No-pan Neapolitan – Chapter 1


No-pan Neapolitan – Priscilla

(Art by DeliciousOrange)


Priscilla clicked her tongue as she glanced up at the blazing sun, to say that she disliked being in the sun was an understatement. At first you might expect it to be because of her outfit. Since there was no dress code for Orange Academy, Priscilla had brought her uniform from her old school instead. Her sheer white blouse was neatly tucked  under her deep black blazer and tied off with the school’s distinctive wine red necktie with off-centre stripes; the stockings that went up her thighs were a matching pitch black with glossy shine under the morning sun; and her skirt, probably a little shorter than acceptable, was crimson red and swayed gently with the sway of her hips. This, together with her black lipstick and her other subtle, but dark, make-up you might expect the schoolgirl to be part of some type of goth culture.

You wouldn’t be completely wrong, of course, but looking at her beautiful pale skin, snow white hair as well as her brilliant blue eyes painted a clear picture; Priscilla was albino and the sun wasn’t exactly good for her fair skin. Which was why she preferred overcast days. Just when she was about to head back inside for an umbrella, a large shadow was cast over her.

‘Oh…hi Shai!’ Priscilla said cheerfully as she glanced over her shoulder at large mass of black whose undersides were a dim, luminous blue.

The giant worm monster was actually one of many that had transferred to the academy as part of a student exchange program. Shai was placed with Priscilla’s family to help learn more about each other’s cultures. Priscilla found that she had reflexively pushed her skirt down a little, feeling unreasonably nervous that Shai had managed to get a good look underneath it. But as the mass of black tentacles wiggled and gave off a bunch of pheromones, Priscilla understood that he was only asking what was wrong.

‘Nothing much,’ Priscilla replied with a sigh. ‘It’s just…well, you know how I am with the sun, right?’

Shai pantomimed his understanding, somehow communicating that, yes, he did remember the few times she had returned looking like a tomato. Priscilla was just about to chastise the creature for making fun of her, before another set of wiggles offered for him to use his body as a parasol.

‘Well, aren’t you a gentleman,’ Priscilla mused with a smile. ‘But yes, please do.’

And so, Priscilla walked to school with Shai very close behind her. Some of his largest tentacles hanging over her head, acting as a canopy while smaller ones were draped over her arms to protect her from the sun. Priscilla didn’t miss the strange, sometimes worried, glances she got on her way. It was no secret that some women fantasized about what it could be like to sleep with a tentacle monster, and plenty had already acted on said fantasy. Which had managed to give them a bit of a reputation as sex-crazed beasts. So seeing what appeared to be an amorous embrace between a schoolgirl and a tentacle monster definitely raised some eyebrows. Not that Priscilla particularly cared, the pleasantly cool shade that Shai was providing along with the velvety brushing of his tentacles against her clothes made her feel safe from both the harsh sun and the harsh stares.

Though she would be lying if she said that Shai’s close proximity didn’t worry her a little. Not because she was afraid that he would have his way with her right here in the street, of course; even if the thought did tease at her blushing cheeks. No, Priscilla was simply concerned that Shai would figure out that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She hadn’t forgotten to put them on or anything. Quite the contrary, it gave her a perverse thrill to risk exposing herself to strangers and imagining their reactions made her a little…excited. She found that two of her closest friends had the same reaction, and all of them had dared the other to come to school without any panties on the next day.

Now she wasn’t exactly parading up and down the street completely naked, but most of the tentacle monsters around had a much lower point of view than humans. Priscilla was already among the tallest people in her class, so tall in fact that her friend Maria had begged, her more than once, to join the basketball club. So her height, combined with her short skirt would make it almost impossible that one of her shorter wriggly classmates wouldn’t notice her not wearing anything underneath said skirt. Hell, she wasn’t even aware how Shai could “see”. Chances were that she was already caught, and that thought made her face turn beet red while a little bit of wetness ran down her thigh to stain her stockings.

‘Hi Priscilla!’ An excited voice suddenly yelled from next to her.

‘Oh, hello Maria! Hello Knick!’ Priscilla said as she greeted her friend.

Maria was practically the opposite of Priscilla. Where the albino schoolgirl was tall, Maria barely scratched the five foot mark. Priscilla’s pale skin and light eyes were starkly contrasted by Maria’s mediterranean tan, dark brown eyes and even darker hair. Their choice of outfits was different too. Maria’s blue shorts hugged her hips, as her puffy blue and white raglan hoodie tried futilely to give the illusion of more body mass to the petite woman. It was clear that she had been exercising that morning, given how her skin was glistening like dew-covered grass.

Underneath one of her arms Maria held a bundle of thick orange tentacles that was curled shyly into an orb; An unkeen observer might even mistake it for a basketball, given how Maria carried him around. An opening briefly appeared at the top to show a pair of black eyes that glanced at Priscilla, before they disappeared again. It seemed that Knick was just as shy as ever.

‘So, so…Are you wearing any?’ Maria asked, her excitement not having waned in the least as she practically ran in place next to Priscilla. It appeared as if the tiny brunette never ran out of energy.

‘Any what?’ Priscilla asked in confusion.

‘Any panties, duh!’ Maria replied, not bothering to lower her voice.

‘Don’t be so loud!’ Priscilla hissed, as she caught a few of her fellow students glancing in their direction and felt her face turn just as beet red as before.

‘Sooorry,’ Maria said with a bright smile that indicated that she wasn’t. ‘So, are you?’

‘W-well… no.’ Priscilla finally said very softly.

Maria whistled and Priscilla was suddenly very aware of the fact that her eyes were occasionally peeking at her skirt or thighs. As if attempting to catch a glimpse. In an attempt to distract the shorter girl, Priscilla decided to continue their conversation.

‘What about you?’ The albino schoolgirl asked Maria.

‘Hm?’ Maria responded, while looking up at Priscilla. ‘Nah, I do have my undies on.’

‘What?’ Priscilla hissed. ‘But we promised that we would do this today!’ She added, her voice turning panicky now.

‘Sorry, but I got basketball practice after school today,’ Maria apologized. ‘I don’t want the other club members to think I’m a weirdo.’ She added, though Priscilla caught how the idea did make the small brunette blush in excitement a little.

‘Maybe Swirl kept her promise?’ Priscilla wondered aloud.

‘I wonder if she did.’ A familiar voice said from the albino schoolgirl’s other side.

Swirl had finally joined her friends, she stood in between the girls, both in position and as a median between the other girls sharply contrasting figures; with watermelon pink hair and sharp, almond-shaped blue eyes. Like Priscilla, she wore a similar uniform. Only hers omitted the blazer in favour of a white blouse with a sailor collar. From the waist down, however, they matched quite perfectly; black stockings on long legs and a red skirt that was undoubtedly shorter than its regulation length. The only other notable feature was just how tightly her ample breasts filled out her white blouse, the fabric stretched taut even after the garment had been tailored to give it more slack around her chest. Well, that and the fact that she wasn’t wearing the kerchief. Instead her own tentacle monster partner, Cookie, had taken its place. Although his current position didn’t exactly look comfortable, Priscilla was certain that he didn’t much mind resting between Swirl’s breasts.

‘Come on, please tell me!’ Priscilla begged, since her friend had clearly overheard her talking to Maria.

‘I’m not as bold as you, Priscilla.’ Swirl replied, and when her friend only shot her a confused glance in response she continued. ‘I won’t discuss what I am or am not wearing underneath my skirt for the pleasure of all these perverts.’

Just then, Priscilla noticed how several young men and tentacles glanced away from the trio of girls. For the third time in the morning, Priscilla’s face turned beet red. And thanks to Shai, she couldn’t blame it on the sun this time. In fact, she was so embarrassed that she decided to just run the rest of the way to Orange Academy.

‘Priscilla!’ The albino schoolgirl could hear Maria yell after her.

* * * *

Going from class to class was, simply put, torture. With every step she took Priscilla imagined how one of the tentacle monsters in the hallways got an eyeful of her bare pussy. She could even catch some of her human classmates trying to catch a glimpse, much as Maria had tried to do when they were on their way to school. Unfortunately, once a class started it wasn’t that much better.

Priscilla could pick her name out of the occasional whispered conversation between her classmates, or saw them gesturing towards her. Although another fact concerned her far more. Mainly that most of the tentacle monsters in her class weren’t sitting on chairs, most simply sat on the floor and had some tentacles spread out on their desk to write, or maybe read. But who could say that they didn’t use a few others to look underneath Priscilla’s desk? In fact, the only tentacles monster that she hadn’t caught looking at her out of the corner of her eye were Knick and Cookie. The former was lying on Maria’s desk, while the latter was still contentedly resting on Swirl’s ample bosom while the two of them read from the textbook together.

When Priscilla glanced at Knick, Maria mouthed the words “Sorry” at her. Priscilla only smiled and shook her head while holding up a hand, indicating that she didn’t need to worry about it. After all, neither had thought much about their surroundings before Swirl came along. That, and the fact that everyone seemed to be talking about her made something in the pit of Priscilla’s stomach clench while her pussy fluttered.

‘…scilla…Priscilla!’ Suddenly, she became aware of her teacher talking to her.

‘Y-yes, ma’am?’ Priscilla replied, while looking focusing on the woman standing in front of the blackboard.

‘Are you alright? You’re looking quite flushed. Did you stay in the sun for too long again?’ She asked, clearly concerned.

‘Ah, no it’s nothing.’ Priscilla said reassuringly, but then changed her mind as she felt more wetness slide down her leg. ‘A-actually, I do need to use the restroom.’ She added awkwardly.

‘Go on, then.’ Her teacher said, nodding towards the door.

‘Thank you, ma’am!’ Priscilla quickly replied as she rushed to the door, to afraid to look if she left a puddle of girlcum on the seat of her chair…

* * * *

‘They…they all knew,’ Priscilla’s moans bounced off of the restroom walls as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. ‘They all knew you weren’t wearing underwear. They were all trying to get a good look.’ she continued, as the speed of her thrusting fingers increased.


Moans and heavy breathing came from the stall she occupied. Priscilla spread her legs a little wider and hiked up her skirt as she masturbated. If someone were to open the door to her stall now, they’d get an eyeful of her bare, plump pussy; her juices coating her slender fingers as they slide across her dripping slit. Of course, that was only a fantasy, she had no way of knowing what her classmates were thinking; yet, embarrassing or not, imagining all those eyes on her…everyone talking about her? It drove Priscilla over the edge.

With a squeal she shut her eyes and felt her entire body convulse; her folds tightened around her fingers as the waves of shameful pleasure stole her breath away. When Priscilla opened her eyes again, she could barely see through her watering eyes and her breath came in ragged gasps. Hoping that one orgasm would be enough to get her through the rest of the day, Priscilla attempted to get up and go back to class; only to find that the room had, in fact, gone darker and it wasn’t due to any problems with the lights or because of her watering eyes. No, it was because Shai had followed her into the restroom at one point, no doubt concerned by her sudden departure and completely unconcerned with human concepts like segregated restrooms. Priscilla gasped and nearly fell into the toilet as she saw the tentacle monster looming over her.

Shai’s body was so large that he could barely squeeze himself into the stall. His tentacles hung over her, much like they had done to shade her this morning, but with the two of them both squeezed into the stall like this it was a good thing that Priscilla wasn’t claustrophobic. The other issue with Shai pushing into the stall with her was how some of his tentacles had gotten a little close to Priscilla. One of them had an opening at the end from which several thick, luminous blue, tentacles sprouted. And Priscilla didn’t miss how they were suddenly curiously brushing against her thighs, inching ever closer to her sodden snatch.

‘Sh-Shai, what are you doing?!’ Priscilla gasped, as Shai began to explore her plump, blushing labia.

Shai seemed to be completely taken in by curiosity and lust; undoubtedly excited after watching Priscilla’s earlier exhibition, so his smaller blue tentacles continued to roam over Priscilla’s snatch. At first, she tried to get up and push Shai away, but her legs felt like jello. The strange sensation of the velvety tentacles brushing over her slit felt impossibly good. So with the embers of her previous arousal being rekindled by the monster’s touch, Priscilla swallowed hard and opened her legs a little further. Almost immediately Shai pushed his large powerful body a little closer, forcing one of his slick blue tongue-like muscles into the schoolgirl’s muff.

Priscilla was loudly gasping at the sudden fulfilling sensation of Shai being inside of her when her blissful haze was chilled by the sound of the restroom door opening. Immediately, she clasped a hand over her mouth and tried to brush Shai’s tentacle away with her other. Unfortunately, Shai wasn’t taking the hint. Priscilla could hear someone step into the stall next to them, and her moans were just barely muffled behind her hand as Shai’s tentacles mercilessly teased her folds and sought out her g-spot. As soon as he found it, Priscilla’s legs involuntarily jerked. It made her accidentally kick Shai, but it didn’t seem to bother the big tentacle monster as he continued to bring Priscilla even closer to climaxing for the second time that afternoon.

‘Hello? Is someone else here?’ The newcomer asked, as Priscilla heard the taps running outside the stall.

All the albino schoolgirl could do was try to stifle her moans and gasps as Shai’s tentacles continued to wriggle around inside of her. The fact that someone was listening to her, only made her pussy clench around the blue appendages even tighter while juices ran rapidly from it. Priscilla’s legs continued to twitch as she heard the other student shuffle around in the restroom, and slapped her other hand over her mouth too just in case the other woman had heard her moans and gasps.

‘Ah well, whatever.’ The other schoolgirl in the restroom muttered.

Priscilla listened to her walking away, and the restroom door opening. As soon as she heard it shut, she finally relented and let her moans flow freely through her fingers. Pulling her hands away from her mouth; Priscilla wrapped her arms around Shai’s muscular body as her body thrashed and writhed in pleasure. Encouraged by her embrace, the tentacle monster seemed to sense that the albino schoolgirl was willing to let loose more than before and lifted her up into the air by wrapping his tentacles around Priscilla’s arms and legs. The thick, textured tentacles sliding across her legs and into her pussy began to move. Slowly at first, but Shai quickly picked up the pace.

With her arms now held by Shai’s tentacles Priscilla was no longer able to cover her mouth, she had no way to stifle her moans and screams of pleasure as they bounced off the restroom walls. Another big tentacle disappeared underneath her tight white blouse, showing a clear outline of it as it pushed the garment up. It moved underneath her bra and between her shapely breasts. With the large member squeezed between her tits and his luminous blue tentacles steadily pounding her pussy, Priscilla was unable to keep herself from moaning so loudly that she feared other students in the hallway would hear her.

Shai continued exploring her body; pulling at her clothing, clearly confused by the concept. From the way the tentacles were twitching her pink depts, it was obvious that Shai was enjoying himself as well as sating his curiosity about Priscilla’s body. Priscilla arched her back and screamed in pleasure one last time, before the blue tentacles inside her snatch expanded and released a wave of thick, hot liquid into her body. Shai held Priscilla close to him as they both shivered in ecstasy before lowering Priscilla back to the floor and on a pair of shaky legs.

‘That was…wow.’ Priscilla mumbled, while shoving one of Shai’s tentacles aside to tear off a piece of toilet paper and clean up some of the pale blue seed that was now dripping from her body.

Shai and Priscilla squeezed out of the toilet stall. As the two of them cleaned themselves up and Priscilla tidied her uniform she thought Well, I know one thing. I’m definitely going without panties more often from now on.



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