from her was a Thespian. It wasn’t what the race called itself, but the name had stuck when early human colonists referred to them as “great thespians”, in regards to their acting talents. And many of the galaxy’s inhabitants would agree that the Thespians created great movies and plays. Nex herself had been kind of nervous about this meeting, however.

Thespians were known for being polite, friendly, and being very in-tune with nature and would do their best to preserve it as best as they could whenever they colonized a new planet. So no one saw it coming when one of those kind, polite aliens would masterfully deceive you. Which honestly, was something you should expect coming from a people that had been namedfor their acting talents. Yet no one ever did.

The Thespian Nex was meeting with was male wearing a strange mix of a business suit and a space suit that covered the whole body. What skin was exposed was a shade of silver that was common for his species, his dark grey hair was neatly combed back to perfectly show off his sharp, angular facial features. This was also when Nex noticed that he was sizing her up in a similar fashion, and the Xyli couldn’t really tell what he thought of her from the expression on his face.

Despite the fact that she was in one of the most expensive restaurants onFloating Eden, Nex had dressed casually. When she received the call to meet in person, she figured that it would be better to show up like this instead of in her usual suit. But now, she felt horribly out of place. Her pink top showed a lot of her deep, appealing blue cleavage, and a fair bit of her flat stomach. Which she had combined with a short white and blue skirt that clung tightly to her broad, baby bearing hips and thick, shapely thighs. Meanwhile, all the other patrons were dressed in suits, or some variation of one, or respectable dresses.

While she pondered what her client was thinking of her, a waitress arrived and placed a small, colourful cake in front of her topped with whipped cream in which she spotted slices of exotic fruit and small pieces of chocolate, while the Thespian received a plate of purple, wriggling things.

‘I hope you don’t mind that I ordered a meal for the both of us before you arrived?’ The Thespian asked politely, as he waved the waitress away.

‘Uh…no, of course not.’ Nex answered, her stomach rumbling as she looked at the small piece of cake. She had skipped breakfast today…and lunch, her money troubles were bad once again, even though the Hasinta job should have kept her credstick full for a while…

The Thespian nodded in response and pushed a small, almost unseen, button at the side of the table. Immediately holographic privacy screens with beautiful, constantly shifting scenery popped up  around them from all four directions to make absolutely sure that they wouldn’t be spied upon. Although it made Nex wonder if the waiters and waitresses of the restaurant could still enter.

‘Right, now that we have complete privacy let’s get down to business, shall we?’ The Thespian said pleasantly. ‘My name is Dues and I manage the Starlight Resort on our newest colony, Parch.’ He said by way of introduction.

‘I thought that the Thespian government usually prefered to wait a decade or so to decide the best places to settle as not to disturb the wildlife?’ Nex asked, before bringing a large slice of the small cake to her mouth.

‘You are, of course, correct,’ Dues sighed unhappily. ‘But the planet is quite a sight to behold, so it was suggested to turn a small portion of it into a resort. And by “suggest”, I mean that many of the galaxy’s rich and famous that do business with us begged and made threats until we finally gave in to their demands.’ The Thespian explained.

‘So…’ Nex began after swallowing her mouthful of cake. ‘Since I’m here, I guess didn’t really work out too well?’

‘That is indeed the case,’ Dues replied with another unhappy sigh. ‘We purposely picked out an island that was not inhabited by any of the planet’s fauna, and did our best to preserve as much of the local flora as we could while we built the resort. We even dropped some sensors into the ocean near the coast to scan for life in its depths, but we didn’t stumble upon anything unusual. Yet, several of our high profile guests have disappeared without a trace.’ He explained.

‘Couldn’t they have snuck off the island to explore the rest of the planet?’ Nex asked before taking another bite out of her cake.

‘Impossible,’ Dues said with a firm shake of his head. ‘There are no ships that go out on sea, and our guests are only allowed onto the planet if they agree to let one of Starlight Resort’s shuttles pick them up, they can’t fly in on their own ships nor bring their own transportation.’

‘And I doubt they could’ve swam away?’ Nex asked, while chewing her food thoughtfully.

‘Perhaps some of our guests can…’ Dues replied slowly. ‘But none of those that had disappeared could have, the island is too far removed from the nearby landmasses for them to swim that distance.’ He explained, while placing a small, sleek holophone on the desk and pushing a button.

A moment later, the holographic images of the disappeared guests appeared above it. Nex saw humans, Thespians, Sirians and Lathvirians, she recognized some as actors or models but apart from being rich, famous and beautiful they had nothing in common. Well, nothing except their gender. All of the missing guests, were women.

‘All I can think of,’ Dues stated as he turned off the images. ‘Is that someone on our staff, or one of our guests, is responsible for this disappearance. Yet, if that were true, we should have received some sort of ransom demand. But no such thing has made its way to anyone involved with these guests and I don’t know what else could be going on.’

‘So I take it you want me to look for these people?’ Nex asked, finishing her cake.

‘Yes, but discreetly,’ Dues replied, and Nex raised a quizzical eyebrow. ‘What I mean, is that these people are important. And if word gets out that they are missing, it will be disastrous for my people and our newest colony.’

‘How am I supposed to go about this discreetly, then?’ Nex asked, kicking her dangling legs back and forth nervously.

‘You have to blend with our other guests,’ Dues stated simply. ‘For this, I have been authorized to give you your own room. If you agree to take this job, we will send a shuttle to pick you up in which you’ll find clothes to wear, and a bracelet with which we can keep track of you and that you can use to call for aid if necessary. However, you are not allowed to bring any weapons or devices which you can use to communicate with the outside world. It is of utmost importance that our guests do not suspect what you are there for and that this whole mess will be kept a secret. Do you agree to these terms?’ Dues finally asked once his explanation of what the job would entail was over.

‘So you’re saying that I get to spent time at a very luxurious, very expensivebrand new resort…for free?’ Nex asked. ‘And I get paid for this?’

‘But of course.’ Dues said with a nod.

Nex didn’t have to spend a long time thinking about what she was going to say. ‘I’m on the case!’ She announced gleefully.

* * * *

A few days later. A sleek, white shuttle touched down on Parch and Nex Starshine stepped out. Despite the fact that Dues and his people had sent over clothes for Nex, she was dressed in the same pink top and white and blue skirt that she had met the Thespian in. Only this time, she had added a pair of light blue stockings that turned to black near top. As well as a black bracelet, which had been given to her to track her movements on the island.

‘Wow…I still can’t believe I’m actually getting paid to stay here…’ Nex mused as she stepped out onto the island were night had already fallen.

Statues lined the driveway leading up towards the resort, they were carved from a crystal that seemed to grow naturally on the planet. At least, that was the idea Nex got when she saw the giant crystal spires rise out of the lilac sea. Despite the fact that it was night out, the light from the stars and unfamiliar moon was amplified by said crystal spires. Bathing much of the planet in a soft, pink, light. That made it possible for Nex to easily see her surroundings, like the long, turquoise grass that covered much of the small island.

The trees were sparse here, though the Xyli could see some far in the distance that were almost as tall as the crystal spires. The resort itself also proved to the small blue alien that Thespians really did dislike disturbing the natural way of things, as was made obvious by the untamed turquoise grass, and the fact that they had carved the statues from the natural growing crystal on the island. In front of the main building of the resort she could see that they had done something similar with a fountain.

‘Excuse me, ma’am?’ A soft voice inclined politely, startling the small blue alien. ‘Can I take your baggage up to your room?’ Looking up, she noticed a Thespian dressed in a fancy uniform.

‘Oh yes, of course,’ Nex answered. ‘It’s room 609.’ She added, while looking at a matte black keycard with a silver star on it that she had found among her luggage.

‘It will be there within moments.’ The Thespian dressed in his black and white uniform said with a bow, before getting the Xyli’s suitcases out of the shuttle.

Nex let the bellboy carry her things as she made her way to the resort, passing statues of handsome Thespian men and beautiful Thespian women. She wasn’t sure whether they were supposed to be gods, rulers or actors, but she didn’t really care. Mostly she was focused on how they were all naked. As she got closer she noticed how the sleek, modern duraplastic the resort had been constructed out of also used several of the island’s crystal spires as support pillars, or walls. Which made the whole building look like some fairytale palace. The way said crystals influenced the light definitely helped the comparison. Waiting by the doors she saw two tall, burly Sirian men dressed in the Starlight Resort’s colours, they appeared to be part doormen, part bouncer.

‘Your keycard, ma’am?’ One of the red-skinned giants rumbled as he looked down at the four feet tall blue alien girl.

‘Here you go.’ Nex said politely, showing her keycard.

‘That seems to be in order,’ the Sirian replied. ‘Enjoy your stay!’

‘Yes, sir!’ Nex answered cheerfully, as she walked past the two doormen.

It had been a warm evening outside, but the building’s air conditioning made Nex wonder if she needed a jacket as soon as she stepped inside. The lobby was gorgeous, with its tiled floor that showed the Starlight Resort’s symbol in the centre while it was all lit up by floating chandeliers. Giant glass tanks dominated the walls to Nex’s left and right. Inside were strange fish from several planets, although the biggest attraction were the swimming Thespians. Or, at least, Nex thought they were. On second glance they looked like a blend between a Thespian and a enormous fish with silver scales. Many of the visiting Thespian women were pressed really close to the glass.

Nex decided not to linger too long and approached the reception desk, which was made of sleek black duraplastic and had a holographic display on the front that alternated between showing the Starlight Resort’s symbol, and showing what events there were today. Sitting behind it was a young human woman who filled out her uniform very well.

‘Oh hello! You must be Dues’ guest,’ she said cheerfully, and Nex pretended not to notice how casual she was about addressing her boss by his first name. ‘Do you need someone to show you the way to your room?’

‘Sure, I can use the company after such a long flight.’ Nex replied with a cheeky grin.

‘I am not surprised, Miss Starshine. Unfortunately for you, your reputation is well known to Dues so he has requested that the staff does not give in to their urges around you. At least not until you have finished your job here.’ The receptionist explained, polite smile still on her lips.

Nex pouted theatrically at hearing this news, but it was clear that the receptionist wasn’t about to go against Dues’ wishes. Neither did the handsome Sirian that showed her the way to the room, unfortunately. And to make matters worse, when she got there Nex found that the Thespian bellboy had already delivered her things and had disappeared.

‘Don’t those guys usually wait around for a tip or something?’ Nex complained to herself, seeing as her guide had disappeared as well. ‘Oh well, there will probably be some fellow guests willing to entertain me while I look for clues tomorrow.’ The Xyli mused as she unpacked before undressing and crawling into the large, soft bed and falling asleep…

* * * *

The next morning the room’s alarm clock went off at an ungodly early hour, despite the fact that Nex could not remember setting it. Because she was too short to reach the bedside table and shut it off, or at least hit the “snooze” button, Nex decided that it was time to wake up.

‘I bet that sneaky Thespian was behind this…’ Nex grumbled as she glared at the alarm clock. ‘By the Matron, it’s not even noon yet!’ She continued to complain as she headed into the bathroom.

But whether Nex had set the alarm clock herself and had simply forgotten about it, or if Dues or another member of the staff had done it, the Xyli knew that it was probably important to the Thespians she worked for that she found the missing guests of the Starlight Resort soon. Still, she was determined to have some fun while she worked. So the first thing she decided to do, was take a long, hot shower.

‘…I just hope I can reach the knobs.’ The Xyli muttered as she stepped inside.

The bathroom was enormous, even for other species almost twice as tall as she was. Fortunately, a lot of the things within the room had a holographic display which the current owner of the room could use to change the height of, among other things, the sink and bathroom mirror. So after she had properly woken up…after about half an hour of having hot water rain down on her from the showerhead, Nex approached the mirror which had not fogged up at all.

‘Hm? Bathroom Beauty Parlour?’ Nex said curiously as she looked at the highlighted words on the holographic display that had lowered the mirror to her level. With a shrug, she pushed highlighted section.

Suddenly, the bathroom tiles of the wall in front of her opened up and dozens of slender robotic hands hands came out of it. Nex released a little squeak of surprise, but managed to remain calm as she was dried off, her hair was brushed, makeup was applied and her nails were done. All in a matter of minutes.

‘I’m so happy I get to stay here!’ Nex exclaimed, giddy with excitement while looking at her reflection one last time before heading back to her bedroom.

Once there, she immediately opened the dresser and grabbed one of the new outfits Dues and his people had picked out for her. It consisted of a sleeveless black t-shirt that didn’t show any cleavage, but left her stomach bare, and a pair of white shorts that showed about as much leg as her skirt did and, since she hadn’t brought any extra shoes, Nex decided to just wear the same pink sneakers she had worn the day before. After she had put it all on, the garments seemed to shrink slightly, perfectly emphasizing the curves of her huge blue breasts, and hugging her broad hips tightly. Nex only gave a pleased nod in response to it and, after checking that she was still wearing the black bracelet, left her room.

‘Now, where do I begin my investigation?’ Nex mused, and her stomach responded with a loud rumble. ‘Hm…yes, I’m sure I can ask my fellow guests some questions over breakfast.’ The Xyli said with a grin.

When she found the dining room in which breakfast was served, Nex’s stomach rumbled even louder. On an enormous countertop at the far end of the room she spotted plates of freshly baked bread, boiled eggs, bacon and several kinds of sweets, which was mostly being eaten by humans. She also noticed bowls that were filled with wiggling purple tentacles, like Dues had ordered in the restaurant that they met, as well as other strange things. Like bowls that were filled by what looked like bugs, insect eggs, colourful pebbles and several other things she couldn’t believe were considered food.

The Xyli decided to stick with what she knew and filled her plate with several confectioneries while she scanned the room for other guests that were currently enjoying their breakfast.

Her gaze halted when she spotted a familiar face. Marcus Trunk, a tall musclebound human with dark skin and a considerable bulge that pushed out a pair of simple jeans. Although Nex didn’t know him personally, she was a big fan of some of the ultraporn flicks he had starred in on the Extranet. The curvy Xyli licked her black lips and approached the pornstar’s table.

‘Excuse me, is this seat taken?’ Nex asked sweetly, and the tall human looked up from his meal in confusion. ‘…down here.’ The small blue alien added with a giggle.

‘Oh! Yeah, sure.’ The big human said when he finally spotted Nex, apparently not bothered by the company seeing as there were a lot more free tables around where she could have sat.

Nex placed her plate of food on the table and climbed onto her chair. Marcus sat across from her with a large plate of his own food, looking at her curiously. Nex didn’t know how much about the pornstar was real, especially since most ultraporn flicks were famous for the several gene mods used by its stars to grow their muscles, breasts, butts and, of course, cocks. And as Nex looked the tall pornstar over, one of the faces of the missing women suddenly sprung to mind.

‘So, hey, are any of your co-stars visiting Starlight Resort?’ Nex asked curiously while she enjoyed his sweets. ‘I’d love to meet Mindi Maxxx.’

‘Yeah, she should be around somewhere.’ Marcus replied, looking uncomfortable.

‘Oh, where is she?’ Nex asked again, pretending not to notice the big human’s unease.

‘Well, the last time I saw her she went swimming.’ Marcus revealed, but it was clear that he knew more than he way telling her. Most pornstars weren’t exactly hired for their acting ability, after all.

The Xyli guessed, and hoped she was correct, that he had already been informed about the other missing guests and had pressured not to tell anyone else. But at least Marcus had given Nex a hint for where she should look for traces on the missing guests next. Unfortunately, Marcus wasn’t quite done with her. Just as she finished her last piece of candy and was about to leave, the pornstar cleared his throat.

‘So, who exactly are you?’ Marcus asked. Although he seemed more curious than suspicious.

‘Me?’ Nex replied, placing a hand on her chest. ‘I’m Nex Starshine, I’m a fan of your and Miss Maxxx’s work! I also recently started working in ultraporn myself and one of the people running this resort is a fan.’ The curvy Xyli answered.

It wasn’t a lie. Well, not really, anyway. There had been some cases where people had filmed her on their holo-phones while she was either on a job, or celebrating a job well done like only she could. And she wouldn’t be surprised if someone had uploaded some of those videos to the Extranet.

Although that didn’t make her a pornstar, she hoped that it would be enough to fool Marcus Trunk. And he did look thoughtful, as if he had seen Nex before. So, fortunately, when Nex hopped off of her chair he didn’t stop her.

‘Well, guess I got an excuse to check out the pool now!’ Nex whispered to herself with a grin.

* * * *

After changing into a skimpy, silver coloured bikini that reminded Nex of her first spacesuit the Xyli made her way over to the resort’s pool.

Nex whistled appreciatively as soon as she set foot in Starlight Resort’s indoor pool. This part of the resort had been carved out of one of Parch’s crystals while the tiled floors and windows had been made of a material that resembled the crystal.

Laughter bounced off the walls as Nex looked around the enormous pool that stretched out before her. The water within it was lilac in colour to match the ocean, although the colouring was probably artificial. She also spotted numerous slides and children on strange, inflatable animals.

‘Well,’ Nex exclaimed with a fierce grin as she put her hands on her hips. ‘Time to look for clues!’ And with that, she hung her towel over one of the chairs and made her way over to the pool’s biggest slide.

For the next few hours the curvy little blue alien spent her time by going down several slides, enjoying the wave pool and flirting with some of the other guests who had gone for a swim. While she was enjoying herself, she had also noticed a small force field that separated the indoor pool and the outdoor pool. So while she had done everything she could inside, she swam through it and made her way outside.

All the noise seemed to immediately disappear once she was on the other side of the forcefield. In fact, if Nex couldn’t have seen through the force field she would have thought she had been transported to a completely different location. While the indoor pool had been very modern, the outdoor pool seemed to be in the middle of the jungle. Plant-life grew all around and Nex heard several animals, although she never saw anything. As she got further away from the force field she spotted a small crystal spire sticking out of the pool, a replica of those that were sticking out of the ocean, and it gave off a gentle light as water streamed down from the tip.

A few others were enjoying the water, but most of the other pool goers Nex saw here were sitting on a lounge chair or towel enjoying the sun near the edge of the water. While even more people were sitting together in a hot tub that was gently floating in the air around the outdoor pool. So, of course, Nex decided that the outdoor pool required further investigation as well…

So from then, until nightfall, Nex spent time with the several guests wearing skimpy bathing suits and enjoying the sun. Once the sun finally set, the Xyli went back inside and sat in a sauna for a while next to a topless Lathvirian. And Nex wasn’t shy about staring at the two sets of huge pink breasts that hung from her chest, as rivulets of sweat cascaded between the heavy globes. Once she finally got out, she returned to her room and ordered room service.

‘Hmm…that was quite the day,’ Nex sighed happily as she lied down on her bed wearing only a fluffy bathrobe. ‘I wonder what I should do tomorrow?’ She asked herself with a yawn, before falling asleep…

* * * *

‘Excuse me, Miss Starshine,’ a voice, that Nex recognized as the one of the receptionist that had greeted her when she first arrived at the resort, asked. ‘But what the hell do you think you’re doing?’

‘Having a spa day!’ Nex replied excitedly as she lay on her back with two strange slices of fruit covering her eyes. ‘Erad there has just given me a facial, although not the kind I’m familiar with, and he promised to give me a massage as well!.’ The Xyli joked.

‘Miss Starshine, do I need to remind you why Dues had you brought to the Starlight Resort?’ The receptionist asked tersely.

‘Eh…’ Nex stammered.

‘It was for you to find our missing guests!’ She whispered angrily. ‘Not for a vacation.’

‘Well,’ Nex replied quietly. ‘I spoke with Mister Marcus Trunk and he let slip that the last time he saw one of the missing guests she mentioned that she would go swimming. I’ve been checking the pools all day yesterday, and again this morning. I could find any signs of a struggle or any of Mindi Maxxx’s belongings. So now I’m checking all the areas around the outdoor and indoor pools.’ Nex revealed. The receptionist went silent for a while, and Nex smiled triumphantly. Her smile quickly faded when the other woman spoke up again, however.

‘Has it occurred to you to check the beach?’ The receptionist asked, her voice strained.

‘Oh.’ Was the Xyli’s only answer. She had had so much fun at the pool yesterday that she hadn’t even thought to check out the island’s beach.

‘Please return to your duties, Miss Starshine,’ The receptionist said in an exasperated tone of voice. ‘Or I will have to tell Dues that you have been slacking off.’

‘Yes, ma’am.’ Nex answered sheepishly.

* * * *

So as soon as Nex had her massage, there was no reason the masseuse had to suffer after all, she headed to the beach. The Xyli had replaced her silver bikini from the previous day for a pink slingshot bikini that just barely succeeded in covering her nipples and her sex. She had also brought a towel, some suntan lotion and a beach ball to blend in, or so she told herself, and was wearing a sunhat with an opening in the brim for her antenna.

Surprisingly enough, however, the beach was practically deserted. While she put her towel down she mostly saw small, hovering service droids remove the occasional bit of trash from the beach along with vaguely crystalline seashells. Either the owners of Starlight Resort wanted a very clean beach, or they didn’t want anyone to take those seashells off planet.

‘CAN I INTEREST YOU IN SOME ICE CREAM?’ A robotic voice suddenly asked.

Nex nearly jumped off of her towel in surprise, but calmed down when she saw a white service droid that was slightly larger than those that were collecting trash floating next to her. It had a large opening in his chassis that was covered by a force field through which Nex could see several types of ice cream.

‘Uh, I’ll take the yellow popsicle over there.’ Nex, who was never one to turn down sweets, eventually answered.

‘HERE YOU GO,’ the droid answered, as he handed the small blue alien her popsicle. ‘HAVE A NICE DAY.’ It said, before hovering away in search of others that were enjoying their time at the resort’s beach.

So for the next few minutes Nex looked around the beach while she casually used her lengthy tongue on her popsicle. To say that she was suggestivewhile licking it, would be putting it mildly. However, since there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary she decided to just enjoy the view. Whenever the light hit one of the towering crystal spires that rose up from the lilac ocean a small rainbow seemed to pour out of them, and at the edge of the beach she could see the occasional small crustacean with their pretty, crystalline carapace.

‘I guess I can see why so many people wanted to come here.’ Nex mused after she finished her popsicle and flicked away the wooden stick it had been on. One of the smaller service droids immediately came over and sucked it up.

She then folded up her arms behind her head and lied down. Nex enjoyed the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sun on her skin, while secretly hoping that someone would pass her by so she could ask for help with applying suntan lotion. Unfortunately, such an opportunity never arose. Aside from her, there was a party of humans and Thespians enjoying a game of beach volleyball. Nex didn’t do much more than watch, though. She wouldn’t be much use in a game like that, not with her height.

‘Well, guess I’ll go for a swim,’ Nex sighed as she took off her sun hat and shook out her snow white hair. ‘Maybe I’ll get lucky and stumble upon some kind of clue…’ She told herself with a disbelieving snort as she approached the lilac ocean.

Fortunately, the water was warm and Nex found no seashells, or at least Parch’s equivalent of them, poking at her feet as she slowly walked into the ocean. But the water quickly turned deeper and deeper. Before the small blue alien knew it she had to start kicking her legs to keep her head above the water. Eager to get a better look at them, the Xyli swam towards one of the enormous crystal spires that rose up out of the water. But as she made her way over there, she felt something tugging at her leg. Nex was certain that it was just seaweed or something like it and attempted to continue swimming. Unfortunately, she didn’t get far.

With a scream the Xyli disappeared underwater, having been pulled under by some unseen creature. Nex could, however, see the outline of what had assaulted her. The shape of its head reminded Nex vaguely of the creatures called squids and cuttlefish, which could be found on Earth, but the rest of its body was slender and humanoid. It even had three long fingers on each hand. But below the waist, the creature’s body seemed to be made up out of tentacles. One of which was wrapped around Nex’s legs. It was difficult to make out any details, though. Mainly because it seemed to Nex as if she was looking right through it!

Nex was worried that she would drown and tried to kick the nigh-invisible creature away from her, but only succeeded in getting it wrapped up by another one of its tentacles. Fortunately, the sea monster did not seem intent on drowning her. Instead, it swam towards the crystal spire that Nex had been making her way to. Even with two of its tentacles occupied to bind the Xyli’s legs, the monster was faster in the water than Nex would ever be.

Then, just as the little blue alien started to worry that she would pass out soon, the monster pulled her through some unseen crack into the crystal spire. She loudly gasped for air as she was pulled out of the water. Once she got her bearing, Nex realized that she was in a small cave within the crystal spire. The Parch sun was beaming down on it, making the cave warm and its walls glow with light.

It also brought her attention to several curvaceous forms clad in the remains of swimsuits, their stomachs swollen and their bodies covered with some sort of slime. Many of them looked like the missing women that Deus had showed her during their meeting.

‘By the Matron, I was joking about finding a clue while swimming!’ Nex cursed as she angrily splashed around.

The tentacled creature pulled her to the crystalline shore between the semi-conscious bodies of a busty Sirian and a slender, but shapely, Thespian. It was also the first time she got a good look at the monster that had brought her to the cave. Its skin was such a pale pink that it looked almost white, while below the squid-like hood it had a pair of enormous lilac eyes and no visible nose or mouth. Its upper body was slender and showed a vague hint of a chest, but despite its androgynous appearance it was clear from the state of all the women around the Xyli that the creature was male.

‘Well, Deus I hope you didn’t pay too much for those sensors to scan for life. Because you got ripped off!’ Nex shouted angrily. ‘I just hope this thing works better…’ She added, as she pressed a small button on the black bracelet she had to wear just for this kind of occasion.

The tentacled creature cocked its head in confusion at the Xyli, but at the same time the curious tentacles, which had previously held onto Nex’s legs, began to slide the pink straps of her swimsuit away to get a good look at the alien girl’s dark blue nipples. While another disappeared between Nex’s thick thighs and started to rub against her pussy.

‘Guess I got some time to kill before rescue arrives…’ Nex muttered to herself as she spread her legs a little wider.

As the pale pink tentacles continued to roam over her body they left behind a trail of a strange slime, the strange slime that the women around Nex had been covered in. It took a few moments, but the Xyli felt her body growing hot in the places where the odd, viscous fluid had been left behind. Quickly the heat spread and grew especially intense between the little blue alien’s thick thighs, while her already stiff nipples seemed to grow even harder.

‘O-oh…by the Mat-’ Nex tried, but the rest of her sentence just devolved in a desperate, eager moan.

Her species had a strong resistance against most aphrodisiacs and could metabolize substances containing it fairly quickly. But the effects of the creature’s strange slime turned out to be pretty intense, even for the stacked blue Xyli. It made Nex understand the semi-conscious state of the other women around her a bit better, if it turned her on as much as this, then just how badly was it affecting them?

Fortunately, they don’t have to be here much longer, Nex thought to herself, before glancing down at her bracelet. Well…I hope so, anyway.

These were the last thoughts that crossed the Xyli’s mind before the tentacled creature that had been exploring her body suddenly slipped one of its appendages into Nex’s drooling, aching muff. After that, only whiteness filled the little blue alien’s mind, while a shriek of ecstasy bounced off the crystal walls. The other women within the caves replied with short, desperate moans of their own. Nex, however, wasn’t aware if it was a noise they made by reflex, or to get the monster’s attention. Then again, the Xyli wasn’t aware of a lot of things in her current predicament.

Although what she did notice, even with her vision swimming and her mind blank with pleasure, was how the creature reacted to the moans of its other victims. It simply cocked its head again as if thinking something over, before it blinked its large eyes and unceremoniously pushed one of its tentacles into the snatch of the slender Thespian on Nex’s left, while another disappeared up the ass of the top-heavy Sirian on the Xyli’s right. At first their eyes shot open in confusion, but they abruptly rolled back as they screamed in orgasmic pleasure. Both of them seemingly completely unaware of the new woman lying in their midst.

However, those two were the only ones that got any attention from the creature aside from the Xyli. Evidently it wanted to spent most of its time, and tentacles, on Nex. His newest “toy”. Which was something the little blue space babe was extremely aware of as two of the creature’s tentacles wrapped themselves around her breasts, before the slimy appendages gently slid up and down, as if trying to milk the huge, soft blue globes. At that point, Nex forgot all about the Thespian and Sirian grinding against her sides, while her vision went white as well. She was not aware that she had been screaming in pleasure until after her orgasm had passed, either.

During said orgasm, all the tentacled creature had done was watch as the three woman before him thrashed wildly on the floor, each of their cunts clamping down hard on the tentacle that had invaded it. As if amused by the Xyli’s reaction the tentacled creature let another one of his tentacles slide between her blue thighs, although this one curiously prodded against her butthole. When the ring of muscles started to stretch to accommodate the slippery tentacle, the creature eagerly pushed it into her bowels.

For the next few minutes, Nex heard nothing. Nothing but the sound of her heart pounding in her ears as her body, the folds of her sensitive snatch and now the clenching walls of her anal tunnel were coated with the strange slime that dripped from the alien creature’s tentacles. She could hear the sound of her enraptured shrieks again, although this time they sounded muffled to her, and she was certain that her small, curvy body was once again thrashing wildly on the crystalline floor as pleasure overtook her mind.

Pleased with the way the little, curvy blue alien reacted to the intense pleasure that washed over her, the tentacled creature began to slide the slimy, pale pink appendages in Nex’s ass and pussy a little faster, but continued to stroke her heavy, soft blue breasts at the same, gentle pace. At this point, Nex’s pink eyes rolled up in pleasure, just like those of the two women at her sides, which made it impossible for her to see the outline of the creature’s tentacles, seeing as they were currently pushing out her stomach slightly.

It has been difficult for Nex to form a thought for a while now. Although briefly, her mind cleared. I don’t think I can remain conscious much longer… Was what came to her in her moment of clarity, before her body shuddered in pleasure once more while her head went white again to wash the thoughts away.

Unfortunately, it soon turned out that the Xyli turned out to be right.

The tentacled creature shuddered and Nex’s screams rose in pitch as the tentacles inside of her suddenly began to swell up, before depositing large quantities of the strange slime within her bowels and womb while more ended up washing over her breasts as well. Her stomach slowly expanded, as did the bellies of the women at her sides, before she felt a small waterfall of the stuff running down her thighs. At this point, all the pleasure she had suffered simply became too much. So with one final scream, that was nearly drowned out by the orgasmic shrieks of the Thespian and Sirian, Nex vision started to go dark. Before she passed out, she did hear something large break the surface of the water. But simply did not have the strength to remain conscious and see what it was…

* * * *

‘…ake…’ Nex groaned as she heard a voice calling out to her from miles away. ‘…ke up…’ She attempted to open her eyes, but her eyelids felt so heavy that they might as well have been made of lead. ‘Can you hear me? Wake up, Miss Starshine!’ A familiar, concerned voice repeated.

‘Dues?’ Nex croaked, still struggling to get her eyes open. ‘Where am I?’

‘In your room,’ The Thespian replied, the relief in his voice clear. ‘Some of my men found you and our other missing guests in the lair of that strange creature.’

‘I’m glad that the bracelet you gave me worked better than those sensors,’ The Xyli said with a grin, finally succeeding in getting her eyes open. ‘What happened to the others?’

‘It took some time getting them all out of that cave. The entrance to it was small, so we could only send in diving teams and small subs. Fortunately, they all seem to be fine. Although you are the first among them to wake up.’

‘Guess I can thank my genes and good old fashioned experimentation for that!’ Nex sighed with a playful grin. ‘But man…that stuff had a kick to it, even for lil’ old me,’ she mused, more to herself than to the Thespian sitting at her bedside. ‘Speaking of, how’s the little tentacle monster doing?’

‘We have given it a tank of its own,’ Dues answered. ‘It seems to have the same kind of…tastes as the aquatic life back home, so I’m sure that many of our Thespian guests won’t mind keeping it entertained.’ Dues explained. ‘Furthermore, this’ll give us a chance to observe it, and find a way to counteract the strange slime it exudes in case the women you’ve found for us need it.’ He continued.

‘It might be smart to build some kind of barrier around your little resort too,’ Nex replied. ‘Just in case more creatures like our tentacled pal avoided your sensors.’

‘As much as I hate to disturb the natural order of this planet even more, I’m afraid I must agree with you.’ Dues mused. ‘Still, to have fish similar to the ones at home. What an amazing discovery! This planet truly was the perfect place to colonize for my kind.’ He said, smiling happily.

‘Excuse me,’ Nex said after a moment, before the Thespian could disappear completely within his own little world. ‘But what happens to me now?’

‘Ah, yes,’ Dues replied when he remembered he was still in the Xyli’s room. ‘You’ll get paid the agreed upon sum and you are free to stay at the Starlight Resort until you are fully recovered, at which point I’ll send for a shuttle to return you to Floating Eden.

‘Sounds good to me!’ The Xyli replied with a yawn. ‘Now, I’m going to take a nap. Can you ask room service to deliver a big meal to my room when I wake up?’

‘Don’t push your luck, Miss Starshine.’ Dues replied in a jovial tone.

Nex, of course, hadn’t heard him since she’d already drifted off to sleep again…


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