The 18 Inch Curse – Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Benzal’s Workshop


Rickard awoke the next morning to a loud banging on his door. He found himself still cradled in Kess’ strong arms while he used her pumpkin-sized breasts as a pillow. As the knocking continued, Rickard briefly considered to just remain in bed and simply hope that Ciara would open the door or that Kess would wake up and do it. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to be the case since the banging on the door just did not stop. So after some grumbling, Rickard started to struggle to free himself from Kess’ grip.


‘Alright, alright, I’m coming already!’ Rickard shouted as he finally managed to get out of bed.


Shouldn’t I be worried about the fact that our only capable fighter seems to be quite a heavy sleeper? Rickard thought to himself with a shake of his head as he approached the door and threw it open. Then, and only then, did he realize that he was still bottomless… and how they were in a city occupied by dwarves and gnomes. Which meant that Brynn got an eyeful of Rickard’s flaccid, yet still quite impressive, cock and fat low-hanging balls as they peeked out from the bottom of his tunic to rest against his skinny thigh.


‘We, eh, we’re all set to travel to Benzal’s workshop now,’ Brynn quickly explained as she got over her shock of seeing the half-naked human who currently tried, and failed, to pull his tunic down of his soft shaft. ‘Uhm…Please get dressed and wake up your companions, I will be waiting downstairs in the common room for you.’ The auburn haired dwarf added, casting one last curious glance at Rickard’s dick before making her way towards the stairs.


‘That sure was a great way to start the morning,’ Rickard grumbled while his face turned beet red. ‘Now, where in the Hells are my trousers?!’ He shouted as he searched for the garments that Kess had removed and tossed away the night before…


* * * *


After Rickard had roused his companions and everyone had gotten dressed, they met Brynn in the inn’s common room and shared a hearty breakfast and the plans for today. They would meet two more of Dollokin’s Hunters in the tunnel leading towards Benzal’s workshop and the United Council of Dwarven and Gnomish People would provide them with Lorm for transportation. Rickard had no idea what a “Lorm” was, but it appeared that they would have no need for Kess’ stallion or their donkey-pulled wagon today. Aside from that Brynn brought up the dangers they might face in Benzal’s workshop, such as potential traps or other defenses so they should be wary. She pointed at to the large crossbow on her back with her thumb as she said this.


To Rickard, such a warning seemed kind of useless after hearing about the sort of chaos Benzal had caused for the people of Dollokin in the past. Then he remembered how one of his traveling companions just seemed to love danger and fighting and hoped that Kess would understand not to rush headlong into danger. He only hoped that she would heed the warning as they gathered their things and prepared to head out…


As they followed the auburn haired dwarf to their location, they noticed a lot more dwarves and gnomes about the city than when they arrived. Going by the brightness of the street lights all around Dollokin it appeared to be morning and the group of humans got even more attention than when they arrived, judging by all the hushed whispers and stares they received as they passed. Apparently their meeting with the Council the night before had spread throughout the city quite fast, all of it only managed to make Rickard nervous for his upcoming task. Meanwhile Brynn and Kess didn’t appear to be affected by the pressure at all, or simply didn’t notice. Only Ciara looked as nervous as Rickard.


Although the crowds thinned when they reached the tunnel that was supposed to lead them to Benzal’s workshop, the group never truly left Dollokin which meant that Rickard could not shake the feeling that they were always being watched. Fortunately, the appearance of Brynn’s fellow Hunters and what he assumed were the Lorm briefly distracted him. One of the Hunters was Hern himself, sitting on top of a creature that was nearly twice as tall and wide as Kess’ stallion. It resembled a mole with its large paws and cylindrical body, but its hide was a ghostly pale with several knob-like, rocky protrusions growing on the sides of its body.


‘Ah, you’ve arrived!’ Hern said cheerfully. ‘One of you can share a Lorm with me, and another can join Brynn. But I’m afraid someone will have to walk along with Jangrin.’ He explained, while waving at the scarred blonde dwarf leaning on a spear next to his Lorm.


‘…‘morning.’ Jangrin said by way of greeting, a trio of scars that appeared to have been left by something with wicked claws began near his right temple, barely missed his eye, and ended at his chin. Because of it Jangrin’s always appeared to be grimacing.


‘So, how are we going to do this?’ Rickard asked as he looked from Kess to Ciara


‘You and Ciara hop on one of those things,’ Kess told Rickard and the priestess. ‘I think I’ll have no trouble keeping up.’ The barbarian babe told them both confidently as she pushed out her chest and rested her axe on a broad shoulder.


‘You have my thanks, Kess.’ Ciara replied with thankful smile.


‘I’m just happy I don’t have to walk…’ Rickard mused, which earned him a playful shove from Kess that nearly knocked him on the ground.


‘Now that that’s all sorted out, let’s get going,’ Brynn announced loudly. ‘Rickard, you’re with me!’ She said over her shoulder as she approached the second Lorm and used the growth on its sides to climb onto the strange saddle that was hoisted on its back.


Rickard and Ciara shared a look, before following the dwarf’s example. Rickard clambered onto the Lorm and sat down on the saddle behind Brynn. On the Lorm next to him, Ciara did the same. Because of their difference in height the priestess’ large chest ended up resting on top of Hern’s head, but the leader of Dollokin’s Hunter’s Guild didn’t seem to mind. Not that that was surprising.


As soon as the both of them were seated, both Hern and Brynn whistled sharply and the Lorm began to move. Their movements were slow and ponderous, but their huge paws easily pushed aside anything that was in their way. Clearing the tunnel leading to Benzal’s tunnel clearly hadn’t been a priority. In fact, it looked as someone had given up on doing so about halfway in.


It made Rickard recall how reluctant Flint had been to send anyone to the workshop the night before, or perhaps the damage here had simply been more extensive. It had been where a lot of the Golems had been created, after all. Fortunately, the Lorm appeared to have little trouble digging their way through the piles of rubble that still remained.


‘Before we had Golems, the Lorm helped us in constructing their tunnels,’ Brynn explained, shaking Rickard from his thoughts. ‘Unfortunately, they have always been rare.’ She sighed wistfully, and as they rode on Rickard suddenly became very aware of the fact that the dwarf’s large rear was pushing back against his crotch.


He was uncertain if she was doing it intentionally, but as the slow, plodding pace of the Lorm they were on continued Brynn did not move away. Rickard didn’t move either because he feared he would fall off the large creature, or that was what he told himself anyway as the dwarf’s thick, shapely asscheeks continued to bump against his fat, monstrous member which slowly began to swell as a result. Brynn curiously looked over her shoulder at Rickard who was trying very hard to focus on the cracked cavern walls, too embarrassed to meet the dwarf’s big blue eyes.


Brynn raised an arched, auburn eyebrow before she looked ahead again, wiggling her meaty buttocks back and forth as if trying to get comfortable on the strange saddle she and Rickard were on. Is she doing this on purpose? Rickard wondered, while he released a soft, barely audible groan. In response, Brynn seemed to bump her butt backwards again. Alright, she has to know what she’s doing! Rickard thought to himself, groaning a little louder now.


‘Is everything alright, Rickard?’ Ciara asked from atop the Lorm next to theirs.


‘Ye-yeah, everything’s fine,’ Rickard replied with a grimace, as he glanced at the priestess whose chest was still resting atop of Hern’s head. Apparently the dwarf had the same idea as Rickard, and was staring dead ahead into the tunnel as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. ‘I guess my breakfast just isn’t sitting right with me.’ He added with a forced smile.


‘It must just be nervousness,’ Ciara warmly. ‘Try not to worry, I’m sure we’ll be fine we have Kess and the Dollokin Hunters with us, after all.’


‘Y-you’re right, of course.’ Rickard stammered in response as Brynn continued to tease him, unwitting or not.


The rest of the trip resumed in relative silence with the Lorm digging a path and Kess and Jangrin following close behind, appearing relaxed but holding their weapons in such a way that it was clear that they were prepared for any trouble. After nearly an hour, Hern let loose two sharp whistles after his Lorm had pushed aside one last patch of rubble. Once the creature stopped, Brynn quickly followed his example and shot her Guild Master a curious glance.


‘Looks like we finally arrived.’ Hern sighed, while he nodded towards the dark wall ahead of him. The movement of the dwarf’s head finally made Ciara realize how her breasts had been resting on the top of his head until now, so she scooted back slightly.


‘…I don’t see anything.’ Kess muttered as she squinted into the darkness.


Up until now, the tunnel had been lit by the few remaining lanterns that still hung from the cracked and broken walls, but their light did not reach that far and there seemed to be none here. Fortunately, Hern and his Hunters had thought ahead. He, Jangrin and Brynn reached into a pouch hanging from their belts and removed one of the smooth green orbs that Rickard had seen inside the lanterns when he first entered Dollokin. All three of them gave off enough light to see the doorway carved into the wall ahead from them.


‘Be careful, we don’t know what lies beyond that doorway.’ Hern warned as he clambered down from his Lorm with ease, and paused to help Ciara as soon as his feet hit the ground.


‘Here, hold this.’ Brynn instructed while handing Rickard the orb after they both made their way down from their own Lorm.


Rickard took it carefully…only to feel relieved when he noticed that the strange orb gave off no heat. Meanwhile, Brynn unslung her crossbow from her back and her Guildmaster seemed to follow her example, handing his orb of light to Ciara while pulling something that resembled a large hunting knife from his belt. The trio of dwarven Hunters and Kess went ahead, with Rickard and Ciara following close behind to provide some extra light.


‘…door’s gone.’ Jangrin grumbled as he held up his own orb a little closer.


‘Yes,’ Brynn replied in a dry fashion that made it obvious that the dwarf had a penchant for stating the obvious. ‘Everything else seems to be in surprisingly good condition, though.’ She added curiously.


‘Well, at least our chances of finding those blueprints have improved,’ Rickard replied cheerfully. ‘Unfortunately, so have our chances of getting killed by whatever’s been left behind to defend the place.’ He added, his tone now mocking.


All he got in response was a shared look with everyone and a stern nod, after which Jangrin carefully crossed the threshold and started poking the floor with his spear. When that triggered no traps, he signalled for the others to follow him. Kess, Brynn and Hern followed the dwarven Hunter smoothly, while Rickard and Ciara quickly, and nervously, stumbled after them. The first thing that Rickard noticed was than Benzal’s workshop was big, the pale green light that shone from their orbs didn’t even seem to hit its walls.


‘It’s as you said, Brynn,’ Hern grunted as he looked around. ‘Aside from lacking a door and some minor damage near the entrance, the workshop seems to be intact.


Brynn only nodded, before hissing: ‘Do you see anything, Jangrin?’


Instead of Jangrin answering Brynn, the group heard heavy footfalls accompanied by the soft rattling of metal . Rickard and Ciara instinctively backed up a little, but even as they pulled away from their companions the light didn’t seem to dim. In fact, it seemed to grow a little brighter. That was when they noticed a suit of armour approach them, its movements were all stiff and jerky and clearly unnatural. The suit of armour was roughly the size of a human, but as broad and stout as a dwarf with a strange, pale green light shining from behind its visor as it seemed to observe everyone.


‘Wild guess, but that thing’s not human, is it?’ Rickard shouted.


To answer his question, the suit of armour suddenly started to rush towards them. Its movements were still jerky, but it was quick nonetheless. Rickard noticed how the light of everyone’s orbs glinted off a length of metal that seemed to be attached to the suit’s left arm instead of a hand. Fortunately, Kess noticed as well and battered it aside with her axe, which was then followed by a heavy crossbow bolt slamming into the suit’s chestplate. While Brynn slid the next bolt onto her crossbow, the other dwarves jumped into action too.


But as much as Jangrin’s spear and Hern’s blade found chinks in the suit of armour, or Kess’ axe left dents and gashes into it, it was clear that there was nothing inside of it. Kess decided to follow the examples of the dwarves and started putting her axe to the gaps in the suit of armour, while trying to dodge the sword slashes. Meanwhile Brynn put a bolt in the suit’s head, which once again had no effect. Only once the four combatants had managed to remove its arms and legs did the suit of armour stop moving.


‘A Golem?’ Jangrin asked, frowning, as they looked down at the remains of the suit.


‘I don’t know what else it can be,’ Hern replied, breathing heavily. ‘I’ve never seen once this small before…’ He added confused, while he held his side.


‘I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this won’t be the only one.’ Rickard muttered as he looked around nervously, before noticing the dark spot that had formed on Hern’s armour just underneath the palm of his hand. ‘Ciara, can you patch Hern up?’ He then asked curiously.


‘Of course.’ Ciara said softly, after noticing the blood as well.


‘Guess I should have brought another weapon.’ Hern grumbled while he glared at his short sword while Ciara kneeled down next to him.


A soft, blue light came from the palms of the priestess’ hands as she began to mutter to herself. Even though she now wore black robes and was no longer associated with any God, the faith based powers that priests and priestesses had didn’t seem to have waned. After a few moments had passed, Hern was breathing a little easier and Ciara climbed back to her feet.


‘Your wound should be closed now, but be careful or you might just open it again.’ Ciara told the dwarf.


‘My thanks,’ Hern said humbly while bowing. ‘But I might not be up to me…’ He added somberly.


Once he finished speaking, everyone became aware of how the room had grown just a little brighter once again and heard heavy footfalls approach…


* * * *


The past few minutes felt like hours as the man-sized Golems continued to hunt the group, coming at them in groups of two or three once they seemed to realize that they could not beat Kess and the dwarves with just one of them. When they finally stopped coming, the workshop was littered with broken pieces of armour and had grown brighter due to the light that continued to shine from the suits’ helmets. Kess and the dwarves had not come out of the fight unscathed, but fortunately they had Ciara to patch them up.


Patches of blood stained the armours of Jangrin, Brynn and Hern, while Kess’ body showed a few bumps and bruises. Neither Rickard or Ciara were injured, although the priestess did look exhausted. Apparently channeling divine power to heal your companions took quite a bit out of you. Rickard remembered his own powerlessness and uselessness as he examined the scene. He hadn’t been of any use during the fight, except for providing light, which had rapidly stopped being useful as more Golems poured in, and couldn’t heal people like Ciara after the fighting was over.


‘Let’s search for those blueprints and get out of here.’ Rickard whispered softly, and everyone else replied with a tired nod.


Now that the helmets of the defeated Golems provided light exploring the workshop, or at least this portion of it, was a little easier. As Rickard had thought, the workshop was a big place. They had only really set foot in the “hallway” as it were, but if he had to compare it to anything he guessed it was about the size of the Hunter’s guild hall. Something that resembled racks that were used for torture lined the walls near the entrance, and was probably where the Golems had been placed to keep watch.


When nobody could find anything of interest, Hern signalled for everyone to move further ahead. As they moved away from the entrance, the space seemed to grow smaller and more cluttered. Sections of the workshop were separated with partitions and they had to be careful not to bump into desks or tables lined with scrolls, books and various pieces that just looked like junk to Rickard.


‘This looks more promising!’ Hern said with a broad smile as he poured over the papers that lay on one of the desks.


‘Do we have any idea what these blueprints are supposed to look like?’ Rickard asked, and Jangrin and Hern looked at him with the sort of expression that showed that they clearly hadn’t thought about that.


‘Guess we should just bring every piece of paper we can find…’ Brynn sighed while rubbing her eyes in annoyance.


With a shrug, everyone decided to do just that. Everyone split up to search through the different sections of the workshop. Clearly, Benzal had practically lived in his workshop seeing as Rickard found a little living space with a bed, a table and some chairs in one section, yet another space seemed to have been used to store and prepare food, though judging from the smell whatever food was left here had long since expired.


‘Found something!’ Rickard’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest as he suddenly heard Jangrin yell.

Everyone approached the scarred blonde dwarf who was gesturing at a small doorway carved into one of the walls of the workshop. The doorway itself appeared to be small, even for a dwarf, and lead into a pitch black tunnel. Hern was intently peering at the doorway while thoughtfully stroking his bushy mustache, though Rickard wasn’t sure why the dwarves were so interested in it.


‘I think we just found out where Benzal and his apprentices disappeared to after they destroyed the Golems and sealed to the tunnel leading to this workshop…’ He muttered. ‘We should probably send someone to seal this up, just in case.’ He added, before nodding at Jangrin. ‘Good find, my friend. Now let’s continue our search.’


The dwarves looked pleased about their find, before they resumed looking for the blueprints. Rickard shrugged, and decided to explore a section of the workshop he hadn’t been to yet. As the pale green light of his orb fell over a large, metal man Rickard released a scream of surprise. Immediately everyone gathered at his position with their weapons ready. Placed into a rack that was much larger than the ones near the entrance of Benzal’s workshop was a Golem much like the ones Rickard had seen in Dollokin the night before. Fortunately, this one didn’t appear to activate.


‘Oh, it’s merely another construction in progress,’ Hern stated, relieved, as he lowered his weapon. ‘This one does appear to be closer to completion than the others, however.’


‘Can’t we just drag it back so your Crafters can figure out how it works?’ Kess asked with a cocked eyebrow while holding a few scrolls underneath one arm.


‘It’s still incomplete,’ Brynn replied with a shake of her head. ‘We wouldn’t know what’s missing or how important it could be in the construction of a new Golem.’


‘And dragging it through the tunnels in its current state might not be wise either…’ Hern muttered as he crossed his arms.


‘Should we bring the Crafters here?’ Jangrin asked, it was the most words Rickard had heard the scarred dwarf utter since he met him.


‘The Crafters would no doubt treasure everything they’d find here,’ Hern agreed. ‘But just as dragging this Golem through the tunnel would be unwise, I don’t think it’s safe to have a bunch of Crafters pass through it either…’


While the dwarves discussed other options to create new Golems, Rickard’s eye was caught by something. Spread out on a table near the rack that held the nearly complete Golem was a scroll, its edges slightly curved, that showed several sketches and small paragraphs of spidery handwriting. Rickard heart began to race as he approached the table hopefully. A relieved sigh passed his lips when he saw that the sketches resembled the Golem on the rack, just as he had hoped.


‘Everyone,’ Rickard said loudly. ‘I think I found what we’ve been looking for!’


* * * *


The trip back to Dollokin was dull and uneventful, the only difference from traveling to the workshop was the fact that it took less time due to the tunnel having already been cleared by the Lorm.


As soon as they set foot in the city, Hern ordered Jangrin to take care of the Lorm and sent Brynn to call together a meeting with the United Council of Dwarven and Gnomish People. It was clear that they were eager to hear about whatever they might have found in the workshop, because everyone barely had a chance to freshen up after having fought man-sized Golems and searching through a dusty old workshop before they were being herded into the massive palace where the Council met.


Once there, everybody had dumped their collection of books and scrolls, and even important looking scraps of paper, onto the large, long table the Council members sat behind. Sherman, the representative of the Crafters Guild, immediately began pouring over them, leaving the meeting hall deadly silent for quite a while. The Crafters’ representative finally broke the silence when he held the scroll that Rickard had brought aloft and began to chatter about it excitedly.


Sherman said such things as: ‘He used runes like that? I thought they could only be used to strengthen weapons!’ Or: ‘We should have known that some sort of magic was involved!’ But what they heard the most was: ‘That Benzal, he really was a genius!’


All of this was said while the other Council members shook hands or gratefully laid hands on the shoulders of the group that had found the blueprints. Well, at least it was like that for the dwarves from the Hunters’ Guild, most of the dwarven Council members could just reach the hip of one of the humans while the gnomes just patted their legs…


That was about everything Rickard could remember before the representative of the Fighters, Flint, suggested they should throw a feast. It was the first time he had seen the dwarf smile.  After that, everything had been a blur of eating, drinking laughter and song. Rickard swore that even he had shared a dance or two in his drunken state…


But Rickard wasn’t built like a dwarf, he couldn’t drink or party like one of them. Even now the feast continued, while all Rickard could do was lie on his bed in the inn and beg to every God that he knew to make the room stop spinning.


However, the Gods appeared to have other plans for him…


Suddenly, there was an insistent knocking on his door, it was very similar to the way Brynn had knocked this morning. Rickard silently cursed whoever was on the other side of it, forcing him to get to his feet like this after he drank this much. But seeing as it could be Ciara or Kess, he couldn’t just leave them stranded outside. Though it was probably Ciara, seeing as the blonde would no doubt continue to drink and brawl with the dwarves until everyone got sick of feasting. So, after making sure that he was wearing trousers this time, Rickard opened the door.


‘Hey, Rickard? Why’d you leave the feast?’ Brynn asked as soon as the door was open, her face was slightly flushed and she had clearly had too much too drink.


‘I’m sorry for bringing her here so suddenly, Rickard. But she told us that she wanted to see you.’ Ciara said, standing at Brynn’s left. Rickard had only seen her drink one mug of the dwarven ale, yet her olive brown skin looked nearly as flushed as Brynn’s.


‘No need to apologize, Ciara. He won’t mind!’ Kess said from Brynn’s right. She was the only one who looked unaffected by all the alcohol she had no doubt consumed.


‘Uh…’ Rickard began, though he knew from the look on everyone’s faces that arguing wouldn’t help. ‘Why did you want to see me, Brynn?’ He asked with an audible swallow as he watched the small woman size him up.


‘Oh, I think you know…’ Brynn purred with a little impish smirk. ‘I gave you plenty of hints while we were riding atop of the Lorm, after all.’ She added, her smirk slowly turning into a pout. ‘Yet, you never once approached me about it at the feast.’


‘Yeah, so I told her you were just shy!’ Kess suddenly cut in. ‘You like the girl to take charge first, don’t you?’ The blonde added with a proud smile.


‘Kess…’ Rickard growled while sending the barbarian a sharp glare. Perhaps she was a little drunk after all?


Unfortunately, it appeared that he had no more time to argue. All three women made their way into the room and approached Rickard, forcing him backwards until he stumbled and fell down on the bed behind him. When he tried to get back up, Kess was already on top of him. The taller woman pushed him back into the mattress and pressed her plush, soft lips against him, her tongue forced its way into Rickard’s mouth and reminded him of the strong dwarven ale he had been drinking all night. Once again, the room was spinning. Perhaps even more than it had before.


While Rickard was trying to make the room stop spinning again, and Kess continued to keep him lying on the bed with her body, Brynn was busy tugging his trousers down while Ciara looked on. Rickard became vaguely aware that someone was struggling with his clothes, but only when Kess pulled her mouth away did he see that it was Brynn who was pulling his trousers down over his legs as they dangled over the edge of the bed.


‘Just as I remember it from this morning.’ Brynn sighed, her face with its softly rounded features that Rickard had thought cute when he had first seen her now looked quite lewd as she stared at the way his huge, flaccid cock was resting on the mattress.


‘You haven’t seen anything yet.’ Kess chuckled, as if she knew something Brynn didn’t. ‘Just watch!’ She added, while removing her fur top to free her enormous, bronzed boobs from their confines.


Brynn gasped as she saw Rickard’s soft, but still quite monstrous, shaft twitch and quickly followed Kess’ example. With her face seemingly turning even redder Brynn struggled to remove the leather armour she had put on just for the meeting with the Council and the feast that followed. It was more ceremonial than anything, yet still appeared to have several straps and buckles that were quite frustrating for the less than sober dwarf.


‘Shouldn’t…shouldn’t we stop this?’ Rickard asked with an audible swallow. ‘We don’t want to give the dwarves and gnomes of Dollokin to think badly of humanity, do we?’ His question was directed at Ciara, who had a similar argument about stopping Kess’ tavern brawl the night before, but it appeared to have fallen on deaf ears seeing as the priestess was currently busy removing her habit.


‘I doubt anyone in this city will mind what we’ll do with Brynn here after everything we’ve accomplished today,’ Kess said as she helped Rickard out of his tunic. ‘Besides, things were getting a bit racy at the feast before we left anyway. So just try to relax and have a little fun.’ Kess added with a wicked grin.


Rickard remembering how useless he felt when he was stuck watching everybody fight the man-sized Golems, or how scared he was while stumbling around in the darkness of Benzal’s workshop in search for the blueprints and how happy he was when they finally found them and returned to Dollokin. Maybe it was the drink speaking, or maybe Kess really did have a good point when she said he should just relax and have fun?


‘Fine…’ Rickard grumbled, but his fat, swelling prick gave another happy twitch when he glanced down at the, now naked, Brynn and Ciara.


Brynn wasn’t even looking at him anymore, her big blue eyes were staring hungrily at his member as it slowly filled with blood and swelled in front of her. Not that Rickard was one to judge, considering his attention wasn’t focused on the dwarf’s face either. No, he was glancing from Brynn’s broad shoulders and the well defined muscles of her arms to her breasts. As he had guessed from when he had seen her in her leather armour, Brynn wasn’t as stacked as Kess and Ciara, or even the goblins he had met that had been roughly her size. Yet, they looked like they were big enough to fit nicely in the palms of his hands.


A small, no doubt drunk, part of him had to admit he was disappointed that the dwarf was facing towards him. After she had spent all that time teasing him with that big, shapely ass of hers, Rickard would have liked to see it bare. Then again, the night was still young…


‘Are all humans this big?’ Brynn suddenly asked, shaking Rickard from his musings.


‘No,’ Ciara replied while glancing shyly at the monstrous shaft that was nearly at half mast now. ‘I believe Rickard is a special case.’ She added with an audible swallow.


Her words pulled Rickard’s attention away from Brynn and towards the priestess. While the dwarf was standing to get a good look at his member, Ciara was sitting on her knees near the edge of the bed. It hadn’t been that long ago since she had come to his room in Greystone to request the kind of “help” only he could offer after the slime coating the tentacles of that strange monster back in Yull touched her skin. Yet, Rickard had to admit that there was something oddly exciting about seeing a priestess as beautiful as Ciara sitting before him completely naked and available like this.


Ciara wasn’t built like Kess or Brynn, instead she was softer with a little fat in all the right places. She couldn’t be that much older than Rickard or Kess, but “motherly” was probably a good way to describe her. Her chest appeared to be just as large as Kess’, perhaps a little bigger, and sagged just slightly due to their heavy weight.


The olive brown globes covered a large portion of her waist, but Rickard knew it to be slim and that she had a stomach with just a little bit of fat. Her lower body was, unfortunately, hidden from view. But Ciara’s habit had never been good at hiding her curves, and from what Rickard had seen he guessed that her hips and rear were probably even more impressive than those of Brynn.


After having spent some time ogling Brynn and Ciara, as well Kess’ enormous, pumpkin sized tits that remained in his field of vision, Rickard’s eighteen inch monstercock was finally fully erect. It was currently casting a shadow over the dwarf, who had not taken her eyes off of it since she managed to free it from Rickard’s trousers.


‘Alright, now what?’ Rickard asked, glancing past his towering erection to look at Brynn.


Although a goblin like Mystra could handle his size, she had been the priestess of some weird goblin Goddess. Brynn was around her size, sure, but she didn’t seem to possess any magic or anything like that. So he wondered what her plans were…


He found out when Brynn grabbed onto the meaty, throbbing pole and pulled it a little closer. Rickard couldn’t help but groan as the dwarf’s tongue teased the tip of his cock, before she opened her mouth wide and stuffed the crown into her gob. Brynn’s cheeks bulged outward as the young man’s cockhead filled her mouth, with a view like that Rickard couldn’t help but groan as his hips twitched involuntarily.


‘She’s doing better than I thought.’ Kess mused, impressed, as she watched a mixture of Brynn’s drool and Rickard’s precum spill past the dwarf’s stretched lips as the monstercock was forced further into her mouth.


‘Uh…Are we, are we even needed here?’ Ciara asked as she glanced from Kess to Brynn, while blushing even brighter.


‘I don’t think so…’ Kess replied. ‘But why not have some fun anyway?’ The busty barbarian added as she pressed her huge, heavy breasts against Rickard’s face, meaning that he could no longer see Brynn and Ciara, or the room, for that matter.


Not that he needed to see to enjoy the current situation. Brynn was still busy trying to cram Rickard’s monstercock down her throat, while Kess continued to brush her soft tits over his face. She didn’t stop until one of her hard, dark nipples brushed over his lips and Rickard couldn’t resist sucking on it. Meanwhile Ciara remained next to Brynn, occasionally glancing curiously at Rickard’s massive dick as more of his own precum and the dwarf’s saliva ran down the impressive length. She continued to wonder if there was even a need for her to be in the room.


‘Ciara!’ Kess called to get the priestess’ attention.


When she looked up, Ciara noticed how Kess was slapping the mattress at the other side of Rickard as the young man continued to suck on her nipple. Ciara smiled nervously at the tall barbarian babe as she climbed onto the bed and kneeled on the spot Kess had indicated. With a fierce grin, the blonde grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer, close enough that both of their impressive chests were squeezed together and resting on Rickard’s face. Now that Kess had apparently decided that they were in the correct position, she started to move and she made sure to pull Ciara along with her.


Kess’ nipple was pulled from Rickard’s mouth as the busty barbarian moved away, leaving his head smothered between two pairs of breasts. He had been able to see a little of the room back when only Kess had pushed her chest against his face, but now it had gone completely dark and it was getting hard to breathe as both priestess and barbarian rubbed their prodigious boobs against him. Occasionally a nipple brushed over his lips again, but usually slipped away before it could be pushed into his mouth.


Yet, none of it managed to distract Rickard from the feeling of Brynn’s soft lips wrapped around his fat, veiny shaft, or the way her warm mouth and tight, wet throat hugged it. He couldn’t see her, due to his vision being obscured by two pairs of the largest tits he had ever seen, but it was clear she had stopped trying to cram every last inch down her eager gullet. Instead, the dwarf slowly bobbed her head along the few inches she had managed to stuff down her throat, while her small, strong hands were gently stroking the rest of Rickard’s monstercock.


His groans of pleasure were muffled by Kess and Ciara’s massive tits, but it was obvious to Brynn that Rickard was enjoying himself due to the copious amounts of warm precum that continued to fill her mouth. The dwarf did her best to swallow it all, but like before a mixture of both it and her own saliva slipped out of her mouth again and ended up not only joining the mess on Rickard’s shaft but coating her hands too. However, despite the fact that Rickard was enjoying himself it clearly wasn’t enough to get him off.


‘Mind…mind if I try something else?’ Brynn stammered after she pulled her mouth off of the young man’s monstercock, her jaw sore and her voice slightly hoarse.


‘Oh yes, of course!’ Ciara replied, she had not stopped blushing since Kess invited her on the bed to rub her breasts all over Rickard’s face. So she was quick to pull away from him and hop off the bed.


‘Sure,’ Kess replied as well, though she was somewhat more reluctant to pull those enormous bronzed boobs of hers away from Rickard’s face. ‘But what do you want to do?’ She asked, while ignoring Rickard’s gasp for air.


‘Well, he hasn’t stopped staring at my ass since we met, so…’ Was Brynn’s response.


‘Got it!’ Kess quickly interrupted, while getting up with a smile.


Rickard looked around in confusion as Kess disappeared from his field of vision, only to yelp in surprise as her hands suddenly grabbed him underneath the arms to pull him a little further onto the mattress. Now that his ass no longer perched on the edge of the bed the dwarf seemed to share a knowing smile with the barbarian that was standing behind Rickard, before she climbed onto the bed as well.


‘This is what you wanted, isn’t it?’ Brynn mused as she crawled on top of Rickard’s lap and slipped his member, still slick with her spit and his precum, between her thick, shapely asscheeks.


Rickard, for his part, could not deny that she was correct as he watched a large portion of his shaft disappear. Once Brynn was properly seated, a large portion of Rickard’s member was still peeking out from her asscrack and was resting against her muscled back. Precum was, once again, leaking from Rickard’s cumslit and it quickly slid down the dwarf’s back and pooled up atop of her asscheeks. Brynn only flashed Rickard a smile over a shoulder as the young man watched it all intently. Then, she started to move.


In response to having the dwarf bounce up and down on his lap Rickard pushed himself up and grabbed onto Brynn’s waist, leaving the remainder of his shaft trapped between his torso and the smaller woman’s back. Rickard suddenly grabbing onto her didn’t slow down Brynn in the least. In fact, she made sure to push her body a little closer against his while she continued to slide her body up and down.


‘It looks like they forgot all about us again…’ Kess mused with a cocked eyebrow as she circled around the bed until she was standing next to Ciara.


‘It appears that way, yes.’ Ciara replied with an awkward smile as she looked at the couple on the bed.


Brynn had continued to glance over her shoulder at Rickard as she eagerly moved her small, but powerful, frame up and down. Her auburn hair was clinging to her face and beads of sweat were sliding down between her breasts. It really wasn’t that surprising to the priestess’ eyes that the effects of Brynn’s exertion had started to show. Even before she had been bouncing around on Rickard’s lap she had fought man-sized Golems and partied at the feast that had been thrown for them.


‘Hm… Good eye, Ciara. I guess we can still get involved!’ Kess suddenly said from right next to her.


Startled, Ciara turned her head and saw the barbarian sitting on her knees beside her. Kess’ eyes were focused on Rickard’s large balls as they swung to and fro in his leathery sack. Apparently Ciara’s own eyes had wandered somewhat while she was lost in thought, and now it appeared to the the barbarian as if she had come up with a way to join in on Brynn and Rickard’s little fun.


Unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance to protest before Kess crawled closer. Her heavy, pumpkin sized breasts capped with hard, dark nipples threatened to drag over the wooden floor while her firm butt and broad, muscular hips wiggled in an enticing manner. Ciara couldn’t help but be reminded of some of the big cats that she had seen illustrations of in books back in Yull’s library.


When she was close enough the blonde wrapped her plump lips around one of Rickard’s balls, and began to suck on it without hesitation. It made her cheeks balloon outwards in a comical fashion, while Rickard groaned on the bed. Kess made a muffled sound and Ciara noticed how the barbarian babe was looking at her from the corner of her eye, while she signalled for her to come closer with one of her hands.


At first Ciara wanted to say that Kess had misunderstood and that she had been thinking about something else. But then, it wasn’t as if she didn’t know what Brynn’s plans had been for her and the barbarian when the dwarf had approached them both back at the feast.


Of course, Ciara added mentally I’m already naked and rubbed my breasts all over Rickard’s face. And it’s not as if we didn’t do more together back in Greystone. Ciara finished her thoughts with a smile, before crawling over to Kess and kneeling next to her. Moments later, she too was sucking on one of Rickard’s nuts. Yet despite having mentally justified her actions to herself, she had never stopped blushing.


‘Thanks, girls!’ Brynn cooed. ‘I think Rickard here is just about to reach his limit!’ She added as the smile she had been shooting the young man over her shoulder turned fierce.


Rickard groaned in response, as if to tell the two women kneeling before him that Brynn was right. When Kess had first stuffed one of his beefy testicles into her mouth the precum that had been leaking from his cumslit had somehow grown even more copious. And when Ciara decided to join her, his shaft had began throb rather fiercely. Which was impossible for the little dwarf to miss, considering how his cock was trapped between her asscheeks and rather firmly squeezed against her back.


‘Please warn me when you’re about to cum,’ Brynn teased as she stopped moving her body up and down to instead seductively wiggle her hips back and forth. ‘I’m curious to see what it’ll look like…’ She added with eyes half shut.


‘I don’t think that’s going to be possible!’ Rickard groaned as his fingers dug into the powerful muscles of Brynn’s stomach and he arched his back.


Brynn’s half-lidded eyes suddenly shot open as ropes of hot, thick cum flew over her head. She followed the fat white blobs as they crashed into the ceiling or rained down onto the floor. It was more than she had ever seen any male dwarf shoot out when he orgasmed, so naturally Brynn thought Rickard was done. When she felt something warm and sticky hit the back of her head with quite a bit of force, she realized she was wrong.


Even though Brynn’s back and shapely ass, and even the room’s ceiling and floor, were being coated with his seed…Rickard was barely aware of any of it. While his orgasm was going on, Kess and Ciara continued to mercilessly tease his balls. Even as the large orbs were clenched and his seed spilled all over the short, powerful form of Brynn, neither barbarian or priestess let the orbs slip out of their mouths. Only when his climax finally came to an end did Rickard realize what a mess he had made, and that was mostly because the dwarf leaned back against him.


‘Well…That was quite something,’ Brynn sighed, a wet smack resounding through the room as her back, which was dripping with cum, hit Rickard’s torso. ‘But what’s this?’ She asked while she wiggled her hips once more as she felt how Rickard’s member, which was still trapped between the shapely halves of her rump, had not gone soft. ‘I’m impressed! It looks like you can still go for another round, even though you already came once and drank plenty of booze at the feast.’


‘So, what do you want to do next?’ Rickard asked, he was feeling a little light headed but something told him Brynn wouldn’t listen to his complaints.


‘Let’s see…’ Brynn thought aloud as she climbed off of Rickard’s lap and instead lied down next to him with her legs spread open invitingly. ‘It seems like we should at least try, don’t you think?’ She asked while glancing from the young man’s prick to her own pussy.


‘Right…’ Rickard replied, a little worried. ‘Ciara, Kess? I need to get up now?’ Rickard said with a raised eyebrow as he watched as both the priestess and the barbarian looked up at his erection practically cross eyed while they continued to suck on his balls.


When they heard him both women pulled away and Rickard’s balls noisily left each of their mouths. Both Ciara and Kess got out of his way when he got out of the bed, and turned to look down at Brynn. He must have looked quite imposing with cum dripping off of his long, fat shaft and strings of saliva hanging from his big, low-hanging balls while he looked down at the small woman. But all that went through his head was: I wonder when the innkeeper will be coming back from the feast so we can get some clean sheets…


But he knew what Brynn wanted, so while grabbing onto the dwarf’s waist again Rickard slowly pushed himself forwards until the large, purple crown of his member bumped against Brynn’s soaked, darkened labia.


‘Are you sure about this?’ He asked while glancing down at Brynn.


Brynn merely nodded confidently in response, making Rickard slowly push his hips forwards. To his surprise, the dwarf handled the girth of his impressive shaft relatively easy. But he soon found that he could fit up to about the crown of his monstercock, and little else before Brynn’s discomfort clearly showed on her face.


‘Well, I guess that was to be expected.’ Rickard mumbled as he pulled his dick out of the dwarf’s pussy.


‘Maybe we can try something else?’ Brynn asked, while she glanced at the young man’s erection.


‘Do you have any suggestions?’ Rickard asked while he curiously cocked his head.


In response Brynn sat up and grabbed onto his member, moving it towards her snatch again as she lied back down. Before Rickard had the chance to open his mouth and tell her that that wouldn’t work, she instead made it so that his huge, heavy monstercock slid over her aroused, dripping pussy. Rickard looked confused for a moment, but seemed to think if that’s what she wants… before he shrugged and began to pump his hips.


His meaty member splayed Brynn’s labia apart and pressed against her hard, sensitive clit as it moved back and forth with each of Rickard’s long, slow thrusts. Due to his size his dick wasn’t only moving over the dwarf’s dripping pussy, but also her ripped, powerful stomach and modest, but soft breasts. The cum that had been clinging to his shaft was now slowly being rubbed all over Brynn’s body, while she herself coated his length with her pussy juices.


‘Are you trying to make the front of my body match my back?’ Brynn chuckled, as she felt Rickard’s hot precum sliding down her chest.


‘Not intentionally,’ Rickard groaned in response. ‘This thing kind of has a mind of his own.’ He added with a wry smile as he continued to move.


Brynn matched his wry smile with one of her own as she raised her legs up in the air, and then crossed them. This time precum shot from Rickard’s cumslit with quite a bit of force, hitting the dwarf in the face. It only made Brynn’s smile a little wider to make it clear to Rickard and the watching women that she was pleased by the fact that her strong, thick thighs pressing against his member brought the young man such pleasure. She was rewarded by having another rope of precum smack her in the face.


So for the next few minutes Brynn kept her legs in the air, and made sure that her thighs were wrapped tight around Rickard’s cock. Who was no moving his hips a little faster while looking down at the grinning dwarf. Considering that she had his attention, Brynn began to work some of the excess precum that was sliding down her body into her breasts, making the shapely globes shine alluringly.


Kess and Ciara watched from a few feet away how Rickard was moving faster and faster, they didn’t miss the way in which his buttocks tensed up or how his beefy balls, still covered with their saliva, had started to clench. It looked to them as if it wouldn’t be long before he reached another orgasm.


On cue, Rickard groaned darkly and his whole body shook while his already massive member swelled up a little further just before an absolute deluge of semen came shooting from his distended cumslit. Brynn cried out underneath him, only to abruptly fall silent as her mouth got filled up with Rickard’s hot, sticky cum while at the same time more ropes of jizz splattered against her forehead and cheeks to obscure much of her facial features as well.


‘Guess some of us are going to have to share a bed if the innkeeper doesn’t return tonight…’ Kess mused as she and Ciara watched as fat lumps of spunk were slowly sliding down Brynn’s body and stained the bed underneath her even more.


‘I…I would have no problem with that.’ Brynn sputtered as she loosened her legs and allowed Rickard to pull away from her.


‘Just make sure to take a bath first!’ Rickard groaned as he stumbled away from the bed.


His dizziness hadn’t faded and he felt even more lightheaded now than after his first orgasm. Before he realized it he lost the strength in his legs and his knees buckled. Fortunately, Kess was there to catch him. After which she unceremoniously dragged him towards a bed in the room that wasn’t stained with sweat and cum and who knows what else and threw him on top of it.


‘I don’t think I can go for another round…’ Rickard mumbled while shaking his head.


‘What a shame.’ Kess teased, but was immediately interrupted by Ciara who said:


‘It’s fine, Rickard. Get some rest.’ Before she dragged the blonde barbarian and the dwarf out of the room.


* * * *


When Rickard awoke a few hours later it was quiet in Dollokin, apparently the feast had passed. But what got his attention more was the heavy weight pressing down on him and the fact that his bed had gotten quite cramped. Apparently, the suggestion Kess had put forth about having to share a bed had been accepted by everyone since the barbarian herself was hugging his right side while Ciara was hugging his left. Brynn meanwhile, was lying on top of him. It couldn’t be comfortable for them, considering how half of Kess’ body was dangling off the bed and Ciara was squeezed against the wall.


‘I wonder if I’ll be able to fall back asleep like this…’ Rickard wondered as the sides of his head were, once again, smothered by both Kess and Ciara’s breasts.


Then his mind started to wander and he wondered about how long they would be stuck in Dollokin, and if they hadn’t given them the ability to use Golems for war after all, what with the walking suits of armour they had defeated back in Benzal’s workshop. And who knew what other knowledge the dwarves and gnomes would find in Benzal’s workshop, or where Benzal and his apprentices had escaped. Rickard could only sigh in frustration as the thoughts swirled around in his head.


‘No use worrying about it now.’ He muttered, as he clenched his eyes shut and hoped to fall asleep again…
To be continued…

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