Marisha the cursed fox girl (softshade commission)


Softshade commission for Lunetax of another BnF World character: Marisha the cursed fox girl revealing her eyes for the first time ever! I’m so honoured to have been hired to do it! She’s such a beautiful character.

Story provided by Lunetax:

All throughout her life Marisha was a bit more than what was considered the norm, especially her curiosity took her to places that no others would dare to tread, both physically and mentally. 
This was both a gift and a curse to her…
She loved the stories her mother always told her and she would lose herself in the many historical events written down or passed throughout the ages by vocal or other (often magical) means. Soon she wasn’t satisfied with just knowing about history anymore, she had to experience it first-hand. One of the benefits of living in a traveling caravan was that she had plenty of opportunities to visit ancient ruins, filled with their own rich stories.
Often she would disappear for hours, worrying her mother and her friends, only to return all dirty and bruised, all happy and satisfied after a successful exploration trip. Over time these visits became more dangerous, which was only offset by her improved magical skills and experience…
Still, it couldn’t prevent her from an unfortunate disaster… she disappeared for days, only to return badly wounded and robbed of her natural eye sight, only to have it replaced by something far more unsettling and sinister…
Marisha had learned of an ancient fortress, mostly reclaimed by nature, its function and history almost entirely forgotten, which instantly sparked her curiosity… as she explored the ruins, skillfully avoiding deadly traps, she stumbled upon what appeared to be an ancient vault, hidden deep underground and while most gold had been looted ages ago, a few artefacts and scrolls remained, a much bigger prize for a curious fox girl like her.
It was one of the first moments in life her excitement overtook her experience and when she briefly dropped her guard, one last trap was set off, instantly robbing her of the light in the eyes and badly injuring her. And although she was able to partially heal the wounds sustained, her sight would not return… And there she was, wounded and alone, fear and terror slowly creeping in… most people would have died, unable to get out… but she did not. 
She crawled out a changed person, still cheerful, still keen for more knowledge, but also different… Marisha now wore a necklace, one she seemed to be unwilling (or unable) to part with and a few of her friends could have sworn she sometimes almost seemed to talk to someone when nobody was there.
Years have passed since that event and she had matured into a grown woman, setting out in the world to experience all it had to offer. She also now wore a set of blindfolds, which she appeared to never really took off, her only explanation is that in the heated moments of life she could scare people off with her eyes… Marisha also never fully discussed the exact events that transpired inside the ruins to anyone, only that the contract had been formed and she would not stop looking for way to getting her own eyesight back… even though she appeared to be able to see anyway.

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