Trudy’s Hunt – Chapter 2


Chapter 2 – Easter Egg Hunt?

(art by Kentayuki)


‘Hello boys and girls!’ The excited, bubbly voice of Gertrude “Trudy” Hunt announced over the speakers set up near the entrance of Spieren Park. ‘The Easter Bunny has spent all night hiding his eggs here, are you ready to go and find them?’ She asked over the microphone attached to her headset.


All the children gathered at the entrance, baskets in hand, cheered “Yes!” at the five foot nothing blonde standing on one of the picnic tables. Gathered around the picnic table that Trudy had turned into her stage stood some of the other volunteers for the Easter Egg Hunt. All of them were dressed in a variety of outfits but they had one thing in common. Every volunteer had to wear a headband with a pair of fuzzy white bunny ears on them, so obviously Trudy wore a pair as well.


‘Then let the Easter Egg Hunt…commence!’ Trudy announced dramatically, which was the signal for the other volunteers to start herding the children into the park.


Just as Trudy was about to step off the picnic table a large, tanned hand reached out to her. And, seeing as it was attached to a thick, muscular arm, Trudy gratefully grasped it as she hopped down.


‘Oh Jake, you’re volunteering too?’ Trudy said as she bumped into the young man that had offered to help her down.


The exchange was broadcasted over the speakers and a few participants in the Easter Egg Hunt cast confused glances in her direction, reminding Trudy that she was still wearing her headset. Without pulling her eyes away from Jake Sánchez, a personal trainer at her favourite gym “The Muscle Hut”, Trudy took the headset off. Wearing those silly bunny ears in his wild brown hair didn’t detract from Jake’s handsomeness in the least, not that Trudy was paying much attention to his face. Even while wearing a grey and red hoodie in the relatively cool April afternoon, it was hard to miss the chiseled physique that he had underneath it.


‘Yeah, my baby sister and I used to love these things when we were kids,’ Jake answered, unaware that Trudy wasn’t paying attention to anything he was saying. ‘So I figured I should at least volunteer once to make sure the kids have the same kind of fun that we had.’ He added with a shrug.


Trudy took a step closer to the tall young man, but before she had a chance to do anything more one of the volunteers called out to Jake. ‘Looks like duty calls!’ Jake said with a mock salute and a broad grin. ‘I guess I talk to you later, Miss Hunt!’ He said before rushing off with a wave.


‘I’ll be sure to catch you later, Jake!’ Trudy called after him with a smile, though anyone looking at her would agree that there was something predatory about it.


‘Let’s see if I can’t track down some other hottie to spend Easter with.’ Trudy muttered to herself when she could no longer see Jake.


Trudy got some looks from the parents as she entered Spieren Park’s picnic area, but that was nothing unusual for her. Gertrude Hunt wasn’t exactly known for dressing her age. Not that she saw any problems with that, it wasn’t as if she looked like she was 38 years old. Besides, today she had decided to agree with the demands of the other volunteers and not dress as she usually would. Considering how there would be kids about.


Still, venomous looks continued to be cast in her direction as she made her way to where some single dads were watching their children. Perhaps they were jealous? Even the unflattering brown coat she had thrown on couldn’t quite succeed in hiding the outrageous curves of her body. It wasn’t her fault that mother nature had blessed her with such enormous breasts now, was it? Or a big, thick bubble butt you could bounce a quarter off? Hell, because of the coat covering those favourite assets of hers she just looked kind of chubby. The only things really on display were her thick, shapely legs clad in fishnet stockings and her face.


‘Guess I can’t blame them for being jealous then, now can I?’ Trudy mused confidently, after which she smacked her plump, bee-stung lips, done up with their usual pink lipstick, and flashed one of the women glaring at her a winning smile that showed off her pearly white, perfectly straight, teeth.


The woman in question quickly pulled her eyes away from her with a scoff and started whispering to one of her friends. It didn’t matter to Trudy, she had already forgotten all about her. Instead her baby blue eyes were focused on a man occupying one of the picnic tables by his lonesome. Away from the other single dads. He looked sad. Easy prey, were the words that went through Trudy’s head as she decided to approach him with a disarming smile.


‘Hello, mind if I sit here?’ Trudy asked as she plopped down next to him.


‘Oh… Oh no, of course not. Go ahead.’ He said perking up as he saw Trudy. ‘So… which one of them is yours?’ He asked, trying to keep the conversation going.


‘I’m only here as a volunteer, I’m afraid.’ Trudy chuckled, pointing at the bunny ears attached to the headband stuck in her blonde pixie cut.


‘Oh…’ He mumbled, as he continued to sulk.


Trudy let him be for a few minutes as she looked him up and down. Even sitting down she could tell he was a foot taller than her, easily. He was strong too, his physique wasn’t as chiseled as that of Jake or the other men she usually saw in The Muscle Hut, but rather he seemed to have built his muscles over a lifetime of hard physical labour. His shoulders were broad and his arms were thick and powerful. It appeared that he had gotten a bit of a gut, perhaps due to a few too many beers, but his legs were a thick as tree trunks. And that wasn’t the only thing Trudy had noticed as she looked past his gut…


‘I’m Gertrude Hunt, by the way!’ She finally said to break the silence as she extended her hand. ‘But please, call me Trudy.’


‘Aaron Sloane,’ Aaron said by way of introduction, his hand was large and calloused and practically swallowed up Trudy’s small, dainty hand. ‘It’s nice to meet you, Trudy.’


‘Oh my, no ring?’ Trudy mused as she held on to Aaron’s hand a little longer than necessary and pulled it closer to observe the tan line on his finger.


‘I… got divorced a few weeks ago,’ Aaron revealed, his face scrunching up in pain slightly as he pulled his hand away from Trudy’s. ‘I didn’t want to come today, but I promised Robert I take him. So here I am.’ He explained with a sigh. ‘Sorry, I’m probably bringing the mood down, aren’t I?’


‘Not at all!’ Trudy replied, laying a hand on his lap. She noticed Aaron didn’t make a move to push it away. ‘I guess it felt good to get that of your chest, didn’t it?’


‘I… I guess.’ Aaron answered while swallowing audibly, his dark eyes glancing from Trudy to the parents sitting at the picnic tables surrounding them.


Trudy smiled broadly, revealing teeth, as she began to move her hand up and down. Beads of sweat had appeared on Aaron’s forehead as she could feel something grow against the palm of her hand. Trudy noticed how said beads of sweat had started to run down from Aaron’s forehead. It now hung from the tip of his nose, or ended up amidst the dark stubble on his cheeks and broad, powerful jaw.


‘Why don’t I help you forget all about your ex?’ Trudy purred, her soft, plump lips only centimeters away from Aaron’s ear.


‘But… the Easter Egg Hunt…’ Aaron croaked.


‘Don’t worry,’ Trudy assured him. ‘I made sure that the Easter Bunny hid them very well. Everyone will keep looking for quite a while.’


Trudy watched as Aaron racked his brain, trying to think of reasons to do it or perhaps reasons not to. So Trudy decided to help him make his decision and gave his earlobe a little nibble, while simultaneously giving Aaron’s swelling monstercock a small squeeze through his trousers. He groaned in response and practically shot up, nearly knocking Trudy down into the grass in the process. Turdy wasn’t sure what was going through Aaron’s mind, but she decided to follow his lead and got up as well. When he didn’t walk away from her, Trudy figured that Aaron had made the decision she hoped he would make and possessively grabbed his arm as she led him away from the picnic area and the other parents…


* * * *


‘…I thought we were leaving the park,’ Aaron muttered as he and Trudy arrived in a thickly wooded area. ‘Is it really alright to, eh, you know. Do it in a place like this?’ He asked.


‘All of the volunteers have been instructed to not let any of the kids near this place in case they get lost,’ Trudy explained. ‘And everyone else is watching the Easter Egg Hunt, so I doubt they’d be interested in a walk in the park. Just relax and enjoy yourself.’


‘I guess…’ Aaron mumbled, clearly still unsure about whether he should have gone with Trudy or not.


‘Oh by the way, I got something for you!’ Trudy exclaimed cheerfully, clearly completely unaware of Aaron’s discomfort. ‘Here, these look like they’d be about your size.’ She mused with an impish smile as she pulled a large, blue painted egg decorated with white and pink circles from one of her coat pockets.


Aaron curiously accepted the egg that was handed to him. It was made of plastic and could clearly be opened, which Aaron quickly did. Inside were several condoms, judging by their size and the packing showing what was supposed to be the Easter Bunny sporting an enormous erection, they had to be a novelty brand that Trudy had ordered from somewhere online. Obviously, Trudy hadn’t given them to Aaron as a joke. She probably knew it was exactly the size that he needed.


‘Come on, let’s put one on!’ Trudy said excitedly.


Aaron looked up from his opened Easter Egg to see that Trudy had taken her coat off, and his mouth fell open. Underneath the brown, unflattering coat the blonde MILF wore bright pink bunny girl costume that one would sooner associate with some kind of sleazy club than with Easter. The pink corset teddy she wore was high cut and strapless, making it so that Trudy’s mountainous boobs threatened to spill out of the garment at any moment. In fact, Aaron could already see a hint of her pink areolae. That wasn’t all, Aaron also caught a hint of her buttocks even though Trudy was currently facing him. Although her breasts were some of the biggest he had ever seen, clearly Trudy’s rear was no less impressive.


‘Do you want me to help?’ Trudy asked curiously, a single perfectly arched blonde eyebrow raised and her hands placed on her hips.


‘With… With what?’ Aaron croaked, mouth suddenly feeling very dry as he took in the way that Trudy’s fishnet stockings covered her big, ballooning buttocks as well. So, really making them fishnet tights.


‘Don’t be shy,’ Trudy purred as she snatched one of the condoms from the opened egg that Aaron was still holding. ‘I’ll be glad to help!’ She added cheerfully as she unzipped the big man’s jeans and slowly tugged them down while she dropped to her haunches in front of him.


Just like with Todd back at The Muscle Hut, Aaron’s huge member seemed to uncoil and hit one of his thick, powerful thighs with a meaty slapping sound. A fat rope of silvery precum had been hanging from the fat purple crown, and was currently glued to the inside of Aaron’s thigh. Trudy swallowed audibly and immediately began licking her way towards it, making sure to squeeze and rub Aaron’s strong leg in the process as she clung to it. Aaron only groaned as he felt the fake bunny ears and Trudy’s blonde hair tickle the limb, while her gorgeous face came closer and closer to his monstrous member. Once she got close enough, however, she only gave the huge prick helmet a single, wet kiss before she pulled her face away from it.


‘Here I feared that this Easter Bunny would never find someone she could give the blue egg to,’ Trudy cooed as she opened the condom package. ‘Guess it’s going to be a very happy Easter for me!’ She giggled as she rolled the condom over Aaron’s monstercock now that it had risen high enough to point at her face.


Trudy didn’t miss how the tip of the condom had already started to balloon outward once she finished putting it on Aaron’s monstercock, clearly his discomfort had turned into arousal seeing as the prophylactic was already filling with precum. Trudy looked from the viscous, pearly fluid in the tip of the condom, up to Aaron’s face before she climbed back to her feet. Making sure to fondle his big, swollen balls as she rose.


‘Excited, huh?’ She teased, while stroking one of Aaron’s huge biceps. ‘Well, guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting any longer, then…’ Trudy cooed as she turned on her heel like a model on a runway.


Aaron watched hungrily as the small, stacked blonde approached the nearest tree and laid her hands against it, thrusting her large, heart-shaped rear towards him and jiggling it back and forth. Which made the cotton bunny tail above it bounce erratically. Now that she was sure she had his attention, Trudy reached back with one hand towards the crotch of her bunny girl costume. There was something akin to a tearing sound, followed by the blonde MILF’s plump, aroused pussy appearing in the open.


‘Velcro,’ Trudy explained. ‘Do you like it?’ She asked as she started to rhythmically shake her plump bubble butt again, causing strings of girlcum to snap from her plump labia and fall into the green grass below.


Aaron decided to show his appreciation by taking of the sweater he had been wearing and kicking off his shoes and the jeans that were pooled around his ankles. In response to seeing his powerful, muscular body completely on display juices seemed to pour from Trudy’s aroused cunt more rapidly, and her smile broadened as she looked over her shoulder at Aaron as he approached her. Without much effort he tore a hole in Trudy’s fishnet tights to give himself easier access to her pussy. Once that was done, Aaron pushed the tip of his member against Trudy’s muff and pushed his hips forward. However, he quickly extracted his dick again when he felt something…vibrate.


‘Oopsie! I completely forgot that I hid an egg there!’ Trudy giggled, and Aaron watched as she pushed a remote controlled pink egg vibrator out of her twat.


‘Slut…’ Aaron growled, before he realized what he said and snapped his mouth shut.


‘Why, thank you!’ Trudy cooed, clearly taking the word as a compliment. ‘I had it inside me for most of the day to make sure that I’d be prepared for a big boy like you.’


‘Well, let’s see if it worked.’ Aaron replied, as he dug his fingers into the blonde’s thick, ballooning buttcheeks before, once again, pushing his hips forwards.


Just like before, the tip of Aaron’s monstrous dick slipped into Trudy’s soaked twat with ease. This time, the rest of his beefy, veiny shaft followed now that there was no longer a toy in the way. Trudy’s moans were loud and unabashed as her dripping wet folds stretched around Aaron’s impressive girth, impatiently she began to push her broad hips backwards. Clearly desperate to be filled with more. It was obvious that Aaron had wanted to take things slow, perhaps he was used to women who feared his large manhood? Trudy wanted to show him that she wasn’t one of those women…


Fortunately, Aaron either took the hint or had gotten tired of Trudy’s impatience as he moved his hands towards her waist before he suddenly, and quite ruthlessly, forced every last inch of his massive member into Trudy’s quim. A loud crack resounded through the woods as Aaron’s slight gut contacted with Trudy’s huge ass. Following that loud crack was silence, or at least something close to it as Trudy’s moans had been replaced by gasps for air. Aaron watched as the short, busty blonde MILF pulled one hand away from the tree she had been holding onto to brush it over her stomach.


‘Mmm…more, please!’ Trudy moaned softly as she felt the bump Aaron’s monstercock had created even through her pink corset teddy.


‘As you…As you wish!’ Aaron groaned, he had hoped it sounded confident but the way in which Trudy’s folds tightened around him felt good even through a condom. And it had been so long…


Still, even if he had wanted to stop now it wasn’t as if Trudy would let him. So while holding Trudy’s waist he pulled his hips backwards roughly, pulling his cock partially from the blonde’s hot cunt. Strings of girlcum hung from the huge, condom-clad pole…and abruptly snapped off to fall into the grass below, next to the still buzzing egg-shaped vibrator, when Aaron forced himself forwards again. Once again Aaron remained in place, his stomach resting on top of Trudy’s impressive rear and his dick stuffed into her snatch up to the hilt.


‘Don’t be afraid to get a little rough,’ Trudy suggested, voice somewhat strained due to the pressure on her stomach. ‘We still have a lot of condoms to go through, after all…’ She purred as she used her internal muscles to give Aaron’s monstercock a little squeeze.


When Aaron looked at the large, opened blue Easter Egg with condoms spilling out of it he finally seemed to remember that his time with Trudy would be limited. Trudy’s gasped when Aaron’s fingertips dug into her waist almost painfully, she was then shoved forwards until her huge tits ended up pushed against the rough bark of the tree she had been simply leaning against up until now. A large portion of Aaron’s massive prick had also slipped out from her dripping slit. Still, she saw no reason to complain when the single dad suddenly forced himself forward.


Trudy could only manage a weak gurgle when Aaron crashed into her and her cheek roughly scraped against the bark of the tree she was pushed against. Still, her dick sucking lips were stretched into a dopey smile as she looked up at the blue sky with unfocused eyes. Having Aaron using his strength like this…feeling his big, sweaty muscles crashing into her while his monstercock filled her so completely? It was nothing short of heaven for the short, curvy MILF.


Aaron continued to fuck her with so much force that Trudy wondered if he intended to bring the tree down. A thought which simply made her pussy pop. But apparently even having Trudy’s pink folds twitch and tighten around his monstercock as she came wasn’t enough to stop or slow Aaron down. Trudy felt the edges of her vision darken and her tongue lolled from her mouth in an undignified fashion. As she clawed at the bark with her pink, formerly perfectly manicured, fingernails she wondered, perhaps feared, for a moment if the hunter had not become the hunted.


That was when Aaron suddenly stopped moving. Trudy heard a shuddering gasp leave his mouth while his body shook. She also became aware of the pressure on her stomach increasing. It took her a bit longer than usual to realize that Aaron was in fact cumming.


‘I hate using condoms.’ Trudy whispered to herself as Aaron filled his up. Still, she figured they were necessary when she needed to look presentable like today.


‘Hm…what was that?’ Aaron mumbled lazily.


‘I said; let’s use the next condom!’ Trudy replied, her voice having regained its usual bubbly, excited tone.


All of Aaron’s prior hang-ups about going with Trudy had evidently completely disappeared as he quickly decided to agree to her suggestion. Trudy could breath a little easier now that his heavy, musclebound form was no longer pressed against her, although she had to admit that she did miss it. A few moments after he had pulled away from her, Aaron’s dick followed. Or at least tried to. Thanks to the condom stuffed too full with cum, it appeared to be stuck inside of the blonde. Fortunately, after some forceful tugs Aaron’s monstercock escaped with the condom, thankfully, still intact. Of course, Trudy simply had to see with how much spunk Aaron had managed to pump into the prophylactic. So she spun around to face him as soon as she was able.


It was as impressive as she had hoped. The tip of Aaron’s condom had swollen to about the size of a small melon and was densely packed with white, viscous jizz that looked as if it had the consistency of jelly. Trudy couldn’t help but lick her plump, bee stung pink lips hungrily as she watched as Aaron carefully removed the condom and tied it off. He looked around for a trashcan briefly before shrugging and laying the filled condom on the floor, careful so that it wouldn’t pop. When he reached for a new one, Trudy stopped him by grabbing his thick wrist.


‘Please, allow me,’ Trudy said with a grin, having already dropped to her knees again. ‘I insist.’


‘Well, I don’t see why not.’ Aaron chuckled as he pulled his hand away from the opened Easter Egg.


‘Thank you!’ Trudy said cheerfully, clapping her hands together while she flashed Aaron a cheerful smile. ‘First, let’s get this big boy nice and clean.’ She purred as she wrapped both her dainty hands around the impressive girth of Aaron’s monstercock.


Aaron groaned and his legs buckled as the blonde’s slender digits were squeezed around his sensitive shaft and she brought her plump pink lips close to it. Trudy decided not to waste any time and eager scooped up a fat, sticky glob of jizz up with her dexterous tongue. After which she moaned as if it was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. Trudy continued to kiss and lick her way up and down Aaron’s monstercock, making sure to seek out every last drop of cum that was still clinging to it. In the end, the semen that had been clinging to the meaty pole had been replaced by pink lipstick marks instead, meaning that it wasn’t that much cleaner. Not that either Aaron or Trudy cared.


‘There!’ Trudy cooed, proud of the way in which she had marked Aaron’s shaft as hers. ‘Now we can continue.’ She added, while ripping the next condom package open with her teeth.


After helping Aaron with slapping on the next condom Trudy started to rise to her feet. Apparently Aaron figured it was his turn to help her, seeing as he was quick to sink his fingers into her huge asscheeks and lift her up high enough to hold Trudy balanced over his erection. Trudy only giggled and flashed Aaron a confident smile, before loosely wrapping her thick, shapely legs around his waist. Aaron returned her smile with one of his own before slowly forcing the blonde down on his monstercock.


‘Yes! I can never get enough of this!’ Trudy squealed happily, before throwing her arms around Aaron’s thick neck.


Aaron’s own confident smile remained as he watched Trudy sink down on his shaft inch by inch, but broadened as he sank his fingers into her asscheeks a little deeper before shoving her down all the way. Trudy only gasped for breath, and was silent…but only for a moment. She quickly recovered and her grip on Aaron’s neck tightened as she began to kiss his pectorals, covering his chest with pink lipstick marks much like she had done with his cock before. Pleased with how much Trudy seemed to like it rough Aaron quickly lifted her up again and began to bounce her up and down on his monstercock. He had not forgotten that they only had a limited time to do this.


Trudy gasped and released small cries of pleasure while she continued to kiss her way up and down Aaron’s pectorals, making sure that anyone could easily guess what he had been doing if they were to see him without a shirt. Her enormous breasts were firmly pushed against his ribcage as she was squeezed against his powerful body and her hard pink nipples, which had long since escaped her bunny girl costume, were brushing over Aaron’s warm, sweaty skin as the big man continued to bounce her up and down roughly, without a care for her comfort.


Eventually Trudy tired of leaving her mark all over Aaron’s chest and wanted more. Instead of simply hanging from his neck, Trudy grabbed onto his broad shoulders and dug her nails into them. It wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying herself as Aaron bounced her short, curvy frame up and down on his huge, imposing dick. But it did feel somewhat lacking compared to the rough, primal fucking he had subjected her to only a few minutes ago. So Trudy decided to up the pace a little and began to match the movements of Aaron’s muscular arms and powerful hips.


‘Oh yes, this is the stuff!’ Trudy moaned now that their pace seemed to have increased.


Her clear, orgasmic juices were running from her stretched pussy now and down Aaron’s condom clad cock. He could feel strings of girlcum hang from his swollen nuts and flashed a smile down at Trudy, who looked back at him with unfocused eyes and a slack, opened mouth. Not that all the pleasure coursing through her small curvy body slowed Trudy down in the least. She continued matching Aaron’s movements with ease, roughly ramming herself down on his monstrous shaft before pulling herself up again. Even when Aaron started to slow down a little, Trudy did her best to continue fucking him at the same intense pace.


‘I-…I’m going to cum again!’ Aaron groaned softly, as he clenched his eyes shut.


‘Well? Who’s stopping you?’ Trudy purred in his ear after she had pulled herself up high enough, Aaron’s monstercock just barely inside of her.


Before she forced her body back down she nibbled on Aaron’s earlobe, much like she had done when she had first convinced him to spend some time with her, and when it left her mouth she allowed herself to fall on the entirety of his massive shaft one last time. A deep, dark grunt came from somewhere in the pit of Aaron’s stomach as his entire body shuddered, and once again Trudy could feel the condom he wore inflate with spunk inside of her. When his orgasm finally came to an end, Aaron had to struggle to pull Trudy off of his dick and free his member and cum-inflated condom from the blonde’s tight snatch again.


‘Oh my!’ Trudy gasped theatrically as she was put down and got a good look at the cum filled condom. ‘It looks just as full as the first condom! Aren’t you impressive?’


‘Haha…Yeah…’ Aaron replied, sounding just slightly out of breath.


‘Alright, time to put on the next one!’ Trudy replied with a predatory smile as she grabbed a fresh condom package from the Easter Egg, completely ignoring her partner’s fatigue…


* * * *


‘…the Easter Egg Hunt is coming to a close, please gather at the entrance. I repeat…’ The voice that echoed over the loudspeaker near the entrance of Spieren Park could even be heard in the secluded part that Trudy had picked out.


‘Oh! Just in time!’ Trudy cooed lovingly as she gave the growing bulge that pushed out her stomach a loving pat.


Underneath her, lying in the grass and surrounded by tied up condoms full of cum and their discarded wrappers, was Aaron. His muscular body shining with sweat and his dark hair clinging to his face. All he managed in response to hearing the announcement was a tired groan, which abruptly turned into a weak gurgle as Trudy pushed herself off of his cock. Although his loads were no longer as impressive as they were at first, Aaron had still managed to fill the last condom that had been in Trudy’s Easter Egg with plenty of cum.


‘Are we lucky, or what?’ Trudy asked cheerfully as she slipped the prophylactic off of Aaron’s flagging erection, tied it closed and tossed it next to the rest of the used condoms.


Trudy gave herself a moment to observe the scene, and couldn’t help but smile as she felt a surge of pride. When her gaze fell upon Aaron, however, she frowned.


‘Come on, lazybones! The Easter Egg Hunt is over, you wouldn’t want to disappoint your kid now, would you?’ Trudy asked the  the big man.

To her surprise, Aaron immediately shot up and collected his clothes. The shock quickly passed, and Trudy decided to follow his example. First she put her egg-shaped vibrator back where it belonged. After that, she fixed her bunny girl costume as best as she could and, reluctantly, put her unflattering coat back on.


‘Ready?’ Aaron asked, breathing hard.


His clothes were a mess, all rumpled and stained with grass, but Trudy wasn’t about to point that out.


‘Lead the way!’ Trudy replied with an impish smile.


Once they left the secluded portion of the park they fortunately managed to merge with the rest of the crowd without any problems. Trudy watched Aaron meet up with his son before she went off in another direction to join the rest of the crowd. A few people glanced from Aaron, to her, and back to Aaron again. But Trudy simply ignored it all.


‘Oh, hey Miss Hunt. I barely saw you at all today!’ Jake greeted her. ‘Did you decide to join the Easter Egg Hunt or something?’ He asked jokingly.


‘Hmm…Something like that.’ Trudy replied with a mysterious smile while casting one final glance in Aaron’s direction.


When she spotted him, she stuffed her hand in her coat pocket and found the remote control for her egg vibrator there. With her free hand she waved at him and, while remembering her own successful hunt this Easter, she turned up the vibration before she fell into step with the rest of the volunteers. It was time for the boring part of her volunteer job, cleaning everything up.


‘At least I get to watch Jake work up a sweat…’ Trudy mumbled to herself, while she enjoyed the egg buzzing against her sensitive pink folds…



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