Jessica’s Troubles – Chapter 10


Chapter 10 – Some Trouble Returning Aviator Shades

After Zoë and Michelle had left yesterday, Jessica hadn’t dared to come down to face her mother and had spent the rest of the day either in her room or in the basement working out. She had feared that some stain left by either her or the girls that had visited would be found. Yet her mother had never called. And Jessica wasn’t looking forward to today either. She still had the aviator shades Michelle had left behind and she just knew she would be dragged into something by the athletic schoolgirl again…

Yet, a part of her was looking forward to the potential debauchery she would no doubt be participating in thanks to her.

It was no problem actually finding Michelle. She was only a little shorter than Jessica was, after all, and her short hair was dyed a bubblegum pink. She also wore her usual shorts, the ones that barely covered her huge, firm brown asscheeks. So having found her, Jessica decided to approach her before the day was out.

At first she had wanted to wait until Michelle was alone, but throughout the day the girl always seemed to be surrounded by admirers, coaches or members from either the track and field club or the school’s volleyball team. Which meant that there was no chance of that. Eventually, when they both had a lunch break, Jessica simply walked over towards the dark-skinned schoolgirl. She was nervous and stooped over slightly as she came closer, and she still managed to stand a little taller than Michelle and the people surrounding her. Because of her height, and the unfashionable baggy sweatpants and loose shirt she wore, Jessica managed to draw a lot of attention from her peers.

‘Oh, hey Rhudo!’ Michelle said cheerfully, and some of the strange looks Jessica got instantly turned to confusion. ‘What do you need?’ She asked with a friendly smile.

‘Um…’ Jessica stammered, drawing way more attention than she was used to. ‘You left these yesterday.’ She mumbled softly, holding out the athletic schoolgirl’s aviator shades.

‘I’ve been looking all over for those!’ Michelle replied, though something about her tone made the statement sound quite disingenuous to Jessica’s ears. ‘Thank you so much!’ She added, stepping closer to the taller girl and pulling herself away from the people surrounding her.

Before Michelle’s group of friends, or Jessica, could really register what was going on the athletic schoolgirl pulled the dickgirl away. Some of the people Michelle had been talking to made sounds of protest, but she simply waved them away and said that she would talk to them “later”. Jessica herself did not protest. She had already seen this coming, after all. So she let the dark-skinned schoolgirl drag her along. They stopped in front of a fire exit, which Michelle pulled open without hesitation. The two of them almost managed to make their way outside, but Jessica froze in her tracks when she heard a voice behind her.

‘Hey, stop!’ A voice called out. A voice, Jessica realized, that she recognized.

It had been the other girl that had visited Jessica the day before, Zoë Lèvres. “Adorable” was probably the best way to describe her. Zoë was short, perhaps an inch or two taller than Allison West, which resulted in Michelle and Jessica towering over her. And while the two taller women were blessed with some outrageous curves, Zoë was a slender young woman with modest curves. But she had a face that took your breath away, with natural smokey green eyes hidden away behind square rimmed glasses, and an adorable button nose. But Jessica’s eyes always seemed to be drawn to her lips. They were full and pouty, and always looked just a little wet.

‘Come on Michelle, you know Jessica promised that I’d get a turn next time.’ Zoë whined, stomping a sneaker-clad foot in annoyance.

Jessica wasn’t so sure if she’d really promised anything, but she wasn’t going to argue. In the last few weeks she’d learned that it wouldn’t work anyway. So she just looked at Michelle, who flashed her a smile and shrugged.

‘Busted!’ Michelle chuckled. ‘Well then, Lèvres. Why don’t you join us before we have to go back to class?’ The athletic schoolgirl suggested.

This seemed to cheer the shorter brunette up quite a bit, and she quickly ran out the door leaving Jessica and Michelle behind. Outside it was cold and messy, the heavy door of the fire exit seemed to lead out to the back of the school. Right next to a large dumpster. But at least it was secluded. Or, at least Jessica assumed so. She didn’t have a lot of time before she was pushed against the wall by Zoë. The short schoolgirl was surprisingly strong for her size!

And she didn’t stop there. Jessica could feel the brunette’s small, delicate hands disappear underneath her oversized t-shirt, caressing her sculpted abdominal muscles and gently squeezing her huge breasts. Jessica opened her mouth in an attempt to say some, even she wasn’t sure what it was going to be, only to be silenced as Zoë got up on her toes and pressed those plush, silky lips of hers against Jessica’s. The both of them stood like that for a little while, the smaller woman eagerly fencing tongues with the tall dickgirl, before the kiss was broken.

‘Damn, Lèvres!’ Michelle whistled as she watched her friend make out with Jessica. ‘Glad to see you’re so eager, but maybe you should calm down a little?’

‘No time!’ Was Zoë’s only response now that her heels were touching the floor again.

Michelle shared a look with Jessica and helplessly shrugged a shoulder. Zoë was right, of course. Their lunch break wouldn’t last very long. So neither Michelle or Jessica attempted to stop the shorter girl when her fingers disappeared in the waistband of Jessica’s baggy sweatpants. In one smooth movement the petite brunette janked them down, freeing Jessica’s massive cock. The meaty tube had already started to grow erect and was casting a long shadow over Zoë, who was now sitting on her haunches in front of Jessica. The tall dickgirl noticed how Zoë was looking up at it, her mouth hanging open slightly while her tongue occasionally flicked over her lips. Making them appear even wetter than they already were.

Instead of trying to stuff the monstercock down her throat like she had during their previous encounters, Zoë decided to give the fat crown a simple kiss. After which she got to her feet. Although she seemed to do so quite reluctantly, Jessica noted. Now that she was standing at her full height again, Zoë wrapped both of her small hands around the dickgirl’s fat shaft and quickly started to stroke it. The fleshy pole grew even harder now that her soft digits were running over it. Dollops of precum had appeared and were flowing from the tall hermaphrodite’s piss slit ever so slowly, staining the light blue summer dress Zoë was wearing.

Within moments the clear, viscous fluid also clung to nearly every inch of Jessica’s shaft, as well as Zoë own hands. It seemed to be just what the shorter brunette wanted, because Jessica noticed her nod to herself with a satisfied smile on her face. Then, the dickgirl winced when Zoë suddenly angled her monstercock down towards her sodden snatch. Once again, Jessica noticed, Zoë seemed to have decided against wearing any underwear. She brushed the plump, precum drooling crown of Jessica against her aroused, swollen labia. Apparently intent on getting Jessica’s huge cock inside of her.

‘Here, let me help…’ Jessica groaned as she grabbed Zoë’s tiny waist.

The shorter girl yelped in surprise when Jessica picked her up as if she weighed nothing, and the dickgirl’s long, fat prick slipped out of her precum-slick grip. Her surprise soon passed, however, and the brunette quickly grabbed onto the hemline of her summer dress and lifted it a little higher for Jessica’s benefit. The strong dickgirl shot a quick glance at Zoë plump, aroused pussy, before she started to lower the girl towards her massive erection.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Jessica’s monstrous shaft simply wasn’t going to fit. Zoë pussylips were forced apart by the dickgirl’s plump cockhead as she was brought down on it, but the small brunette hissed in pain when Jessica tried to actually penetrate her. Luckily, her partner quickly noticed her discomfort and started to lift her up again. Only for Zoë to release her hold of her dress and grab onto Jessica’s wrists.

‘P-please, I can take it.’ Zoë protested with flushed cheeks.

‘Yeah, sorry Lèvres but even I can tell that you’re not going to fit all that in your pretty pink pussy in the short time we have left.’ Michelle cut in before Jessica could protest. The dark-skinned schoolgirl has been silently watching the two of them until now, with her hand buried in her shorts of course, but now she found it important to speak up.

Zoë flashed her an angry glare and opened her mouth, but was silenced when Jessica spoke up.

‘I agree with Michelle on this,’ she said. ‘You might get hurt…’

Zoë was pouting now, looking from Jessica’s worried face to her beefy shaft. She hadn’t even heard Michelle approach and didn’t realize she was there until she felt the athletic girl’s hand disappear underneath her dress.

‘Michelle!’ was the only word Zoë mentioned, before her voice turned into a moan.

‘Luckily for you, we can both think of a way to make you happy before this lunch break is over.’ Michelle mused as she teased her friend’s sensitive little clit and gave Jessica an encouraging smile.

Knowing what Michelle wanted her to do, Jessica nodded and turned Zoë around with ease and pulled her close. A pleased sigh passed those full lips of the shorter brunette when she felt Jessica’s huge breasts pressing against her back, before that sigh turned into sharp, but happy, yelp as the dickgirl’s hot, throbbing cock was pressed against her labia and sensitive clit. Looking down, Zoë saw that it was Michelle who was holding it there. Michelle in turn looked up at her friend and shot her a wink, before patting one of Jessica’s thighs. Immediately the tall hermaphrodite started to move her hips, and most of monstrous shaft disappeared up into Zoë summer dress as it brushed back and forth over her pussy.

‘I-it’s so big…’ Zoë stammered as saw how Jessica’s monstercock made her summer dress tent out while it’s cockhead threatened to bump against her chin.

‘Yes, and you were the one that wanted to take it all inside of you.’ Michelle replied with a grin, before she started to lick up a few errant globs of fat, sticky globs of precum that were running down Jessica’s dick.

Zoë only shivered in response. But whether it was from fear or pleasure, Jessica didn’t know.

Nor did she really care, as she simply resumed sliding her dick up and down. Over Zoë’s snatch, and between her modest chest. Below them, Michelle’s face was less than an inch removed from the dickgirl’s beefy balls. But instead of focusing her attention on the meaty orbs, she lifted them up and buried her tongue in Jessica’s twat. A surprised yelp left Jessica’s lips and her whole body shuddered in pleasure. Zoë cast a worried glance at the taller girl from the corner of her eye, but Jessica didn’t lose her grip.

Michelle looked up at the couple with a pleased expression on her face, not realizing that neither of them could see her, before she returned to teasing Jessica’s twat. More loud moans escaped the dickgirl’s mouth and her pace quickened. However, her dick was not pushed against Zoë pussy quite so tightly anymore now that Michelle’s attention had shifted to Jessica’s cunt. As a result, her dress got stretched by the tall hermaphrodite’s monstercock and stained even further as she thrust wildly. At least until Zoë was able to reach for it and pull it close once more.

Zoë cooed when she felt the hot, throbbing cock against her skin again and held it as lightly as possible so that Jessica could continue her rabid thrusting. How long she could hold onto it remained to be seen, however. Jessica showed no signs of slowing down, and the constant stimulation her clit was receiving was taking a toll on poor Zoë. She was moaning in tandem with Jessica now, while her pussy clenched violently whenever the dickgirl’s shaft brushed against it. As if desperately trying to pull it inside somehow. Of course, Zoë now knew that wasn’t possible. Though she had stopped caring for the moment. What with the waves of pleasure rocking her small, slender form…

As Zoë’s orgasm approached, so did Jessica’s. The constant teasing her pussy was being subjected to by Michelle while the short brunette was squirming against her was becoming too much! Nearly the entirety of Zoe’s body, from her chest towards her labia, was slick and shining with thick, pearly precum by now. And her dress was stained even worse! Everyone would know what the bespectacled girl had been up to as soon as she stepped back into the school! Yet, Jessica did not want to make an even bigger mess by soaking her with spunk.

‘Zoë…Michelle…’ Jessica groaned between gasps and moans of pleasure. ‘I’m going to cum, soon.’ She warned.

Michelle gave the dickgirl’s twat one last loving lick, before she crawled backwards. Allowing Jessica to set Zoë down. The short girl stood on unsteady legs for a moment, before turning around and dropping to her haunches. One hand immediately disappeared under her dress as she attempted to reach the orgasm she had felt approaching, while the other wrapped around the tall hermaphrodite’s huge, slippery prick as she brought its shiny head close to her full, soft lips. And before Michelle knew it, Jessica’s fat cockhead had disappeared into Zoë hungry gob.

Not a moment too soon, as it turned out. Thick jets of the dickgirl’s cum were shooting from her cumslit. Which Michelle realized as she watched several fat globs of it run down the corners of her friend’s mouth, while some of it even came from her nostrils! The small girl was desperately trying to swallow as much of the hot, sticky load as she could, which was probably why her throat was bulging outwards so obscenely every few moments Michelle guessed. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough. That was when the athletic schoolgirl noticed something else was going on as well.

‘Oh my God! You’re actually cumming, aren’t you? You little slut!’ She hissed as she watched the way in which Zoë’s body shivered after she caught a glimpse of her unfocused eyes behind a pair of glasses that were rapidly fogging up.

Michelle didn’t know if the taste of Jessica’s spunk had actually been what triggered her friend’s climax. But as she fingered her own snatch, she sure liked to imagine that that was the case as she watched Zoë and Jessica. When the dickgirl pulled her monstercock away from Zoë’s mouth, and she saw how several thick strands of drool and semen kept it connected to the shorter girl’s plump lips, Michelle actually shivered and her abdomen clenched as a small wave of pleasure washed over her.

‘W-what do you guys say to skipping school?’ Michelle asked, attempting to sound casual so that the couple wouldn’t realize how much she had enjoyed their little show.

‘Well, I agree,’ Zoë answered quickly. It came as a surprise to Michelle, she was the most studious out of all her friends. ‘It’s not like I can return to class like this, after all.’ She explained, while spreading her arms and raising an eyebrow to show just what a mess her little tryst with Jessica had created.


This turned the attention of both girls to the tall hermaphrodite. Jessica fixed her clothes quickly, painfully aware of the stares of both Zoë and Michelle, before she answered them with a shrug. ‘Why not, I’m already grounded anyway.’

Both of the girls grinned broadly at that, but their grins quickly faded when they heard the fire exit shut. Loudly. ‘Room for one more?’ A familiar voice asked.

Three heads whipped as one in the direction of the voice, and Jessica saw what she had dreaded. The petite form of Alison West, with her blonde hair done up in pigtails and dressed in her cheerleader uniform. From her flushed cheeks it was clear that she had been watching for a while. But whether the flush had been caused by arousal or anger, Jessica didn’t know. Whichever it was, Jessica was sure that the little blonde would get her into a lot more trouble…

To be continued…

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