Jessica’s Troubles – Chapter 11


Trouble at the Mall


‘Come on, Rhudo! I’m sure you look great!’ Michelle’s voice said from outside of the changing booth.


‘Do I have to?’ Jessica muttered softly. ‘Haven’t you all dolled me up enough for today?’


‘If you’re not coming out, I’m going to come in.’ Alison warned.


Jessica blew out a sigh of frustration as she roughly yanked the curtain of her dressing booth aside. Alison West, Michelle Smith and Zoë Lèvres had grouped up just in front of the booth she had been using had been using. This, thankfully, made it difficult for anyone else in the store to get a good look at the her as she stepped out. Of course, all three of the girls had a front row seat, as it were. And they made sure to use it by taking a long, hard look at her.


‘Well, what do you think?’ Jessica eventually asked when she could take their silence no longer.


When she didn’t get an immediate answer, Jessica thought back to when Alison had overheard Michelle suggest to her and Zoë that they should skip school. After that, the blonde basically forced them to take her along. Once they had all snuck out they decided to pay a visit to the local mall, where Alison suggested they’d all get a makeover. She had then dragged everyone to the mall’s salon where they got their hair, nails and makeup done. But the cheerleader wasn’t satisfied with just that. Once they left the salon, Alison decided they needed some new clothes and they had rushed from one clothing store to the next.


If she had to be honest, Jessica didn’t know how she felt about everything that had happened today. On the one hand, she was glad for the chance to get out of her baggy clothes and spend some time on her appearance that didn’t include using fitness equipment. But on the other hand, she was terrified that someone she knew would see her, recognize her and discover the not so little secret she was trying to hide in the shorts she was currently wearing.


‘I think you look gorgeous!’ Zoë answered loudly, being the first to break the silence.


‘Why do you have to cover so much of your face, though?’ Alison chimed in, disapointed. ‘After all that money we spent on your hair and makeup…’ She complained.


Alison did have a point. One of the only pieces of her outfit that Jessica had picked for herself was a green and yellow baseball cap pulled down low over her face. She had also borrowed Michelle’s aviator shades, which she had just returned today, meaning that her eyes were obscured and most of her face was in the shadow. Yet, neither cap nor shades seemed quite capable of hiding the sharp, severe features of her face. Although Jessica was quite the beauty even with little to no makeup, now her cheekbones looked far much sharper and her lips all the fuller and it certainly helped with making her look more mature and confident. Of course, the fact that no one could see how she was freaking out due to her aviator shades probably helped sell that look to everyone.


‘I’m pretty sure she wasn’t looking at her face, West.’ Michelle replied as she took her time looking Jessica over.


Jessica’s current clothes only covered slightly more than the outfit Alison had left for her when she dragged Jessica to the school’s gym to “meet” with her, Zoë and Michelle. Not that that was saying much. Plenty of her fit, but curvaceous, body was left on display thanks to her current clothing. Words that spelled out the word HUNT in blocky yellow letters were stretched out over the dickgirl’s volleyball-sized tits, while the crosshairs emblazoned on it were just barely visible beneath her impressive chest. The black tank top this was all printed on was clearly a few sizes too small for her, as it almost appeared to be painted on and showed off a large portion of Jessica’s flat, trained stomach and her powerful abdominal muscles.


‘At least there won’t be a lot of people looking at my face,’ Jessica muttered as she glanced down at her chest. It was painfully obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra from the way the hard nubs of her nipples threatened to poke through the fabric. ‘I guess that also means they won’t glance much further down.’ She added, though the thought didn’t stop her from contemplating about whether she should zip up the green hoodie jacket she wore with her tanktop or not.


Unfortunately for her, it was obvious that all three of the girls that had been waiting for her currently had their eyes focused on her crotch. To complete her outfit, Jessica wore black and yellow shorts. Luckily, they weren’t so small that her monstrous shaft would slip out of one of the leg holes but the garment did hug her toned thighs tight enough that it appeared as if she was smuggling some sort of coiled snake around in her shorts.


‘I’m supposed to walk around like this?’ Jessica grumbled as she tried, obviously in vain, to hide her prodigious package with her hands.


‘Don’t worry about it, Rhudo,’ Michelle reassured her. ‘I got you covered.’ And with that the black school girl turned away from Jessica and pushed her huge, heart-shaped bubble butt against the dickgirl’s crotch.


‘So you two are just going to walk around like that all day?’ Alison muttered, clearly annoyed, while she wrinkled her nose.


‘That’s the plan,’ Michelle replied with a smug smile. ‘Jealous?’


‘By the way, Jessica! How do you think we all look?’ Zoë quickly interjected in an attempt to change the subject.


If she had to be honest, Jessica had been trying not to look for fear of getting too excited. Once Michelle began rubbing her big behind shaped by years of running track, playing volleyball and who knows what else however, it was clear that that ship had sailed. So now, the hermaphrodite made sure to take a good look at each of them.


First she looked at Michelle. It was difficult to focus her attention anywhere else, honestly. The dark-skinned schoolgirl with her dyed, bubblegum pink hair had exchanged her usual shorts with a white skirt that looked a little too small for her. Jessica was sure it wasn’t easy to find clothes that would fit over Michelle’s wide hips or her spacious asscheeks, but it was clear from the way in which her bottom was peeking out that she had picked out a skirt that wasn’t her size on purpose. With every small movement Jessica caught a glimpse of not only Michelle’s buttcheeks, but also a tiny thong that was the same shade of pink as the girl’s hair.


Jessica’s attention was also drawn to Michelle’s thighs due to the fact that she was wearing thin black socks that went up way past her knees, leaving little skin exposed between her socks and her short skirt. Although Jessica was currently hypnotized by Michelle’s rear, the black girl was also wearing a deep purple tube top that covered her chest. Michelle’s tits were of an average size, and looked almost small when compared to her bountiful ass, but they were very nicely shaped. Her top also left her waist and stomach exposed, and although she didn’t have abdominal muscles like Jessica her belly was still toned and perfectly flat.


‘Uh… you guys look great.’ Jessica mumbled in response to Zoë’s question.


‘Could you at least pull your eyes away from Michelle when you say that?’ Alison asked with an annoyed sigh.


Michelle only flashed Jessica a pleased grin as she glanced at her over her shoulder, revealing the dark purple lipstick that coated her full lips. Like Jessica, the other girls also had enjoyed quite the makeover at the mall’s salon. While Jessica stared at the dark-skinned schoolgirl, Alison loudly cleared her throat, which finally made the dickgirl look up to get a good look at the blonde cheerleader and Zoë. As soon as she did, Michelle pushed her butt against Jessica’s crotch a little firmer. Unfortunately for her, Jessica’s focus was on the two other girls now.


Alison’s clothing matched those of Michelle, although there were small differences. Her top was a bright pink and tight enough that its straps dug slightly into her slender shoulders and was stretched over her modest, shapely breasts tightly enough to show off her stiff nipples, while also revealing plenty of her slim waist and flat belly. Slung high over hips and peeking out from the top of her short black skirt were the straps of a red thong.


Zoë clothes meanwhile looked practically conservative when compared to the slutty outfits her friends were wearing. She had exchanged her blue summer dress for a white sun dress, probably because the previous garment currently had a collection of stains decorating it, courtesy of Jessica, and had exchanged her sneakers with some penny loafers shoes. It made her look almost innocent next to Alison and Michelle. Almost.


The fabric of this sun dress was quite bit thinner than that of the dress she had previously wore, so when the light hit Zoë just right Jessica could get a glimpse of her bare body underneath it. Zoë at least had the decency to blush when she caught the dickgirl looking, but not enough to even attempt to obscure her body in any way.


Just like Michelle and Jessica, Alison and Zoë also had their makeup touched up at the salon. While Alison looked like a cross between “daddy’s little girl” and a bimbo slut, with her bright pink lipstick that matched her top and the ribbons keeping her hair in pigtails, as well as makeup around her eyes that made the blue orbs look even bigger and brighter, Zoë barely wore any more makeup than usual. Although the dark, wine red lipstick she wore made her plush, beestung lips look even fuller and more alluring.


‘You…you all look fantastic,’ Jessica groaned, while unconsciously pulling Michelle a little closer against her. ‘Now can we please do something else?’ She begged, her shorts having grown uncomfortably tight.


‘Like what?’ Alison asked with a cock of her head. Apparently she hadn’t thought past spending a day at the salon and shopping.


‘How about we go visit the movie theater?’ Zoë suggested. ‘It’s nice and dark there.’ She added while nodding at Jessica’s crotch knowingly.


‘I would have preferred to go some place where we could show off more…’ Alison began, whining slightly while she glanced at Michelle. ‘But I guess that’s alright.’ She continued when it became obvious that Michelle wasn’t going to throw out any suggestions.


So they went, leaving the store carrying plastic bags filled with their old clothes. Michelle kept her promise and walked right in front of Jessica with a slow, careful pace to make sure that her huge, rounded buttcheeks obscured the hermaphrodite’s bulging shorts. Meanwhile Alison and Zoë, showing that they didn’t want to be left out, each clung to one of Jessica’s strong, but slender, arms. All Jessica could do in response to all this attention, all this stimulation, was breathe hard and try to focus on something else.


As they crossed over the tiled floor and passed by groups of chattering mall goers Jessica looked at the fountain, the ads on the walls, anything to keep her mind off the three gorgeous girls surrounding her. But it was impossible. It felt as if her shorts were going to tear apart at any moment! Looking past Michelle she saw that the movie theater wasn’t all that far, yet it felt as if everything was moving in slow motion.


‘Oh! What movie should we watch?’ Zoë suddenly asked as she excitedly pushed her chest a little firmer against Jessica’s arm.


‘Anything will do!’ Jessica growled through clenched teeth.


‘Don’t be snippy, Rhudo,’ Michelle teased. ‘We’re nearly there.’


Jessica’s only answer was a strangled grunt and she swore that she could hear the fabric of her shorts protest as her monstrous member twitched and throbbed within its confines. But Michelle was right, a few moments later the tiled mall floor was replaced by fuzzy red carpet as they stepped into the movie theater. The next few minutes didn’t really register for Jessica. When everyone suggested a movie and asked which one to see, Jessica’s only response was a noncommittal grunt. She was vaguely aware of how they moved as a group to purchase tickets, before finally shuffling upstairs to the hall in which their movie would be played.


But when Michelle pushed the dickgirl down in one of the seats, Jessica was shaken from her haze. Sitting at her left was Zoë who was holding onto her armrest with both hands as she peeked down at Jessica’s crotch. At her right, Alison did the exact same thing. Well, almost. She was also partially lying on what would have to be Michelle’s seat.

‘Well, someone’s excited!’ Michelle cooed as she glanced at Jessica’s crotch in the same hungry manner as her two friends.


The dickgirl’s shorts were pushed forwards obscenely, and still seemed intent on tearing a hole in the garment. Part of it was stained with a sticky, shiny fluid as well, making it very obvious that the poor hermaphrodite was about to reach her limit.


‘If you want us to take care of that, just say the word.’ Michelle teased.


‘Yeah!’ Alison replied excitedly. ‘They’re only really showing the previews right now anyway.’


‘Go ahead…’ Jessica replied, voice husky and raw as she raised her firm behind and yanked her tight, sticky shorts down.


Once her huge fuckstick finally sprang free of the garment that had been containing it its shaft smacked against Jessica’s powerful abdominal muscles with an intimidating *THWACK!*, while the crosshairs emblazoned on her black tank top abruptly disappeared underneath the fat, purple head. All three of the girls only stared flabbergasted, apparently they hadn’t expected the shy dickgirl to expose herself so easily. But Jessica wasn’t about to give them time to recover, it felt as if she was ready to burst and precum was already leaking from her piss slit and staining her brand new top.


Hurry up already!’ Jessica growled in the same tone of voice as she grabbed one of Alison’s pigtails and pulled her closer.


The small blonde cheerleader gave a little whine, but otherwise seemed remarkably fine with the way the taller dickgirl treated her. So when her bubblegum pink lips touched the hot crown of Jessica’s monstercock, Alison dutifully opened her mouth and allowed the meaty member to slide down her gob. Almost as soon as the blonde schoolgirl’s soft lips brushed over her dick, leaving behind smudges of pink lipstick, Jessica groaned darkly and her balls tensed.


‘Fuck, Rhudo. That never stops being impressive!’ Michelle swore as she caught a glimpse of Alison’s face and saw how her cheeks ballooned outwards while clear, viscous precum started to run down from the corners of her mouth.


The complement didn’t register with Jessica. The volley of precum she had just pumped out might have been more impressive than the sort of cumshots regular man could produce, but the pressure within the dickgirl’s balls had barely abated. Frustrated, Jessica started forcing Alison’s head down, which caused all of her precum to spray from the blonde’s overstuffed mouth, staining her own crotch as well as the seat beneath her. She doubted her seat would be the only sticky one a movie theater, though, and continued to push the cheerleader’s head down.


Alison gurgled around Jessica’s shaft, causing bubbles of precum to form at the corners of her mouth, but made no move to stop the dickgirl as her monstrous shaft stretched her throat. Only when about nine or ten of her fourteen inches were stuffed down Alison’s throat did the blonde start to gag. Jessica kept her there for a moment, perhaps more out of anger about being blackmailed by the cheerleader and everything that had happened afterwards than lust, but as soon as Alison’s blue eyes started to tear up and ruin her makeup she released the smaller woman’s head.


Jessica watched as Alison began to raise her head, but to her surprise the cheerleader forced it back down after having extracted an inch or two of her beefy pole from her throat. In shock, Jessica grabbed onto the armrest of her seat. Or at least, she tried to. Instead she laid a hand on Alison’s lower back, and another on one of Zoë’s soft thighs. Glancing at her left, she noticed Zoë was sitting there with her legs opened wide and her sundress lifted as she eagerly fingered her dripping pink pussy, and Jessica couldn’t help but feel a wave of regret wash over her as she recalled not being able to penetrate that tight, wet gash. More pearly prejizz spilled from Alison’s mouth almost as soon as it had shot from the tip of Jessica’s prick, washing away some of the pink lipstick smudges that clung to her shaft in the process.


Not knowing what possessed her Jessica squeezed Zoë thigh possessively, while moving her other hand away from Alison’s back to instead grab both of the blonde’s pigtails. Alison’s eyes widened, and then seemed to widen even more as Jessica pulled her head up…before roughly forcing it back down again. The stronger girl repeated this action again and again, clearly wanting to set the pace for this blowjob herself. Her rough treatment of Alison’s throat meant that the cheerlead was soon gagging and coughing, coating Jessica’s crotch, and seat, with even more spit and precum as the rough throatfuck went on.


They were fortunate that their row was mostly empty, but Jessica had no idea what the people behind them might be seeing. And at the moment, she didn’t really care. Ever since she left school she had been surrounded by girls who had known about her secret, and seemed intent on teasing her every chance they got. It was time to blow off some steam!


Or so she thought.


Jessica didn’t get that much more time to abuse Alison throat. Although she might have forgotten about Michelle, Michelle hadn’t forgotten about her. So, once she really started getting into fucking the cheerleader’s throat, a pair of soft lips suddenly wrapped around one of her testicles. Said testicle was rapidly sucked into a warm, wet mouth were a dexterous tongue began to tease it. Michelle barely even had a minute to enjoy the sensation of Jessica’s nut throbbing against her tongue before it started to tug its way out of her mouth as the dickgirl started to orgasm.


‘Better start swallowing.’ Jessica warned Alison in a tone of voice that surprised even herself.


Alison started to moan something, but even if anyone could make sense of it with her mouth stuffed full of cock, it was soon drowned out by the sound of Jessica’s seed rushing down her throat anyway. The little blonde sputtered and gagged as a cannonade of cum spewed out of her mouth almost as quickly as it was poured down her gullet, coating Jessica’s abdominal muscles with a thick, slimy white film. It wasn’t the only damage either, more ran down her stiff dick and ended up joining the mess already on the seat and even fell on top of Michelle’s head, who was still kneeling in front of Jessica’s seat.


‘Uh Jessica, I think you should let her get up for air…’ Zoë said quietly while nodding at Alison.


Alison had turned quite red in the face while her baby blue eyes had taken on a glazed look. Cum had continued to flow from the corners of her mouth, and even her nostrils now! Her appearance caused Jessica to feel a pang of concern, even through all the lust and anger that had clouded her mind, and she quickly pulled Alison’s head up and away from her shaft. As soon as her cockhead escaped the blonde’s lips she coughed up a wad of cum and immediately rested her head on Jessica’s stomach, coating the side of her face with the semen that was drying there.


‘You alright, West?’ Michelle asked as she continued to squat in front of Jessica’s seat.


‘Mmhm…’ was the blonde’s only response.


‘Well, alright then,’ Michelle replied in an amused tone of voice. ‘Now, let’s get Rhudo here cleaned up as best as we can before we take this little party somewhere else.’ She chuckled, before her soft, purple painted lips touched Jessica’s balls again.


Zoë pushed Jessica’s hand away and practically threw herself over the armrest when she heard those words. Before Jessica knew it, the small brunette was doing her best to lick up every last drop of semen that was coating the dickgirl’s stomach. Alison, meanwhile, seemed far too busy with trying to catch her her breath as the cum was drying on the side of her face and she was blowing bubbles of spunk with every breath she took. But as the movie went on, the one no one was watching, the cheerleader eventually recovered and joined Zoë in licking Jessica’s belly clean.


Once the end of the movie was in sight Jessica was  clean. Well, mostly. If you looked close enough you could still spot the occasional speck of white between her abdominal muscles. What drew more attention were the smudges of pink, purple and dark red lipstick. Most of them could be found on her stomach in the form of lip marks, but all three of the girls had left a mark on Jessica’s impressive shaft and fat balls. But as the credits started to roll, and the lights came back on, Jessica quickly pulled her shorts back up and they disappeared from view.


‘So, what should we do next? Alison asked with an impish smile as they rushed out of the movie theater…

To be continued…

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