Trudy’s Hunt – Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – Hunt at the Gym


It was the fifth time this week that Gertrude Hunt stepped into the Muscle Hut, her local gym. Which was a very apt name for the place. Gertrude, or “Trudy” as she preferred to be called, quickly slipped into her workout clothes in one of the changing rooms, before she made her way over to where the treadmills were located as fast as she could. Some patrons greeted her, and she politely returned their greetings. Her eyes lingering on some of them longer than others.

The mirrors that lined the walls showed a five foot nothing blonde that could be described with one word. MILF. The 38 year old was blessed with outrageous curves, which only appeared larger on her small frame. A sleeveless pink shirt with a familiar arc and the slogan of “Just Do It” looking quite suggestive as the letters were stretched out over a pair of enormous breasts.

Barely visible underneath the massive melons was a slim waist and a stomach that had just enough fat to grab onto, as well as a hint of underboob as the shirt that Trudy wore was simply too small for her. Her slender waist practically exploded outwards into a pair of broad, breeding hips and a large pair of meaty tanned asscheeks that were left practically completely exposed due to the high cut of the black shorts Trudy wore.

‘Cardio again today, Miss Hunt?’ Said Jake, one of the Muscle Hut’s personal trainers, as the blonde approached the treadmills.

‘Is that not OK?’ Trudy replied, her plush, dick sucking lips, which had been generously coated with pink lipstick, pouting as she looked at the way the Muscle Hut emblem on Jake’s T-shirt was stretched over his broad, muscular chest.

‘N-no, it’s fine! Of course it’s fine!’ Jake quickly replied as he looked into Trudy’s big, baby blue eyes. He wasn’t completely comfortable with the hunger he saw there as they rested on his arms or chest, and quickly made himself scarce when he saw the blonde’s slim hands with perfectly manicured pink fingernails reach for him.

‘Oh!’ Said Trudy disappointedly when she was left grasping at air, but quickly recovered.

The reason for her quick recovery was because she spotted a man enter the weight lifting area, which was directly across from the treadmills, and exactly the reason why Trudy so rigorously practiced cardio. Her eyes followed the man as he grabbed a pair of dumbbells from the rack and began exercising right there, his biceps bulging whenever he lifted the heavy weights. Trudy hungrily licked her plump, bee-stung pink lips and turned on one of the treadmills.

At first, she only turned the speed up high enough to keep a brief walking pace while she checked out the weight lifting area. Aside from the lone young man lifting dumbbells, there was a whole pack of weight lifters huddled together by the machines. They were dressed in tight fitting shirts and shorts that were stained with sweat as they pushed their bodies to the limit. Trudy watched their muscles flex and bulge and longed to touch all that bronzed flesh, or run her tongue over it. But first, she needed to get their attention.

Fortunately, that was easy.

Once she turned up the speed of her treadmill, and started to run, the bouncing and jiggling of her mountainous tits and huge, shapely behind got the attention from nearly everyone in the weight lifting area. But Trudy’s attention was focused on the lone weight lifter, separated from the rest and looking like easy prey for the muscle loving MILF. Similarly, the young man seemed unable to pull his eyes away from her.

Trudy smiled prettily as she felt his eyes on her jiggling tits, her shirt having grown somehow even tighter due to the sweat clinging to her skin. Slowly his eyes rose to meet her eyes, taking in the sharp jawline and delicate chin of her face. As well as her high, thin cheekbones and full, slightly rounded cheeks. They made her look younger than she was, but underneath the make-up one could notice the faint lines near her eyes and the corners of her mouth. Trudy fluttered her long eyelashes as the weightlifter met her eyes, while working a hand through her blonde pixie cut.

In turn, Trudy’s eyes drifted over his broad shoulders and thick, muscular arms with bulging biceps. She stopped there for a moment, ogling the way his muscles flexed as he lifted those dumbbells, before her hungry gaze shifted. The lone weightlifter was dressed in a black wifebeater that seemed to cling to him like a second skin, which made it easy for Trudy to see his defined pecs and the row of abdominal muscles. Trudy sighed lovingly, while an obvious shiver of pleasure went through her curvy form, before dropping her gaze lower. At first she took in the young man’s thick, muscular legs left on display due to the shorts he wore. But her head quickly snapped a little higher.

‘Oh, he is just perfect!’ Trudy cooed happily as she spotted the massive bulge visible in his shorts. Looking a bit like a fat, coiled piece of rope.

No matter how great the view is, I can’t stand only watching any longer! Trudy thought desperately, as she slowly dialed down the speed of the treadmill. Her eyes remained on the young bodybuilder all the while.

Once it had stopped completely, Trudy sauntered towards the lone man working out. Swaying her hips in such an exaggerated fashion that she was certain that she had his attention, and the predatory gaze in her blue eyes made it clear that the opposite was true as well. Yet she stumbled into him just as he lifted his dumbbells again, which ended with her practically hanging from one of his thick, musclebound arms.

‘Oopsie!’ Trudy giggled. ‘I’m sorry for that, working up a sweat like that must have made me a little dizzy!’ She apologized, yet made no move to release the young man’s arm, if anything her fingers squeezed his biceps a little tighter.

‘I’m just glad you’re alright, Miss.’ He replied with a broad good-natured smile, clearly not bothered by the short, curvy blonde hanging from his arm and staring hungrily at the outlines of his pecs.

Miss?’ Trudy giggled. ‘Well, flattery will get you everywhere, young man.’ The MILF purred as she reluctantly released the bodybuilder’s arm. Not that she moved her hand very far, however, as she instead rested it on the young man’s broad chest.

‘How can I help you?’ He finally asked, when Trudy just stood there stroking his chest with a vacant look in her blue eyes.

‘Hm…?’ Trudy muttered. ‘Oh right, silly me! I completely forgot why I walked up to you.’ She giggled, playfully slapping one of the young man’s arms while the other slowly moved down over his rock hard abs.

‘Now I remember,’ Trudy finally said, her breath leaving her mouth with an explosive, shuddering sigh as her hand stopped just a few inches above the bodybuilder’s bulging crotch. ‘My locker in the women’s changing room is stuck, and there just aren’t enough women in the Muscle Hut to help me with that problem. But you look very strong. Can you open it for me…uh?’

‘Todd,’ the young bodybuilder said by way of introduction, and extended his hands after putting the dumbbells back on the rack. ‘And sure, no problem!’ He added.

‘You’re such a gentleman, Todd!’ Trudy said gleefully as she grabbed his outstretched hand with both of hers. ‘Now lead the way!’

Todd gave her a bemused smile and led the way to the ladies changing room, while Trudy followed close behind. Eyes glued to the young man’s firm behind and broad back. Before she left, Trudy swore that she caught some of the others in the weight lifting area shake their heads in pity for Todd or sigh, relieved that the muscle loving MILF hadn’t gotten her claws into them. But ultimately she put it down to it being a figment of her imagination. Surely her reputation hadn’t spread that far?

‘Well, here we are.’ Todd announced as they neared the changing rooms, and turned to face Trudy, whose eyes were once again not meeting his.

‘Yes!’ Trudy said excitedly, as she stopped gawking at the young man’s crotch and instead looked up. ‘Don’t be shy, let’s go inside!’

‘Shouldn’t we see if it’s occupi- OK, then!’ He quickly stammered as Trudy opened the door and eagerly pushed him into the ladies changing room.

Before she followed him inside, Trudy grabbed a little maintanance sign she had hidden behind the water cooler that stood between both changing rooms. In one smooth movement she hung it from the door, before quickly slipping inside.

‘So, which one of these is yours?’ Todd asked as soon as Trudy shut the door behind her.

‘Oh, it’s, eh, it’s the top one.’ Trudy lied as she stood on her toes to point out a locker she could barely reach. Fortunately, Todd wasn’t checking out her face. Instead he looked at all the newly exposed breast flesh as Trudy’s movements pulled her shirt up.

Todd just shrugged and did his best to pry the locker door open. He hadn’t even bothered to ask for a key. Trudy, meanwhile, dropped down her haunches and ran a hand up one of the young man’s powerful calves and slowly moved it a little higher. The suddenness of it all caused Todd to forget all about opening the locker as he stood stock still, like a deer caught in the headlights.

‘I’m sorry, everything about you is just so big!’ Trudy cooed as she grabbed Todd’s other leg and started to gently massage his thighs, which resulted in her fingers “accidentally” brushing against the obvious bulge in his shorts.

‘Well, I do keep a pretty strict fitness regimen.’ Todd boasted a moment later, needing a second to recover.

‘I didn’t think this had anything to do with a strict fitness regimen.’ Trudy cooed as she grabbed Todd’s fat dick and gave it a squeeze through his shorts.

‘M-ma’am…!’ Todd groaned in surprise.

‘Ma’am, now? What happened to miss?’ Trudy pouted. ‘Am I too old for you? Because this impressive bit of manmeat certainly doesn’t seem to think so! In fact, it seems quite hard already…’ Trudy purred.

‘What if someone comes in?’ Todd protested.

‘…you know, if you see something you like you should just speak up,’ Trudy prattled on, completely missing Todd’s protests. ‘Or… are you shy?’ Trudy asked.

Todd opened his mouth to reply, but Trudy didn’t give him the chance to as she simply continued to talk.

‘In that case, I’ll get things started for us!’ Trudy giggled, while digging her digits in the waistband of Todd’s shorts and abruptly yanking them down.

Trudy laid her hands on her cheeks and gasped theatrically as Todd’s swelling member uncoiled and slapped against one of his beefy thighs as soon as his shorts were around his ankles. Even half hard it was among one of the bigger dicks that Trudy had seen, and she watched intently as Todd’s cock grow fatter and harder under her hungry gaze. Thick veins, much like the ones decorating Todd’s arms and legs, decorated the impressive length and a bead of silvery precum as large as the tip of her thumb was already leaking from its cumslit.

‘You don’t have anything to be shy about.’ Trudy cooed as she watched Todd’s monstercock rise higher and higher. ‘Not with all those gorgeous muscles,’ Trudy cooed. ‘Or this big, fat donkey dick!’ She added hungrily, before she impatiently grabbed the huge prick with both hands.

‘I am not shy!’ Todd growled.

Unfortunately for him, Trudy was, once again, not listening.

‘Oh, but you certainly weren’t lying about following a strict fitness regimen,’ she cooed as she licked and kissed her way down Todd’s shaft, leaving a trail of pink lipstick smudges. ‘You positively reek of sweat!’ It clearly wasn’t a complaint, seeing as she buried her face between Todd’s huge, heavy testicles.

‘Could you shut up and listen to me for one second, you stupid bimbo!?’ Todd growled as he grabbed the back of Trudy’s head and pulled her back.

When Trudy’s face was no longer obscured by his sack and huge dick, however, Todd was faced with the blonde MILF looking up at him longingly and with her mouth hanging wide open. Strings of drool hung from her plump pink cocksuckers, and Todd had to admit that they made for quite the inviting target. So with a growl, he decided to give the blonde slut what she so desperately craved and pulled her towards him.

Trudy didn’t resist as Todd’s large hands held her head and pulled her in, her skull felt as if it was stuck in a vice and she could see the young man’s arms tense with effort as her opened gob was pulled closer, and closer to his hard, throbbing dick. His display of strength had already turned her on enough, but when her lipstick coated lips brushed over his fat, hot cockhead and she could taste the salt from his sweat and sticky precum her tiny black shorts became very soaked very quickly.

‘Not so easy to talk with thirteen inches of dick stuffed down your throat, huh slut?’ Todd growled as he forced Trudy further down his shaft.

The response Trudy gave was a series of loud gags and coughs as strings of spit dripped down her chin. Her throat was starting to bulge obscenely as inch after inch of Todd’s massive member disappeared down gullet. Todd gave a low, pleased growl and shut his eyes as he fired a hefty discharge of precum into the blonde MILF’s stomach, making the blonde moan loudly around the young man’s fat cock. But that wasn’t all, when Todd opened his eyes again he noticed that Trudy was enjoying this way more than he intended to.

‘Seriously? You’re actually getting off on this?’ Todd asked with a look of disbelief as he saw Trudy with her hand pushed down the front of her shorts, her fingers were seen clearly outlined against the tight fabric and made it obvious that they were moving in and out the blonde’s sodden snatch.

This time, Trudy replied with more than just gags and coughs. With her free hand she reached behind Todd and grabbed a handful of one of his buttcheeks, all while she looked up at him desperately. Her blue eyes were filled with tears of effort, which made her mascara run. Not that she cared.

‘Fine, you want more?’ Todd growled, as he felt the older woman’s nails dig into one of his glutes. ‘I’ll give you more!’

With a roar he both pulled Trudy closer, and shoved his hips forwards roughly. Todd’s balls impacted against the muscle-loving MILF’s delicate chin with a meaty slap, and her nose bumped painfully against his smooth shaven crotch. But the most obvious signal that Todd’s monstercock had been shoved down the poor bimbo’s throat all the way to the base was the way in which her saliva shot past the tight seal of her plump pink lips.

‘Yeah, this is what you wanted, isn’t it?’ Todd sighed, doing his best to suppress a moan as Trudy’s tongue continued to tease the underside of his shaft.

Instead of trying to push him away, however, Trudy surprised Todd by pulling her hand out of her soaked shorts to instead grab his other asscheek. More tears ran down her cheeks, further ruining her makeup, but Trudy continued to look up at the young man with the same desperate, hungry, look in her eyes as she breathed loudly through her flared nostrils.

‘Fuck it, if you want it so bad I guess I’ll show you what I’m made of.’ Todd growled, this time after swallowing audibly.

All his muscles tensed as he hunched over Trudy and set his legs a little further apart. In response to the display, Trudy squeezed his buttocks a little more tightly. This got her a hiss of annoyance from Todd, before he roughly started to thrust his hips. The brief lull that had hung over the changing room passed abruptly, and was instead once again filled by the gags and coughs of Trudy. Only this time they were accompanied by her loud, desperate inhalations of air and the meaty sounds of impact from Todd’s heavy, swinging nuts hitting her chin as well.

Todd’s rigorous fitness regimen showed itself again and he moved his powerful hips like a machine, he effortlessly managed to keep up the same brutal pace as he fucked Trudy’s face. Not once stopping or slowing down. Ropes of slobber were sent flying as his dick was hammered down the blonde’s throat, often accompanied by globs of his own viscous precum. Yet, all of his workouts could not have prepared him for the pleasure that Trudy’s throat gave him. Soon his balls started to tense, which wasn’t a detail the blonde MILF had missed.

‘Fuck!’ Todd cursed. ‘Oh…fuck…’ This time it didn’t sound like a curse as Trudy somehow seemed to suck even harder, her throat feeling even wetter.

Trudy briefly pulled her eyes away from Todd’s sweaty face all scrunched up in concentration, to instead look at his balls. She watched, feeling quite satisfied with herself, as the large orbs slowly started to crawl up as the young man’s sack tightened. Moments later, a flood of thick, hot semen was blasting from the tip of Todd’s huge shaft, coating her throat with the salty gunk. Todd’s powerful legs were starting to shake and he stopped hammering his hips back and forth to instead ride out the waves of pleasure. As he did this, he was vaguely aware that Trudy’s throat was bulging outwards even further as she tried desperately to swallow his prodigious load.

Apparently, she hadn’t been fully successful in this, because Todd didn’t miss the ropes of jizz that had shot from her nostrils or the several ropes like it that were hanging from her chin after his spunk had exploded from the corners of her mouth. Still, he had to grudgingly admit to himself, she managed to swallow far more than some of the girls he had been with before. When the last rope of cum finally spurted from his cumslit, the young bodybuilder began to extract his monstercock from Trudy’s throat. She was still holding onto his ass pretty desperately, but he was stronger than she was. So she was forced to, reluctantly, relinquish her hold of his glutes.

Once his fat prick helmet popped out of Trudy’s mouth, she started to cough quite heavily until, after a few seconds, she spat up a large wad of his semen that ended up staining her shirt. Blotting out the “Just” on the “Just Do It” slogan. Todd hesitated as he tried to think of the proper words to apologize and ask her if she was alright, but almost instantly regretted feeling sorry for her as Trudy spoke up again.

‘That was fun!’ The blonde said chipperly. ‘What do you wanna do next?’ She asked excitedly.

‘What I want to do next? You can’t be serious…’ Todd asked drily.

‘You can’t tell me you’re tired already?’ Trudy asked with a confused expression on her face.

‘No, but I-…’ Todd stammered.

‘Look, how cute!’ Trudy suddenly blurted out as she surprised Todd by grabbing his dick and hefting it up with some trouble. ‘Looks like I really left my mark on you, huh?’ She teased, as she pointed out the thick, pink ring that her lipstick had left behind around the base of his shaft.

‘Yeah, that’s great,’ Todd muttered. ‘Look, if you really don’t need my help with anything I should head ba-’

‘Gross, my shirt’s all messy!’ Trudy complained, and released her hold of Todd’s heavy, softening prick.

‘Listen…’ Todd tried again.

While completely ignoring Todd, Trudy pulled her shirt over her head. In doing so, she bared her enormous breasts to the young bodybuilder. He couldn’t believe that running on a treadmill without a sports bra could be comfortable, especially with a chest as huge as that of Trudy. But at the moment he didn’t care as he noticed that there wasn’t a sign of a single tan line on the MILF’s huge tits, not even around her fat nipples which were almost as pink as her bee-stung lips. Then, he watched as Trudy stuck her fingers in the waistband of her shorts…

‘Wait! What are you doing?’ Todd protested.

‘Getting ready to hit the showers?’ Trudy replied, confused. ‘I mean, if you wanna go back to lifting weights it’s not as if I can stop you.’ She answered with a shrug, before sending a not-so-subtle glance at his cock and how it was, once again, starting to swell up. ‘Unless… you changed your mind.’

‘Fuck!’ Todd cursed again as he roughly shoved Trudy towards one of the benches within the changing room.

Trudy squealed, and then gasped, as she nearly fell over one of the benches. She quickly pulled her hands out of her shorts and clung to the cool wood as if her life depended. Todd circled around her like a hungry wolf, watching as her mountainous tits were resting on the bench and threatened to spill off while Trudy herself was sitting on her knees in front of it. He groaned as he looked at her big, meaty asscheeks, barely contained by her tiny black shorts and sticking in the air as if she was offering her rump to him.

‘Just remember, you wanted this!’ Todd suddenly growled in Trudy’s ear, she hadn’t even heard him slip in behind her.

With those words hanging in the air Todd tore off the blonde’s shorts with little effort. Trudy gasped, but offered no complaints. Instead, she shook her large rear back and forth for Todd’s benefit while glancing over her shoulder at him with a pleased grin. Todd watched the two huge globes of her buttcheeks shake and jiggle back and forth and managed to catch the occasional glimpse of the MILF’s plump, aroused pussy as well as the tight, bleached pink asshole that hid between them.

Todd decided not to say another word. He had warned Trudy, and she would have to live with the consequences. Those were the thoughts that drifted through his aroused mind as he sank his fingers into the plump, bronzed buns of her ass while he shoved his dick between them. Despite how fat and long it was, Todd’s monstercock threatened to disappeared in the blonde’s ass-cleavage. Curiously he pushed her fat, peachy asscheeks a little tighter around his dick and began to pump his hips. But Trudy immediately protested.

‘Stop playing around and fuck me already!’ She complained as she felt the fat, pulsing veins that lined Todd’s cock scrape over her leaking pussy and twitching anus.

‘Fine, have it your way,’ Todd growled as he leaned back and lined his shaft up with the blonde’s tight, inviting asshole. ‘I guess I’ll just wreck your slutty ass!’ Without another word, he slammed his hips forwards. So as to not give Trudy a chance to protest.

Not that she would have, anyway. In fact, after having been stuck watching Todd workout for so long and briefly feeling him up before she got her throat fucked, suddenly having her ass stretched by the young man’s huge invading monstercock only managed to bring the MILF to a screaming orgasm. Todd watched as Trudy arced her back and howled, while her anal tunnel clamped down on his dick as she had her climax. Not that Todd let the fact that she was trying to clench her asscheeks together stop him, it only made him push forwards that much harder.

‘How…do you like…that!?’ Todd asked through clenched teeth.

‘I love it! I love it!’ Trudy squealed in reply, sounding positively giddy as copious amounts of her clear juices flowed down her thighs.

Frustrated by her response Todd grabbed Trudy around the waist and roughly shoved the rest of his member into the blonde’s ass while he lifted her legs up from the floor. He stayed like that for a few moments, his big balls resting against Trudy’s dripping pussy, but began pulling his hips back as soon as it was clear that Trudy’s orgasm had passed because her curvy body was no longer shaking. Todd pulled nearly half of his monstrous member from the tight confines of Trudy’s ass, before he roughly shoved his hips forwards again. Trudy cried out half in pleasure, and half in shock as she had been forced to hold onto the bench even tighter because she feared flying off if Todd would thrust like that again.

It turned out that she was correct to fear this, because Todd mercilessly repeated the action again and again. All the while, he held up Trudy as if she weighed nothing. Leaving her helplessly clinging to the bench while she rode the waves of pleasure, just the way she liked it. But Trudy knew she wasn’t the only one enjoying this. Whenever Todd’s powerful stomach impacted against her meaty rump, and his balls slapped against her soaked snatch, a plume of precum splattered against the walls of her anal tunnel.

‘Looks like you’re enjoying this almost as much as me!’ Trudy squealed happily as she felt Todd pick up the pace behind her, her bowels now lubricated with his precum.

‘Would. You. Shut. Up!’ Todd growled, each word punctuated by a particularly vicious thrust of his hips.

Trudy’s happy squeals only grew louder in response, and Todd became aware of a dripping sound as the blonde MILF’s pussy spilled copious amounts of girlcum over the tiled floor below. Despite putting up a strong front, Todd’s muscles had started to burn and he was already feeling close to cumming. Put that together with what his first orgasm had taken out of him, and he was starting to feel pretty exhausted. Meanwhile Trudy took everything he could dish out, and excitedly asked for more…

It was as if Trudy sensed a moment of weakness. Because just when Todd rammed his hips forwards again, the blonde’s anal passage seemed to coil around his monstrous shaft like a snake. Todd only managed a weak gurgle as pleasure overwhelmed him, and sank to his knees as what could only be described as a fountain of jizz was pumped into Trudy’s bowels. Meanwhile Trudy merely moaned and giggled as her feet touched the ground and hot, sticky semen sloshed around in her intestines. Todd was practically draped over her as he emptied his balls inside of her, and Trudy quite enjoyed the sensation of having his muscular, sweaty body so close to hers.

‘Why’d you stop…?’ Trudy complained after a few moments of silence.

Todd said nothing, because he knew it wouldn’t matter, and simply started to pull his hips back with a frustrated growl. As he did, an obscene, wet sucking sound bounced off the walls of the women’s changing room as his long, fat shaft was extracted from the blonde’s cum-filled ass. In the process, his seed was dragged out of Trudy’s ass as well while more of it hung from his flagging erection. But once the plump crown of his monstercock escaped her anal tunnel, an even bigger mess of sperm and precum followed.

‘Wow…’ Todd croaked as he looked at the state of Trudy’s gaping, cum-leaking asshole.

For several minutes, Trudy said nothing as semen continued to flow from her abused anus, covering her legs and the floor below. And Todd felt a faint surge of pride at having satisfied the seemingly inexhaustible woman. Then, to his surprise, Trudy gingerly climbed to her feet and walked towards the showers as if nothing had happened, lightly touching her enormous bust after it had been squeezed against the wooden bench for so long.

‘Where are you going?!’ Todd asked, incredulous that she could walk away so casually after everything he had done to her.

‘To take a shower.’ Trudy answered matter-of-factly.

‘But why?’ Todd replied.

‘Because I’m all sweaty and sticky?’ Trudy answered, looking at him as if he were an idiot.

‘So, you’re done with me?’ Todd asked confused, and perhaps a little hurt.

‘Well, it just looks like you can’t keep up with me anymore. So yeah, I guess I’m done.’ Trudy said with a shrug, before disappearing into the showers.

A part of Todd knew that the blonde was baiting him. Unfortunately, that part was currently being silenced by his pride and his lust. So with a grunt he picked himself up, kicked his sneakers off and pulled his wife-beater over his head while he followed Trudy. All while muttering ‘Done? I’ll show you who’s done!’ over and over again…

* * * *

‘Come on, get it up again! For me?’ Trudy begged.

Water was pounding down on her body from the showerhead of the stall she had chosen for herself and Todd. She was lying on her stomach and had her huge breasts draped over Todd’s powerful thighs, and was successful in partially obscuring them, while she had pushed the mountainous globes tightly around the young man’s dick. Unfortunately, Todd’s prick had gone soft and was lying over Trudy’s left boob.

‘I-I can’t,’ Todd protested. ‘We’ve been at this for hours and I’ve had enough! Please let me rest!’ He pleaded.

Obviously, their lovemaking had continued after Todd followed Trudy into the showers. For so long, in fact, that he was fairly certain his jizz had clogged the shower drain. If that were the case, it would certainly explain why the water had slowly been rising around him and Trudy for the last few hours and why it was currently spilling over into the rest of the stalls.

‘Fine…’ Trudy pouted. Most of her make-up had washed off, but her lips didn’t look any less plush and bee-stung now that they lacked lipstick. ‘But you better work on that stamina of yours, I can’t believe you only lasted this long.’ She complained.

Todd only let out a thankful sigh in response as Trudy left him behind in the stall. Water continued to pound down on his prone body, but he was too exhausted to shut the tap. Or even get up, for that matter. Trudy didn’t seem any worse for wear, in fact Todd could hear her humming from where he was lying as she got dressed. He also heard her say one last thing before she left the changing room. It was:

‘I hope I have a better hunt next time.


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