[COM] Feeding a Witch


A sequel to “Supplying a Witch”, taking place the next day. This time Minerva gathers some of her favourite “ingredient” from Martin because she has come to like the taste of it.

Commissioned by dinnersmeal.

Art commissioned from kentayuki

Contains: M/F, witch girl, huge breasts, huge cock, blowjob, deepthroat, ballsucking, lipstick marks, titfuck, excessive cum.



* * * *


Feeding a Witch

When Martin Thorfall opened his eyes he was staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling while he felt something soft and wet on his crotch. Looking down the young adventurer saw Minerva Elvares, the woman who had requested he gather an ingredient for her, with her plump, soft lips wrapped around his cock. When Martin had first met her yesterday Minerva hadn’t applied any makeup and he had considered her gorgeous already, now the eyeshadow she wore only made her almond shaped eyes with those purple irises look even more piercing. While carefully applied rouge made her high, thin cheekbones stand out even more and purple lipstick made her lips appear to be that much fuller.

Another thing Minerva’s lipstick did was leave smudges on Martin’s member as she slowly bobbed her head up and down. Martin noticed, much to his dismay, how he still had a ridiculously huge dick and that Minerva’s potions still hadn’t worn off. However, he had to admit that he was impressed by the the thick ring of purple lipstick that had formed on the base on his shaft when Minerva started to pull her head back. He did not know how the white haired beauty could fit the fat pole of cockmeat down her throat, even as he watched her lower her head again. Minerva’s throat bulged out obscenely, showing a vague outline of Martin’s member, but she did not gag and nor did there seem to be any of the magic involved that he had witnessed yesterday. It appeared to be pure skill.

‘Gods…’ Martin growled, as he his eyes were fixated on the bulge that was pushing out Minerva’s throat, moving back and forth as she continued to effortlessly bob her head up and down.

The sudden sound made Minerva realized that the young adventurer had woken up, and she slowly started to extract Martin’s monstercock from her throat. After she had pulled her head back far enough to allow the young man’s fat cockhead to escape her mouth with a soft popping sound, she grabbed onto the huge shaft with both hands. Showing just how small they were in comparison to the fat, veiny shaft while, once again, making Martin wonder how she could have fit it all down her throat.

‘I see that you have awakened,’ Minerva purred, briefly bending her head down to kiss one of Martin’s fat balls. ‘I hope you don’t mind that I helped myself?’ She chuckled, while nodding at Martin’s saliva covered prick. ‘It just so happens that I have gotten a taste for this, ah, “ingredient”.’ She teased.

‘No, help yourself,’ Martin said drily. ‘The more cum you milk from my balls, the longer it takes before I have to start setting money aside for ogre prostitutes.’ He added sarcastically.

‘Still unhappy about the fact that I gave you a little growth spurt?’ Minerva teased while jerking of the adventurer’s monstercock with both hands. ‘I had hoped last night would have made you forget all about your concerns.’

‘As amazing as that was,’ Martin admitted. ‘It didn’t help at all in making me forget about the fact that not many women have the capacity to sleep with a man who has a cock that looks like it belongs on a horse…’ He grumbled, despite the fact that treacly precum was running down his shaft to stain Minerva’s slender fingers.

‘Then I guess I just have to try harder to ease your worries.’ Minerva said with a fierce, confident grin as she lowered her head down towards the adventurer’s beefy balls again.

Martin groaned when he felt Minerva’s soft lips brushing against his swollen sack, before said groan turned into a surprised yelp when the white haired beauty suddenly sucked one of his large testicles into her mouth. How she managed to do that, Martin did not know. His massive erection kind of blocked his view due to the way he was lying, and he did not think he could raise himself up any higher with how exhausted he felt. So the young man just decided to enjoy himself.

Minerva was moaning loudly around the fat testicle in her mouth, and sucked on it with great force. As if attempting to get Martin’s semen straight from its source. She had also released the young man’s huge, heavy shaft and was currently using her free hands to massage one of the adventurer’s lemon-sized nuts while the other one had disappeared between her thick, shapely thighs. This meant, of course, that Martin’s monstercock was resting on her head, and dripping precum into her snow white hair. But Minerva hardly seemed to care about that.

‘Gods!’ Martin gasped. ‘I think I might just cum already…’

‘Not so fast,’ Minerva chuckled as she spat out the testicle she had been sucking on, leaving a ring of her purple lipstick on Martin’s ballsack. ‘Why don’t we make this orgasm of yours a memorable one…?’

After she had said these words, Minerva wrapped her lips around the testicle that wasn’t wet with saliva and stained with her lipstick. As soon as the warm orb entered her mouth, however, her white hair suddenly wrapped itself tightly around Martin’s shaft. Which made the young adventurer gasp in both surprise and discomfort while precum suddenly stopped flowing from his cumslit. After yesterday Martin really shouldn’t have been caught off guard by Minerva using magic, but seeing her hair suddenly come alive like that was still unexpected.

Minerva simply ignored the young man’s surprised reaction as she continued to suck on the testicle in her mouth, while she used her, currently living, hair to jerk off his monstercock. All Martin could do was stare as Minerva’s now living white, and surprisingly soft, hair gently worked its way up and down his shaft. Seemingly untouched by all the lipstick, saliva and precum that was clinging to it. He did not know if he should be afraid, aroused or both as he grabbed the sheets tightly and groaned. But for now, he decided to simply enjoy himself.

With that being said, the use of magic had managed to put him quite on edge. So when he heard a sudden banging come from outside the bedroom, Martin nearly jumped up from the bed in surprise. Which also meant that he had regained some of his energy. When Minerva noticed this, she allowed his testicle to leave her mouth and instead crawled a little closer to Martin.

‘Don’t worry about that, Martin,’ Minerva purred as she rested her breasts on his lap. ‘I’m just taking care of something in the kitchen.’ She added with an amused grin, while her hair released the young man’s member just as she used her hands to push her tits around his shaft.

‘O-Okay…?’ Martin stammered.

He wondered if, perhaps, he should have been more worried. But he found it difficult now that his shaft was no longer wrapped in hair and he had Minerva’s breasts in front of him to focus on. The pale globes were nearly as large as his head and perfectly shaped, capped with beautiful pink nipples and he could feel the weight of those huge, soft jugs resting on his lap while a large portion of his monstercock had disappeared into her cavernous cleavage.

‘I thought you would like this,’ Minerva giggled when she caught the adventurer ogling her tits. ‘You seemed quite pleased to have your member trapped between my breasts yesterday as well.’ She teased.

Yet, despite the fact that she knew how much Martin had enjoyed her titfuck the day before, Minerva refused to actually work her breasts up and down along his shaft like she had done then. Instead, she and Martin simply looked at each other. Each expecting the other to move. Precum had already been flowing freely from Martin’s cumslit for a few minutes now, and it hadn’t taken long before Minerva’s chest was shining with the stuff. Her hair had prevented Martin from hitting his orgasm before, and he was desperate to cum now. But still the white haired beauty refused to slide her tits up and down his length.

‘Oh, fuck it…’ Martin growled as he reached forwards and pinched Minerva’s pink nipples between the thumb and forefinger of both of his hand, before he lifted his hips up off the bed.

Minerva moaned loudly in response to the rough treatment her nipples received at the hands of Martin, but the adventurer ignored her as he pushed his cock up out further from between the white haired beauty’s cavernous cleavage. This seemed to focus Minerva’s attention on Martin’s cockhead and, probably to get back at him for teasing her nipples, she was quick to wrap her lips around it again. Martin groaned, but continued to hold onto Minerva’s nipples as he moved his hips as best as he could from his current position. In turn, Minerva moaned around the young man’s monstercock but kept her tits wrapped around Martin’s shaft while she sucked on the crown of his member.

For the next several minutes, the both of them continued like this. Martin teasing Minerva’s nipples by pinching or pulling on the sensitive pink nubs. Causing Minerva to moan around his monstrous, sensitive shaft while clear juices oozed from her twitching, aroused snatch. While Minerva in turn sucked on Martin’s plump cockhead and teased it expertly with her skilled tongue, making the young man shoot rope after rope of precum from his cumslit. Most of the silvery goo she managed to swallow, but enough of it ended up sliding down from the corners of her mouth to land on her tits.

The mixture of saliva and precum that fell onto Minerva’s breasts slowly started to slide down because of Martin’s vigorous hip movements, some of it even ended up between her breasts and lubricated her cleavage and the young adventurer’s shaft even more. Because of this, Martin could move even faster and Minerva was forced to relax her throat to allow even more of the young man’s length to slide down her throat. Because of the increased pace, the moans of both of them grew louder and louder, although Minerva’s were still muffled, while the bed creaked underneath them.

‘Gods!’ Martin finally groaned. ‘I’m cumming!’ He roared loudly while he released Minerva’s nipples to grab the back of her head, before pushing his hips upwards.

Minerva squealed loudly around Martin’s cock, but the sound of her muffled voice was drowned out by Martin’s own screams of lust as thick, hot ropes of white spunk were shot down her throat. Minerva attempted to swallow it all, but the potion she had given Martin the day before to increase his cum production was still in full effect. In fact, the night’s sleep he had gotten only seemed to make him shoot out more. So before Minerva knew it, she had a viscous white goo shooting from the corners of her mouth.

Unfortunately, with Martin still holding the back of her head all Minerva could do was continue trying to swallow as much of his load as possible. So with tears of effort running from her eyes, ruining her makeup, the white haired beauty continued to try and swallow mouthful after big mouthful of spunk. Yet, despite trying her hardest, most still ended up running down her chin only to land on her chest and join the mess of saliva and precum that was already there.

But despite the mess she was making thanks to Martin, Minerva didn’t seem to mind the treatment at all. In fact, she seemed to have been enjoying the rough treatment of her nipples, same as how she was currently enjoying the way Martin was currently filling her belly with jizz. Her eyes had lost focus and she was rubbing her thighs together furiously as clear juices continued to flow from twitching cunny, staining the sheets below her. So when Martin’s orgasm finally came to an end, and he released the back of her head, it didn’t quite register with her at first.

‘So, was that enough of the “ingredient” just now?’ Martin asked, looking down at the white haired woman with the strings of jizz hanging from her chin and her messed up makeup.

Minerva only moaned around Martin’s shaft in response at first, apparently not having heard him. Leaving the young man to pull her head back to allow his member to escape her mouth, since Minerva seemed too dazed to think of moving her head herself.

‘Wha…?’ The white haired woman stammered after a while, her confusion clear as she tried to focus her eyes on Martin’s face. So Martin decided to repeat his question.. ‘O-oh yes, of course!’ She croaked. ‘It was quite delicious, thank you.’ She replied as she rubbed her face. To Martin’s surprise, her makeup was perfect once more and her face was completely clean as soon as she pulled her hands away from it.

‘How did you-’ Martin began, but was interrupted by his own growling stomach.

‘Don’t you worry, I’ve prepared something to fill your belly as well.’ Minerva giggled as she got out of bed, and helped Martin up as well.

As they left the bedroom, Martin noticed how his semen was still clinging to Minerva’s chest. She could have cleaned it up at any time, but hadn’t. Perhaps she just liked it the dirty look? But as the two of them left the bedroom Martin briefly pulled his eyes away from Minerva’s amazing chest to look at the dinner table in surprise. A delicious looking breakfast was laid out on it, and from the corner of his eyes he could just see how a couple of pans floated themselves down into the kitchen sink.

‘I made this just for you,’ Minerva cooed. ‘You’re going to need a big breakfast to get your strength back after everything we did last night.’ She added with a wink.

After the two potions he had consumed the day before Martin wasn’t sure if he should trust anything prepared by the mysterious white haired woman, but when he thought about turning down her offer his stomach once again growled. Ah well…it’s not as if things can get any worse now, can they? Martin asked himself with a shrug, before sitting down at the dinner table and starting on his breakfast…


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