Nex Starshine, Jack-of-all-Trades – Job 7


Job 7 – Capturing A New Species


‘Well, this sucks…’ Nex complained, not for the first time, as The Silver Shafter shot out from a warp gate.


The small, space faring vessel was deposited near a brightly coloured planet. It had been discovered about seven galactic months ago by a fleet of human and Lathvirian explorers trying to map out the sector who had lovingly named the colourful orb… B1-0RB. Or, Blorb as it was more commonly known.


Judging from the pictures her client had sent her, Nex had to say that the nickname was apt. There wasn’t a single source of water on the planet, more like a sort of gelatinous paste. It reminded the Xyli of the Jello desserts humans had popularized, although she doubted anything on the planet would taste that good…


Meanwhile most of the land didn’t look exactly solid either, Nex’s ship was lighter than most but she wasn’t completely certain if The Silver Shafter wouldn’t sink into the bright pink coloured soil as soon as it touched down. All in all, this planet was kind of a disappointment when compared to the planet of Parch, especially since it hadn’t been long since she left it and its Starlight Resort behind.


‘I was sure I could take a break from work for a while,’ Nex moaned to herself. ‘But it’s not fair Dues used my reward money to pay the bills! Especially since he said that I could stay until I was fully recovered!’ The Xyli complained.


Of course, nobody answered her. She was alone on her ship, and it wasn’t as if there was anybody outside that could console her.


‘Bah, why do I need to go out here anyway?’ Nex muttered as she looked at the holographic images projected by her computer again.


On it she saw something resembling a palm tree, if palm trees were skeletal and had thick white branches with holes at the end instead of leaves, anyway. Beneath it lay several nondescript slimy blobs, which was exactly what the Xyli was looking for.


Her client, a gorgeous human woman she had met at the Starlight Resort who filled her clothes out very nicely, had been the one that requested Nex to deliver one of those slimy blobs to her. Apparently she had heard rumours that they would bring great pleasure, how they did that was a mystery to the Xyli, however. Admittedly, she could have asked… but had been too distracted by her client’s toned, tanned thighs.


‘At least the job is easy. Get down there, scoop up some slime and get out.’ Nex told herself, wrinkling her nose slightly at the idea of touching one of the slimy blobs. ‘Then I can get paid and maybe have some fun with my employer if I play my cards right.’ She added with a shrug, though the idea did bring a smile to her face.


Unfortunately, the little blue space babe appeared to have forgotten that her jobs rarely go off without a hitch…


* * * *


‘I guess this is safe,’ Nex muttered to herself as she examined her parking job. ‘Well, safe-ish.’ She added.


As she made her way down to Blorb the Xyli had spotted a cluster of white trees not too far away from her destination. Not as big as the one she had seen on the holographic images, but they appeared sturdy enough to hold The Silver Shafter. Fortunately, she had guessed correctly as she gazed up as her ship was held up by the strange trees and was in no danger of sinking into the mushy soil.


‘Getting back up there with my target might be a bit of a problem,’ Nex thought aloud. ‘But I guess I can worry about that later! I’ve gotten down already, so climbing back up can’t be that hard!’ The Xyli told herself with a shrug. ‘I just wish I could do it all without wearing this stupid thing…’ Nex complained as she ran a glove clad hand over her helmet.


Nex hadn’t worn the thing since her time on the human colony Hasinta, and she still disliked wearing it. The helmet felt cramped around her head, ruined her hair and even though there was nobody around to actually see her, the Xyli still disliked hiding her face. So, obviously, she hadn’t updated it either which meant she still had to determine her location the old fashioned way. Well, “old fashioned” by current standards, anyway. Which meant she was following the green holographic map that her clunky old holophone projected.


But as much as she might have disliked wearing the thing, Nex figured it was necessary going by the planet’s appearance. Even her suit barely seemed able to keep up with the planet’s atmosphere. Her shields were holding, fortunately, but she could feel the muggy heat even though her suit was supposed to keep her body nice and cool. So after having walked a few minutes, the Xyli pushed a button on her collar and sealed her helmet off from the rest of her suit just in case.


‘Matron’s tits it’s hot out here,’ Nex swore. ‘Here’s hoping there’s at least a little breeze or something…’ She muttered, as she opened the front of her suit and allowed her huge, heavy blue boobs to spill out into the open. ‘That’s a little better.’ Nex sighed, her tits swaying slightly as she continued her walk.


On her way to her destination she saw colourful bubbles being blown from thin, hollow yellow stalks that sprang up from the pink soil every now and again. They all seemed to be the same colours as nearby sources of the strange, gelatinous “water”. Nex watched as they disappeared into the swirling red and purple clouds above, never seeming to pop. B1-0RB was far from her favourite planet, but it had a strange kind of beauty to it. That being said, she doubted the place was fit to be colonized by anyone within the known galaxy.


‘Finally,’ Nex sighed as the enormous white tree from the holographic images came into view. ‘Time to pick up my prize and get out!’ She added cheerfully as she began to jog; as she did, the dark blue globes that were her breasts, currently shining due to the beads of sweat that had accumulated there, jiggled wildly. The situation was a little uncomfortable now that her chest wasn’t being supported by the, normally skintight, material of her suit, but Nex ignored it. Frankly, she was just glad that the end of her current job was almost in sight. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that she had cheered too early.


When Nex approached one of the slimy blobs near the roots of the tree, it suddenly stirred and the Xyli abruptly stopped. In her surprise she dropped her holo-phone and rached for Starstunner, her trusty raygun. It appeared that her eyes hadn’t fooled her, since seconds later a set of stubby arms and stubby legs seemed to form on the dark blue blob lying before her. And as it pushed itself up, Nex slowly pulled her raygun from its holster.


However, it soon became apparent that there wasn’t any need for it. The slimy blob actually seemed to struggle to get up, and once it actually stood up to its full height it barely seemed to get up to Nex’s crotch. It did not move, instead it simply stared. Which it did with eyes that just seemed to form as the Xyli watched the strange new creature. It made a strange bubbling sound as its eyes rested on Nex’s huge, heaving blue breasts and cocked its head.


‘Well, I’m guessing you’re a male of the species, huh?’ Nex giggled as she pulled her hand away from Starstunner and instead crossed her arms underneath her impressive tits.


To answer her question, the small blue blob waddled over to the Xyli. His gait was quite unsteady at first, like a newborn. But the small blue slime learned fast as he suddenly sped up and practically ran towards Nex. Shocked, the Xyli pulled her arms away from her chest and made a move for her raygun again. But she was too late. Her suit’s shields did not seem to register the creature as hostile, and it landed right on her breasts. Nex nearly toppled over as the blob latched onto one of her knockers, but she managed to keep herself steady.


‘Fuck!’ Nex swore as she tried to grab the little slime man, but her hands passed right through his gelatinous form.


The Xyli couldn’t help but panic as the creature’s body stretched out over the sweaty boob it was holding onto, but fortunately it appeared that her worry was for nothing. Her skin was fine as the warm slime slid over the huge blue globe, and a wave of relief washed over her. Mixed with it was pleasure, as the slime man started to bubble happily which sent soft vibrations over the Xyli’s breast and her stiff nipple.


‘Well, alright. This was easier than I expected!’ Nex said cheerfully as she patted the short slime man’s head and was just about ready to return to her ship.


Nex should have known that, as soon as she said those words, the Matron would set her up to get fucked. So, on cue, the hollow tubes that acted as the skeletal white tree’s “leaves” made a similar bubbling sound as the little creature currently attached to one of her breasts. When the Xyli looked up, she saw how large blobs of slime poured out from the tubes and hit the mushy ground with a loud SPLAT! Within moments, the blobs grew arms and legs and climbed to their feet. Now there were two more slime men, just like the one on Nex’s tits.


‘This…just got interesting.’ Nex muttered as she watched the other two blobs approach her.


As they got closer, the Xyli made sure to undo every last clasp of her suit, revealing her slim waist, flat belly and the aroused, swollen mound of her little blue cunt to the short, gooey man. Clearly, the small creatures took the hint. First, the two slime men fought to latch on to Jack-of-all-Trades’ free boob and Nex couldn’t help but moan as she felt the little creatures tug on her erect nipple and rub her breast. It kind of made her wonder if this is what her taller partners felt like whenever she was fooling around with them. She had to admit, it was an interesting experience to be on this side of things for once.


After a few moments, the struggle between the two slime men appeared to be over and the victorious one slid his body all over her free breast just like the one that came before had done. The small creature that had lost appeared dejected, until his attention was caught by another part of the Xyli’s anatomy. While making an inquisitive bubbling sound the last slime man reached towards Nex’s pussy, and gave it a curious poke. When the Jack-of-all-Trades gave a little moan that was equal parts pleasure and surprise, the creature gave it another poke.


‘Go ahead, little buddy,’ Nex mused. ‘Since you’re all here anyway, you might as well have some fun before we have to go.’


The little slime guy gave Nex’s pussy a few more pokes until a little squirt of the Xyli’s juices washed over his stubby arms, which was apparently enough for the creature to decide that he should continue playing with this part of Nex’s body. While making a pleased bubbling sound he grabbed the Xyli’s thighs as best as he could and began climbing upwards, towards the prize that was the Jack-of-all-Trades’ aroused muff. Once he got closer his body lost its form, until he resembled his companions whose forms were spread over Nex’s chest as they “sucked” on her breasts. Then, without warning, he disappeared into the Xyli’s suit.


‘Oh!’ Nex gasped. ‘Well, this is new.’ The Xyli mused as she felt the creature’s slimy body hug her ballooning buttocks and cup her hot, dripping snatch.


It soon became apparent that the creature’s curiosity about the Xyli’s slit had only grown as part of its body solidified and forced its way into Nex’s sex. The Jack-of-all-Trades couldn’t help but release another moan, and her folds squeezed down hard around the invading goo. Apparently taking note of Nex’s arousal, the little slime man currently invading her vagina pushed a little more of his body inside of her. But the fact that the Xyli had another orifice didn’t escape his notice…


First, however, his fellow slime men seemed to pick up on Nex’s arousal and their movements grew more and more frantic. To Nex, it felt as if her tits were stuffed in a silken vice. She seriously doubted she could pull the little men of her tits now, but the question was: would she want to? It felt as if her sensitive blue globes and hard nipples were being licked by a thousand little tongues, and all that was going on while both of tits were constantly being gently, and sometimes not so gently, tugged.


While Nex was distracted by the two slime men playing with her breasts, their friend had decided to take a better look at the Xyli’s anus. Nex had just enough time to feel something slimy and warm touch the ring of muscles, before the body of the last slime man seemed to split into two and as one half slipped into her body and the other half decided to disappear completely into her quim. A sharp gasp passed the Jack-of-all-Trades’ black lips, and she sank to her knees in the mushy soil while girlcum ran down her thighs.


Once again, the slime men sensed the Xyli’s arousal and all of them made a loud, basso bubbling sound that made their little bodies vibrate. Nex cried out in pleasure behind her helmet and reached down towards her hard, dark blue clit and gave it a few tweaks as stars danced in front of her eyes. But her suit clad fingers were soon brushed away by a tendril of slime that escaped her vagina to see what the Jack-of-all-Trades was doing. Before Nex could stop it, the tendril wrapped around the sensitive little clit and decided to give the nub a sharp tug.


‘Fuck! You little shits are good at this!’ Nex moaned as she decided to get comfortable and lied down on her back. Only to immediately peer back up when she heard several wet, heavy impacts hit the mushy ground near her.


Of course, it was what she expected and moments later more of the little slime men joined their companions. First, they tried to hop on her chest like the first two of their kind had done. Unfortunately, they still didn’t appear to be interested in sharing. Did they mistake her breasts for females of their kind, perhaps? Nex thought with an amused smile. But quickly they noticed where their third companion had gone as they began to poke at the Xyli’s plump pussy and tight, twitching asshole.


‘I probably should’ve just taken the one and left,’ Nex gasped as she felt how her muff and anus stretched around invading slime men. ‘Because this…might get messy!’ She grunted.


And she certainly was correct, because as her ass and pussy were being packed full with the bodies of the strange warm slime men the vibrating bubbling continued. The sensation made Nex’s mind hazy and caused long streamers of girlcum to shoot from her clenching cunt. And as she writhed and bucked on the ground in pleasure, her fingers dug into the ground as she scooped up clumps of mushy soil. Her partners didn’t seem to be as satisfied as her, though. They simply continued to mercilessly invade her snatch and ass, packing her so full that her stomach started to swell. Nex was glad, for once, that her mouth wasn’t available.


While Nex seemed to experience climax, after climax the strange, vibrating bubbling still hadn’t stopped. During a moment of clarity she noticed how more slime men had joined their friends, these seemed to be content to stretch out over her swollen stomach , having probably mistaken the prominent bump as another female of their species. Just like the ones on her chest had done. Nex was just glad they stopped abusing her ass and pussy so much, she might’ve been a Xyli but even she had her limits!


Fortunately, no more of the slime men seemed to gather. Even though the strange, deep vibrating bubbling sound continued and turned Nex into a squirting, shivering mess. Her womb and bowels were now stuffed full of tiny, vibrating slime bodies while more were playing with her breasts and stomach. Adding to that were the several tiny tendrils sticking out of her vagina to tease and curiously tug on her sensitive clit.


‘Perhaps…I was… too harsh…on this planet!’ Nex gasped as more girlcum spilled from her aroused cunt.


How much time Nex had spent on the mushy soil of B1-0RB she did not know, it was hard to see the planet’s sun or stars through the colourful swirling clouds above her. And adding to that was the fact that she had kind of started to slip in and out of consciousness as Blorb’s inhabited continued to vibrate against the walls of her womb and anal tunnel. But after a while, the Xyli started to notice how the planet’s oppressive heat was being slowly replaced with a chill, cold air.


Apparently the slime men took that as their cue to finish up, because suddenly the vibrating bubbling just…stopped. Nex blinked a couple of times in confusion behind her visor, before all of the slime men started to bubble again. This time the sound was quite violent and very high pitched, while their bodies started to grow very hot. Nex cried out just as she felt every single slime man expand, before they rapidly deflated.


‘Wh-what just happened?’ Nex stammered, while she watched the slime men on her breasts and belly simply slide off of her body.


They left behind a snail-like trail of fluid that was a lighter shade of blue than their bodies, but far more sticky. Nex could feel the fluid leak from her ass and pussy as well, quickly followed several slime men that crawled from her abused holes. Feeling them stretch her orifices on the way out made another wave of pleasure wash over her, causing the Xyli to squirt for the umpteenth time.


But this wasn’t the first time Nex had been with this many partners in one day, and it wouldn’t be the last. So thankfully, she had enough presence of mind to seal her suit and keep a few of the little gooey guys trapped in her body.


‘Thanks guys, it’s been fun! But I really have to go now!’ Nex said cheerfully as she grabbed her holo-phone from the dirt, pushed herself up and rushed away from the strange, skeletal tree.


None of the other slime men pursued, they didn’t seem to care about their missing companions. Instead, they climbed the large tree that had spawned them, and disappeared in their hollow branches or sank into the soil near its branches.


‘I wonder if I’ll get a bonus for having “captured” more than one?’ Nex mused as she glanced down at her swollen stomach. ‘Though first I have to get off this planet and meet with her…’ The Xyli taught aloud.


Eventually, the Jack-of-all-Trades found her way back to The Silver Shafter. Her holo-phone had been partially submerged the whole time B1-0RB’s inhabitants had had their fun with her, but it still worked perfectly! It really seemed to be able to stand up to anything the galaxy could throw at it. Unfortunately, she did run into an issue.


‘Fuck!’ Nex cursed as she looked up at the ship that was balanced atop of the skeletal trees. ‘Climbing back up there in this condition is going to be a bitch!’ She grumbled, but she put her phone away and prepared for the climb…



* * * *

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